Kozhikode is on the Malabar coast. There are some candidates who apply for IELTS exam for permanent residence or want to go abroad for further studies. While applying for IELTS exam the most difficult task is to find a good trainer. We help you find them and will also guide for choosing the right IELTS online coaching.

Top IELTS Classes in Kozhikode

Offline IELTS Classes

If you are looking only for some basic training for IELTS you can go for offline coaching. These are preferred by candidates who want some coaching near their residence. Since its a district on the coast, there aren’t many classes in Kozhikode. Here is a list of some coaching classes in Kozhikode for IELTS.

  • CLC-  Near Baby Memorial Hospital, Arayidathupalam, Kozhikode.
  • International Academy- Near MCC Bank, Kallayi Road, Kozhikode.
  • Prime Center for Training and Research Pvt Ltd- Arayedathupalam, Puthiyara, Kozhikode.

IELTS Online Coaching

Online IELTS classes could be more helpful as there aren’t many offline classes. If you want some good quality trainers who give you some personal attention. Here you will get trainers from all across the country. You can check some online websites.

Personal Tutor

If you are looking for some personal training you could go for an individual trainer. It would be difficult to find a good personal trainer, check on Facebook. Here are some of them.

  • Mr.Vineeth
  • Mrs Mushina A
  • Mr Rajan Kathiroo

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How to Choose the Right IELTS Training Institute?

While you apply for the IELTS exam the most important thing is to get a good trainer. A good trainer would be someone who can give you some personal attention. For the task of writing and speaking, you need regular practice. You need to develop skills through practice and not just learning. You can visit some online website, where you get practice sheets, assignment and mock test to solve.

How Students Performed in the Past in IELTS Exam in Kozhikode?

We have candidates who apply for the IELTS exam. Let’s check out the results of previous years IELTS candidates in Kozhikode and their average score band.

Years Reading Listening Speaking Writing Total
2013 5.5 5.5 5.5 5 5.5
2014 5 5.5 5.5 5 5
2015 5.5 6 5.5 5.5 6

IELTS Exam Dates in Kozhikode in 2020

The exam dates for Kozhikode in the 2020 calendar year are as follows:

  • 20 Aug 2020
  • 22 Aug 2020
  • 29 Aug 2020
  • 12 Sep 2020
  • 17 Sep 2020
  • 26 Sep 2020
  • 22 Aug 2020
  • 12 Sep 2020
  • 17 Sep 2020
  • 26 Sep 2020


It isn’t easy to score a good band in IELTS exam without a trainer. You probably need a good trainer who can give you some personal attention. You should also practice writing and speaking task. So, while you choose a trainer do proper research.

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