If you want to take admission to some renowned universities of the world, you must know everything about the IELTS exam and the ways to boost your scores. The IELTS exam tests the abilities and skills of the candidates in the English language so that they can cope up with the environment while residing in an English speaking nation.

IELTS reading answers is a part of the IELTS reading test. You are given 60 minutes to answer 40 questions. You must be perfect in reading and concentration so that you can answer effectively within time. Here is the passage along with questions and answers on delivering the goods. Let’s start the learning process by knowing everything.

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IELTS Preparation

The IELTS preparation is the time when the aspirants make perfect in all the English areas which are writing, speaking, reading, and listening. All the sections of the exam have their importance and brand value. You have to gain potential knowledge in all the spheres.

The candidates must learn to manage the time to effectively answer the questions in the examination. You will be benefitted by knowing the value of time and properly managing it because the candidates who will not work on it will get stressed to give their answers at a particular time. You can give your exam calmly by your experience and learning. Here is delivering the goods IELTS for you.

Delivering the Goods Reading Answers: IELTS Reading Answers

Part 1

International trade is growing at a startling pace. While the global economy has been expanding at a bit over 3% a year, the volume of trade has been rising at a compound annual rate of about twice that. Foreign products, from meat to machinery, play a more important role in almost every economy in the world, and foreign markets now tempt businesses that are never much worried about sales beyond their nation’s borders. What lies behind this explosion in international commerce? The general worldwide decline in trade barriers, such as customs duties and import quotas, is surely one explanation.

Delivering the Goods Reading Answers: IELTS Reading Answers Part 2

The economic opening of countries that have traditionally been minor players is another. But one force behind the import-export boom has passed all but unnoticed: the rapidly falling cost of getting goods to market. Theoretically, in the world of trade, shipping costs do not matter. Goods, once they have been made, are assumed to move instantly and at no cost from place to place. The real world, however, is full of frictions. Cheap labor may make Chinese clothing competitive in America, but if delays in shipment lie up working capital and cause winter coats to arrive in spring, trade may lose its advantages.

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Delivering the Goods Reading Answers: IELTS Reading Answers Part 3

At the turn of the 20th century, agriculture and manufacturing were the two most important sectors almost everywhere, accounting for about 70% of total output in Germany, Italy and France, and 40-50% in America, Britain and Japan. International commerce was therefore dominated by raw materials, such as wheat, wood and iron ore, or processed commodities, such as meat and steel. But these sorts of products are heavy and bulky and the cost of transporting them relatively high.

Delivering the Goods Reading Answers: IELTS Reading Answers Part 4

Countries still trade disproportionately with their geographic neighbors. Over time, however, world output has shifted into goods whose worth is unrelated to their size and weight. Today, finished manufactured products dominate the flow of trade, and, thanks to technological advances such as lightweight components, manufactured goods themselves have tended to become lighter and less bulky. As a result, less transportation is required for every dollar’s worth of imports or exports.

Delivering the Goods Reading Answers: IELTS Reading Answers Part 5

To see how this influences trade, consider the business of making disk drives for computers. Most of the world’s disk-drive manufacturing is concentrated in Southeast Asia. This is possible only because disk drives, while valuable, are small and light and so cost little to ship.  Computer manufacturers in Japan or Texas will not face hugely bigger freight bills if they import drives from Singapore rather than purchasing them on the domestic market. Distance, therefore, poses no obstacle to the globalization of the disk-drive industry.

Delivering the Goods Reading Answers: IELTS Reading Answers Part 6

This is even more true of the fast-growing information industries. Films and compact discs cost little to transport, even by airplane. Computer software can be ‘exported’ without ever loading it onto a ship, simply by transmitting it over telephone lines from one country to another, so freight rates and cargo-handling schedules become insignificant factors in deciding where to make the product. Businesses can locate based on other considerations, such as the availability of labor while worrying less about the cost of delivering their output.

Delivering the Goods Reading Answers: IELTS Reading Answers Part 7

In many countries, deregulation has helped to drive the process along. But, behind the scenes, a series of technological innovations known broadly as containerization and intermodal transportation has led to swift productivity improvements in cargo handling. Forty years ago, the process of exporting or importing involved a great many stages of handling, which risked portions of the shipment being damaged or stolen along the way. The invention of the container crane made it possible to load and unload containers without capsizing the ship and the adoption of standard container sizes allowed almost any box to be transported on any ship. By 1967, dual-purpose ships, carrying loose cargo in the hold* and containers on the deck, were giving way to all-container vessels that moved thousands of boxes at a time.

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Delivering the Goods Reading Answers: IELTS Reading Answers Part 8

The shipping container transformed ocean shipping into a highly efficient, intensely competitive business. But getting the cargo to and from the dock was a different story. National governments, by and large, kept a much firmer hand on truck and railroad tariffs than on charges for ocean freight. This started changing, however, in the mid-1970s, when America began to deregulate its transportation industry.

First airlines, then road haulers and railways, were freed from restrictions on what they could carry, where they could haul it, and what price they could charge. Big productivity gains resulted. Between 1985 and 1996, for example, America’s freight railways dramatically reduced their employment, trackage, and their fleets of locomotives – while increasing the amount of cargo they hauled. Europe’s railways have also shown marked, albeit smaller, productivity improvements.

Delivering the Goods Reading Answers: IELTS Reading Answers Part 9

In America, the period of huge productivity gains in transportation may be almost over, but in most countries, the process still has far to go. State ownership of railways and airlines, regulation of freight rates, and toleration of anti-competitive practices, such as cargo-handling monopolies, all keep the cost of shipping unnecessarily high and deter international trade. Bringing these barriers down would help the world’s economies grow even closer.

Questions Related to IELTS Reading Passage

Question Number 1

Following are a few statements given from the passage above. You have to check the answers from the passage and write them correctly.

#1. Agriculture and manufacturing has contributed_____________ in America, Britain and Japan.

Answer : 40-50%.

#2. ____________ cost little to transport.

Answer: Films and compact discs.

#3. Global economy is expanding at a bit _____________ year.

Answer: Over 3 years.

#4. Most of the world’s ___________ manufacturing is concentrated in Southeast Asia.

Answer: disk drive.

#5. ____________ do not matter in tye world of trade.

Answer: Shipping cost.

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Question Number 2

Look at the statements below and after reading them, write TRUE or FALSE in front of them.

TRUE – If the statement agrees with the information that is given above in the passage.

FALSE – If the statement disagrees with the information that is given above in the passage.

#1. Countries still trade disproportionately with their geographic neighbours.

Answer: TRUE.

#2. Cheap labour may make Japanese clothing competitive in America.

Answer: FALSE.

#3. By 1960, dual-purpose ships were given way to all container vessels that moved thousands of boxes at a time.

Answer: FALSE.

#4. 70% of total output in Germany depends upon agriculture and manufacturing.

Answer: TRUE.

#5. International trade is downfalling.

Answer: FALSE.


The IELTS exam is the most prestigious and opportunity giving examination for students who want to pursue their choice of courses from different universities of the world. The candidates put their determination and efforts to prepare for it invariably and get good scores in this examination.

According to the collected data, Indian students get average bands because they take it a little lightly. The aspirants think that they are being taught in the English language in their academic curriculum so they can easily get good scores. But, everyone has to broaden the horizon of their knowledge and learning and must reach one step closer to their dreams.

#1. Learn the English Language

All the candidates of this esteemed examination are required to learn the English language. It is necessary to crack the exam as well as to live peacefully in an English speaking environment. When you apply for any university, you are asked to show the scores received by you in the IELTS exam.

This paper is considered by almost all the English speaking countries in the world. It enables the aspirants to pursue the programs in prominent universities. Similarly, if you apply for any professional work in the English countryside, you will be asked to share some documents showing your proficiency in English.

The language plays the most essential role in providing you study or work.

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#2. Have Determination

Dedication and determination are the two most needed terms to achieve your goals in life. If you have determination, no one can stop you from reaching your destination. There are times when a candidate feels stressed or a little zone out during the preparation period, your determination will bring confidence and goal orientation in you.

The ones who always create magic and get everything they desire are the ones who have extremely high determination in their mind and soul. The negativity and less concentration come when you drop your level of dedication. If you want to achieve your dreams, and make miraculous efforts in life, always be determined, and do what makes you dedicated.

#3. Indulge into Regular Reading

Reading is a significant habit to reach the apex in this paper. Reading makes you confident in speaking as well as writing. You learn many words and phrases while reading that you can use in different aspects to impress the examiners.

When you start reading, your mind is focused and active. The candidates can make themselves on the zenith of preparation by reading as much as possible. You will also be benefitted from it in the reading test as you are given a long passage to read and answer its questions by finding the answers from the passage. You will find this task easy and will turn out to get maximum scores.

#4. Management of Time

Time is the most powerful thing in this world. If you don’t know the skills to manage time, you will fail in every sphere you choose. In this paper, time plays an important role. You have to learn the ways to answer all the questions in time. During the preparation period, this is the most essential thing to focus on and to learn. Keep a pace, and learn to answer the questions effectively during the given time. It will bring success to your lap.

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We hope that you get the idea of answering the IELTS reading answers by the given passages. You must know the correct time to finish your reading part and start answering the questions because you have to find the answers from the passage.

If you still have any questions in your mind or want to know more about any section of the IELTS exam, you must visit the IELTS Ninja website to get the resolutions by the extremely intellectual and experienced personalities.

You will get multiple articles on the information of different universities of the world, and preparation methods of each sphere. If you want to get high scores, do not reach for the wrong sources, rather visit this website to achieve your dreams.

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