Students name: Brij Mohan
Exam Type: IELTS General
Personal Trainer : Ms. Upasana
Target Band: 8
Result Breakup:

Listening 8
Reading 8
Writing 7.5
Speaking 8

About Brij Mohan
Brij Mohan was going to give his IELTS exams in September 2016, for which he had little time to prepare. He started the course in the first week of August in the year 2016. As a working professional, Brij would find it difficult to take classes during working hours which is why he opted for the 9 pm sessions. He found the writing section challenging but as soon as his trainer Ms. Upasana assisted him with his grammar within a months’ time he managed to excel in his writing tasks.It just took him 25 classes to get from a 6.5 band to an 8 band.
In his own words,
It was a great learning experience for me as my trainer provided me with proper guidance. My trainer, Upasana also highlighted my weaknesses and gave continuous feedback­­­ and support; as a result I could fetch my desired score. All in all, it was a great learning experience.

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