Do you believe the IELTS writing section is the most difficult to master? You don’t need to be concerned because you are not alone in this situation. 7 out of 10 candidates believe IELTS writing is difficult.

Writing appears difficult since everything is dependent on your level and manner of thinking; your vocabulary and grammar are thoroughly reviewed, and accuracy is measured.

Many individuals think this test to be simple, but when it comes to writing, they backtrack since no one can write properly according to the level of this exam. Read the individual greed and selfishness IELTS essay sample answers to get better in this section.

Individual Greed and Selfishness IELTS Essay

Read these two sample answers to be prepared for your IELTS exam.

Individual Greed and Selfishness IELTS Essay Sample Answer 1

It is now feasible to recognize items using data labeling solutions. Human annotators spent a large deal of time and effort analyzing each image by hand, resulting in a large amount of data. To build the machine, machine learning methods use the vast bulk of a large amount of training data.

However, with unsupervised ML, there is no such requirement, while in supervised ML, the AI model cannot be constructed without tagged datasets. Moreover, if you want your picture recognition algorithm to become able to accurately predict, you must label your data.

Furthermore, this has resulted in citizens becoming more successful in their enterprises. In order to save more money, businesspeople compete harder with their competitors and manufacture more high-quality items.

For example, by 2014, the owner of Apple, a well-known smartphone company in the United States, had a significantly profitable business. To compete with other competitors, he opted to increase its profit by creating watch cell phones and outperforming others. As a result of his greedy action, people now have different smartphones, and the owner has made more money.

Considering traditions, on the other hand, might be more beneficial in any element of life, and I agree with this viewpoint. One critical factor is that the rate of crime can be drastically reduced. Unfortunately, in order to maximise profits, people are breaking the rules less than ever before, and fraudulent rates have skyrocketed.

They would not have stepped over the line, however, if they had examined the moral qualities that were prized in the past. Another aspect is that emotionally, people will be more supportive. Traditions clearly compel citizens to help their relatives or acquaintances.

For example, a bankrupt retailer may have been assisted by his family in the past due to customs that people had, but this has sadly become forgotten. Finally, humans have become less reliant on their families and communities.

Personally, I believe that the advantages of this way of life have become less visible than the conventional one that our forefathers had. Fundamentally, I think that not only will the level of violence reduce, but that individuals will be emotionally supported by one another.

Individual Greed and Selfishness IELTS Essay Sample Answer 2

With a civilization beset by avarice and egoism, modernity has lost its moral conscience. Everything in modern culture is measured by money and possessions. The more money you have, the more successful you will be.

As a result, people are racing against each other, with no room for the common good. This current self-interest mentality has damaged traditional, shared ideals and left many feeling hopeless.

As a result, I agree with the stated view that we must return to the golden eras when we treasured traditions and honored the family and community in order to create a healthier world and a brighter tomorrow.

We live in a world where greed and excessive want infect every aspect of life. Everyone is vying against one another in order to satisfy himself with material conquests and things.

There is nothing wrong with amassing a sufficient amount of riches, but there is constant pressure on individuals to strive for more and more, and as a result, we have little time for family and friends. Everyone is preoccupied with his or her own desire for more. As a result, this selfish mental habit affects both the individual and society.

For example, when parents are too busy to spend valuable time with their children, youngsters are frequently robbed of their parents’ love and affection. As a result, they are unable to learn ethics from their parents, which leads to antisocial conduct, aggression, excessive drinking, bullying, and other problems.

Furthermore, when selfishness and individualism become the cornerstones of society, they contribute to the expanding chasm between rich and poor.

Life used to be easier and happier. Everyone adored and appreciated one another. The senior is revered by the younger, and the younger is adored by the elder. The youngsters were cared for by members of the community as well as elder members of the family, and their counsel was valued.

Marriage was regarded as the most important institution in society, and divorce was mostly unknown to them. Furthermore, society appeared to be a large family in which everyone knew everyone else.

Everyone shared one other’s joys and sorrows. They lived for each other, which intensified man’s sympathetic sentiments and instilled ideals of obligation and regard. As a result, the ideals of respect for family and society bound everyone who lived a good life.

To summarise, we are all falling to greed in our commercial culture, which is fuelling war, inequality, and poverty.

Depending on what has been mentioned thus far, it is easy to conclude that the old value-based community can be the perfect cure for this stifling world and provide a heaven-like environment to live in.

Since we cannot revert to a manual society from a computer-based computerised society, we can certainly return to these old values in order to try to construct a new society that has both economic wealth and prosperity, and also respect for the family and society.

IELTS Preparation Tips for IELTS Essay

To improve your Writing Task 2 score, you must develop an efficient IELTS preparation method. Here are some tips:

# Experiment with writing on various topics to acquire a better idea. Write as much as you possibly can.

# Look over prior years’ Writing Task 2 subjects and attempt to write them.

# Read grammar books, periodicals, and newspapers to expand your vocabulary.

# Improve your command of the English language. Try to contact friends or family members who speak English well and are willing to assist you.

# Manage your time effectively so that you finish writing about the topic in the allotted time during the exam.

# Participate in online tutoring if you want to be led by qualified professionals for a better outcome in the IELTS.

# Join IELTS Ninja to engage with the best-trained mentors who will assist you with your IELTS preparation. Check to see if you got the desired band score.


Obtaining a decent score on the IELTS test is not that hard.   Keep it as simple as possible so that you may explain your thoughts more easily.

The more complicated the essay, the more difficult it is to communicate your points of view. Because your thoughts get lost in the intricate phrases you urge yourself to compose, and you ultimately make no sense.

You could believe that writing complex terms will earn you more points, however, this is not the case. You will be penalised if you do not construct a meaningful phrase using those difficult terms.

For more preparation tips visit IELTS Ninja.

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