The IELTS Writing exam involves an individual answering many different questions and for that one needs to know what type of questions can be asked in this exam.

Through the help of this article, we’ll be talking about some of the writing topics in the IELTS examination that are arranged in an orderly according to the different months.

आएँ शुरू करें।

Recent IELTS Writing Topics

January 2021

#1. According to some people, they believe that the different TV programmes that we see every day on our television for fun & entertainment should be there to educate people about the same. These TV programmes should educate the viewers about the different issues that our country is facing, the social, political, as well as economic issues.

How well do you agree or disagree with this statement? Give your thoughts on the same.

#2. Mathematics is such an important subject that almost every student has to study it till they enter college. There is no option otherwise or any other subject that could replace it which thus helps in increasing its importance to a great extent. And when we talk about business, it becomes even more important to learn mathematics and be an expert in it. It can help one to succeed in their business and help them move it forward to great achievements and success.

Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Provide your opinions on the same.

भी पढ़ना: लेखन कार्य 1 में आईईएलटीएस में बैंड 9 कैसे प्राप्त करें? तैयारी के लिए एक अंतिम मार्गदर्शिका

अधिक Writing Topics from the Month of January

#3. Advertisements have become an important part of our daily lives. They teach us a lot about the world around us, our environment, and some of the new products that have been launched and are happening each day. They can really have some positive or negative impacts on our world and our perspective, about how we think and perceive the world around us. And different people have different opinions about them – some belief it to be extremely positive and others think it can have some serious negative impacts on us.

What is your opinion about the same? Discuss both sides of the issue with us and provide your opinion on the same.

February 2021

#1. What is the purpose of education? Is it there to teach us about the world that surrounds us or does it simply help us to reach the heights that we want to touch?

According to some people, they believe that education can help us fulfil our ambitions and our dreams and it can help us to be where we want to be. Education can help us become what we want to become in our lives.

But according to the others, they simply believe it to be a tool that can be helped to change the world. It is important for us and we need it to make our world a better place.

How well do you agree or disagree with both of these statements? Give us your opinion on the same and discuss both sides of this issue.

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#2. Nowadays there has been a trend of moving out of our countries and visiting some new places for fun & pleasure. Many people travel to so many different places every month to spend some time out of their daily lives, work, in order to enjoy in the lap of nature or at different places where they can have some fun and visit some of the most beautiful places of the world. But there are many who believe that the regular travelling of people to different places can have really some negative impacts on those countries that they have travelled to.

What is your opinion on the same? Share with us and tell us what you think about the same.

यह भी पढ़ें: पर्यावरण संरक्षण पर एक कानून का वर्णन करें: आईईएलटीएस बोलने वालों के लिए एक नमूना क्यू कार्ड विषय

Recent IELTS Writing Topics 2021 from March

Social Media has become an important part of our lives. We spend almost 2-3 hours daily on the internet surfing through our social media, looking at the content created by the different content creators from all around the world, and talking to thousands of people.

But very often, it has been noticed by a survey that was conducted that out of every 10 people, at least 7 of them have uploaded their personal information like address, telephone number, on their social media platforms.

But is it useful or does it have some serious negative implications on their lives?

What do you think about this? Give your opinion on the same.

अधिक Writing Topics from the Month of March

#2. Sports are an important part of people’s lives. They help us to be fit, be active and maintain our overall health. But according to some people, they believe that the government should spend more money on sports facilities for the top athletes of our country.

While others believe that more money should be spent on sports facilities that should be provided to ordinary people of our country so that they should be given a chance to move out and be better and prove to be an asset for the nation.

What do you think? What is your opinion? Give your opinion and ideas on both sides of the argument.

एक अधिक

#3. Crime is increasing day by day in our world with more people engaging in different types of crimes like theft, etc.

Some people believe that more strict laws should be made for handling the crimes that are happening daily while others simply believe that the way these things are being handled nowadays is proving to be extremely effective and is helping different nations in the same.

What is your opinion on the same? Give your thoughts and discuss both sides of the argument.

यह भी पढ़ें: अपनी पसंदीदा फिल्म का वर्णन करें: यहां आपके लिए तैयारी के लिए एक आईईएलटीएस क्यू कार्ड विषय है

April 2021

#1. Every student is different in his or her own way and all of them are unique and have different personalities. But that is what makes them special and unique from others. There are many students who study extremely well, score good marks and are better in everything they do but there are also others students who find it difficult to study or even find it hard to focus or pay attention to things or at school.

What could be the reasons for the same?

Give us your opinion and tell us what can be done to help them?

अधिक Writing Topics from the Month of April

#2. According to some people, they believe that young people and kids should follow the traditions that their parents and grandparents have been following for ages so that they can help these traditions to move forward in time and maintain their culture and its piousness. But there are others who believe that the new generation should be free to behave as they are so that with their modern attitude and behaviours, they can bring some amazing changes to society and its stereotypes.

What do you think about this? Provide your opinions on the same.

May 2021

#1. Living in a city can have various benefits over the one who lives in the countryside. Many believe that living in a city can have its own different kinds of benefits. But living in the countryside is something that has always helped people to enjoy nature at its best and live a simple life free from the noises of the city and the pollution which is surrounding them 24/7.

To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement? Share your opinions with us.

#2. Though advertising can have its own different benefits and can really help a product to increase its reach. But according to some people, they believe that when a product is good and it can easily fulfil all the customer needs, there is o need for any kind of advertising at that point of time. Hence, advertising should not be done for products.

To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement? Share your opinions with us.

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June 2021

#1. With technology advancing day by day, you can consult a doctor in the comfort of your home without even moving out. And according to some people, this is the best thing that technological advancement has provided them with. They can get some medical advice without even visiting a doctor.

What do you think about this technological advancement? How is this beneficial for the youth and people around us?

आईईएलटीएस तैयारी युक्तियाँ

Given below are some of the amazing tips that one can follow in order to prepare them for the IELTS exam preparation:

#1. Completely understand the test format in order to know all about the test that you’re preparing yourself for.

#2. Remember to not spend your time in the exam hall writing things on the question paper. The IELTS exam provides their candidates with a time limit and once the time is gone, it is never going to come back. So, always be aware of the time constraints and schedule your practice accordingly so that you can complete your paper on time.

#3. One important thing for the IELTS examination is that you must improve your vocabulary. IELTS is all about having a good grasp of the English language, so if you want to get a good score, try learning new words and add as much as you can to your vocabulary.


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