Today, we will be discussing a recent exam question that came in the Writing section of the IELTS test- a bar chart on the factors that affect work performance.

We will first analyze this question and then discuss ways of dealing with this question. We will then attempt an ideal answer so that you understand how to write the appropriate answer.

The key to scoring well in the IELTS Writing task 1 section is to identify the type of pictorial representation that you get during the IELTS exam. Bar charts depict the measure of something which further helps in determining a pattern or a trend.

If these come for your आईईएलटीएस परीक्षा, you need to follow a certain format of preparing your report so that the examiner can assess your language skills. Doing well in the IELTS Writing task 1 will ensure that you proceed confidently with the rest of the sections. 

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Analysis Of The IELTS Writing Task 1 Question : Bar Chart On Work Performance


IELTS writing task

The bar charts here depict the different factors that have an impact on an individual’s work performance.  Two different age brackets have been provided and for both the age brackets, the factors tend to vary. One segment falls in the age range of 18-30 years while the other falls between 45-60 years. 

Team spirit affects the work performance of both the age segments equally whereas when it comes to an opportunity for personal development, the younger age segment performs better as compared to the older one.  The younger segment also prefers a relaxed working environment in comparison to the older one.

A boss who is competent affects the work performance of both the segments whereas job security matters more to the younger segment. Respect from colleagues is also appreciated by both the segments although the older segment values this aspect more than the younger one. 

The prospects for promotion affects the work performance of the younger segment more than it does to the older segment. Satisfaction in terms of their job roles also affects the performance of both the segments. The work environment matters to both the age brackets working in an office and so does the money that they receive.


In the first paragraph, write about what the bar chart is depicting i.e the different factors that have an effect on the work performance of people who belong to two separate age brackets. You can also mention some of the interesting features that you notice in the depiction.

In the two subsequent paragraphs, you must talk about how the factors affect the work performance of people who fall within the age bracket of 18-30 years and the factors that impact the work performance of those who are between 45-60 years of age. 

The factors will vary for each of the segments and you need to state what you see in the bar chart. Do not draw any conclusions but mention only the things that you observe. 

Ideal Answer

The bar chart here depicts the various factors that affect the work performance of two different age groups. It can be seen that the younger population is greatly affected by a chance for personal development, a relaxed working environment, job security and promotion prospects whereas the older segment’s work performance is impacted by respect from colleagues and a competent boss. 

Team spirit affects the work performance of both segments equally whereas a chance for personal growth affects the younger segment more. A relaxed environment for working is also preferred more by the younger population while a competent boss affects the performance of both segments more or less equally.

On one hand, job security matters more to the younger segment whereas on the other hand, the older segment looks for respect from their colleagues.

Promotion prospects affect the younger segment more but job satisfaction affects both the segments equally. Work environment plays an equal role in the work performance of both and money too matters to both when it comes to their job.

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