The IELTS Examination – you must have heard of it many times and must have wondered what goes into the preparation of such a great examination that can help people actually achieve their dreams that they want to for a long period of time. By those dreams, we here mean, the dreams of moving out of their resident country and into some foreign and English-speaking country.

But how do you prepare for this? Okay, let’s divide it into some simple facts and parts and then read about them.

So, today we’ll be talking about the speaking part of the IELTS Examination. IELTS online speaking part includes a variety of cue card questions that an individual is asked while he/ she appears for the examination and these questions could differ from a variety of questions. They could include anything from your first experience at the zoo to how you enjoy your farewell.

आईईएलटीएस Sample Cue Card Questions – IELTS Exam Preparation

So, today we’ll be discussing one such question for this examination and that is – “Describe your Mobile Phone.”

Let’s not waste any more time and move forward to know about it and see can you possibly state the answer to this question.

यह भी पढ़ें: अपने पसंदीदा कपड़े क्यू कार्ड का वर्णन करें विषय: आईईएलटीएस परीक्षा स्पीकिंग टेस्ट

संकेत Card Questions and Sample Answers – Describe your Mobile Phone

आईईएलटीएस बोलने वाले भाग में बहुत सारे क्यू कार्ड विषय शामिल हैं। ऊपर दिए गए जैसे प्रश्नों का उत्तर देने के लिए निम्नलिखित बातों को ध्यान में रखना चाहिए:

#1. When did you get this mobile phone?

#2. How much did it cost?

#3. What did it look like?

#4. Explain how is it different from the mobile phone that we use nowadays?

वर्णन करना Mobile Phone/ Describe Your First Mobile Phone – IELTS Cue Card Sample Answer One

Nowadays, mobile phones have become the most important need of every other human being and it is extremely difficult to even imagine our lives without this device anymore.

So, today I’ll be sharing my part of the story where I want to tell you how was it like when I got my first ever mobile phone.

कब did You Get this Mobile Phone? 

Although the first mobile phone was introduced many years ago, for me it came when I first received it. And that was, for me, the happiest moment of my life.

I received my first mobile phone after a great struggle. I still remember it very clear that I got my first mobile phone some seven to eight years back when I was in the final year of my graduation. I still remember that I was the only one in my college who didn’t have the privilege of having a mobile phone and all my other friends had them to talk to their parents and family members. I always planned to get one for myself but back then t was so costly for me that I didn’t even ever think of buying one.

कैसे Much did it Cost?

I remember that when I first got this phone, it was a huge amount back then; especially for me. This mobile that I purchased back then was Nokia 6600 and it cost me some Rs. 10,000 back then, which was a big deal for people at that time. I got the latest model of the Nokia cell phone that was introduced back then in our country but the one thing that I decided while and before buying this mobile phone was that I never wanted to ask my parents for the money that I had to spend in order to get this mobile phone for me.

पाना into Detail about the Mobile Phone for the IELTS Speaking Part II Task

I never bothered my parents for the money to get this phone or asked them to buy it for me. I remember I worked super hard to get this in time. I had enrolled myself in two internships at the same time, and I was earning at least Rs. 3,000 from each one of them. So, in a period of like two months, I gathered enough money to get this mobile phone for me and was super happy and excited to buy something for the very first time and that too from my own hard-earned money.

यह भी पढ़ें: अपने कंप्यूटर या फोन में किसी प्रोग्राम या ऐप का वर्णन करें: आईईएलटीएस परीक्षा क्यू कार्ड विषय नमूना उत्तर

क्या did it Look Like?

It was the latest model of that Nokia mobile phone that was introduced at that time and a quite popular one at that time. It had all the latest features like the 8-megapixel camera, a good media player, and other built-in applications like Facebook as well as YouTube.

It was a great deal at that time to have such an amazing phone and my parents were super proud of me that I got such an amazing thing which helped me a lot in my future endeavours but that too with my hard-earned money.

व्याख्या करना How is it Different from the Mobile Phone that We Use Nowadays?

My first phone was full of all that advanced technology of that time and I became so popular because of that back then in my college. Every other person was so interested in knowing and touching this brand new mobile phone and knowing its amazing built-in features.

There were plenty of mobile phones available at that time but this was the best out of all of them. It had an amazing 4 GB memory and when I compare it today to the mobile phone that I have, it is extremely less. Today, the mobile phone that I have has an inbuilt memory of 128 GB and that’s quite a big deal when compared to that one. But back then, even 4 GB was a great thing.

Conclude Your Answer

This new mobile phone helps me save and store all my important data handy and is super easy at this point in time. Camera quality is also excellent as and when compared with any of the professional Nokia DSLR cameras. But I have learned to love everything that you have at the present moment – back then I loved what I had and even today, I love whatever it is that I have because this is the best thing about life. When you feel grateful about things, life offers to give you, even more, to be grateful for.

आईईएलटीएस Speaking Cue Card Sample Topics 2021

Describe an advertisement that you remember

Describe a special day that made you happy

Describe a product made in the region you come from

Describe a person to whom you admire

Describe an application that is made on artificial intelligence

Describe an interesting conversation with someone

अपनी अविस्मरणीय बाइक यात्रा के बारे में बात करें

Describe a time when you were encountered with a wild animal

Talk about a meal you enjoyed

Talk about a pandemic you witnessed

अपने देश की एक रोचक प्रथा का वर्णन करें

उस समय का वर्णन करें जब आपको कतार में लंबा इंतजार करना पड़ा

उस समय का वर्णन करें जब आपने किसी से कोई वादा किया था

यह भी पढ़ें: आपके द्वारा देखी गई भीड़-भाड़ वाली जगह का वर्णन करें: आईईएलटीएस परीक्षा के लिए एक दिलचस्प नमूना क्यू कार्ड विषय

कुछ More Cue Card Sample Topics for the ELTS Exam

एक जलीय जंतु का वर्णन करें

उस समय का वर्णन करें जब आपको अपनी कल्पना का उपयोग करने की आवश्यकता थी

उस विशेष होटल का वर्णन करें जिसमें आप रुके थे

किसी छोटी यात्रा का वर्णन करें जो आप अक्सर करते हैं लेकिन पसंद नहीं आती

उस प्रदर्शनी का वर्णन करें जहाँ आप अक्सर जाते थे

एक ऐसे व्यक्ति का वर्णन करें जो असामान्य कपड़े पहनता है

किसी के साथ हुई आपकी दिलचस्प बातचीत का वर्णन करें

किसी ऐसी जगह का वर्णन करें जहां आप जाना तो पसंद करते हैं लेकिन वहां रुकना पसंद नहीं करते

उस समय का वर्णन करें जब आप संकट में थे

उस समय का वर्णन करें जब आपने किसी की मदद की

Talk about a situation when you had to stay indoor

Describe a dream you want to fulfil

किसी विनम्र व्यक्ति का वर्णन करें जिसे आप जानते हैं

किसी ऐसी घटना का वर्णन करें जिसने आपकी राय बदल दी

किसी ऐसे बुजुर्ग व्यक्ति का वर्णन करें जिसे आप जानते हैं


Thomas Jefferson, the former President of the United States said that,

“I’m a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it.”

So, it is always advised to work harder for your dreams so that you can get them fulfilled. Hopefully, you must have understood by now the importance of having to work hard if you want to fulfil your dreams. So, what are you waiting for? Start working hard for yourself so that after a few years even you have a motivating story of your own.

Check out more pieces of our work for more cue card samples.

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