In short, the IELTS cue card section provides you with a cue card topic and a preparation time of 1 minute. After that, you will be allowed to speak your answer for the topic. You can be asked some follow-up questions related to the topic, so be prepared.

In this article, we will discuss the topic “Describe a software you use often”. We have given 3 sample answers for this topic which will give you an idea of how to approach a question in many ways.

वर्णन करना a Software You Use Often: IELTS Online Questions

Before speaking your answer, you will have to break down the topic into these parts:

What is the Software?

How frequently do you use it?

For what purpose do you use it?

वर्णन करना a Piece of Software You Use Often: Sample Answer One

क्या is the Software?

I believe that nowadays it is difficult to envision a life without access to a machine because it helps us to use too many different types of apps and resources to make our lives easier. Of course, different individuals need different kinds of apps and programmes for different uses, based on their level of expertise and desires, but for someone like me, with relatively little programming skills, Microsoft Office is a lifesaver.

It is not really appropriate to add “Microsoft Office,” but just to clarify, it is a list of useful resources created by Bill Gates on August 1, 1988, for the use of business and enterprise work.

यह भी पढ़ें: आईईएलटीएस में क्यू कार्ड क्या है? आईईएलटीएस स्पीकिंग में उच्च स्कोर प्राप्त करने के लिए आपको हर विवरण जानना चाहिए

कैसे Frequently do You Use it?

But I didn’t read about or start using this app until early 2005 when I began school. Since then, I’ve experimented with this platform and used its applications such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint whenever I could. As the Office Manager of a reputable organisation in my region, I now use “Microsoft Word” to generate various documents in order to interact with my coworkers and superiors.

Nevertheless, when I compile a periodic report for my superiors, along with the excel graphs on it, to show the success of our chocolate mousse factory’s development and the productivity of our employees, this specific application called “Microsoft Word” comes in very handy. I sometimes use PowerPoint to give presentations to my coworkers to demonstrate the general success of our projects and efforts in order to inspire them.

For What Purpose do You Use it?

Anyway, this app is very useful to me because it gives me tremendous peace of mind knowing that I can do all of my office work quickly and easily. Furthermore, the great thing about this app is that I can use it at home to manage essential office papers and files on weekends.

यह भी पढ़ें: आईईएलटीएस स्पीकिंग की तैयारी कैसे करें? यहां बताया गया है कि आप अपनी बोलने की क्षमता को कैसे बेहतर बना सकते हैं

वर्णन करना a Piece of Software You Use Often: Sample Answer Two

क्या is the Software?

In today’s world, everybody uses a variety of applications on a daily basis, such as Office Software, Word Pad, and other entertainment software. But in this case, I’d like to discuss a piece of software called notepad, which I often use. I’ll explain it briefly.

Really, I bought a computer for my studies about four years ago. At the time, I was accepted into the Bachelor of Computer Application programme. As a result, I had to write presentations and also HTML documents, which could only be accomplished with the assistance of a computer. So, fortunately, I got Notepad apps with this buy.

कैसे Frequently fo You Use it?

I’m now using this app for office jobs. Since I work in a web design business and have to build HTML links and archives. As a result, I use it on a daily basis. To begin, Notepad is intended for users to generate unformatted text. It is a simple word processing programme that is a stripped-down version of Microsoft Word. Second, Notepad needs no preparation and allows you to begin working with HTML right away. It is included in every version of Windows. As a result, you won’t have to go through the trouble of updating the software.

For What Purpose fo You Use it?

Lastly, it is a very light piece of software. This app takes up no room on your laptop or desktop PC. Finally, since it is low specification software, it does not take long to instal. Overall, I use notepad every day to build HTML documents and construct web pages. This programme appeals to me.

वर्णन करना a Piece of Software You Use Often: Sample Answer Three

क्या is the Software?

Computer technology has improved significantly, and we now have a plethora of software programs being used in our everyday lives. There are hundreds of software that are useful to us, especially in business and education, but I’d like to focus on one that is essential for any computer user. It’s known as MS Office. It is the default app on all PCs.

This app will do too many things that would be impossible to do with pen and paper. We may adjust the text’s colour, scale, and shape. We may type in a variety of languages.

कैसे Frequently do You Use it?

We can create beautifully crafted papers with photographs and sketches. The documentation created in this programme can be sent and shared. We may also include paper printouts. Furthermore, we can save and archive our documents and reports in the cloud and view them from anywhere. In colleges, this programme will assist us in completing assignments and giving presentations in a timely manner.

Microsoft Office’s newer models are also more adaptable. It is accessible through mobile phones as well as the internet.

For What Purpose do You Use it?

The best feature of this programme is that it can complete complex tasks in seconds. For instance, if you are creating a merit list of students in the class, it instantly arranges the list of students in ascending order of their marks with a few clicks. As a result, it saves both time and commitment.

I use this app to create presentations for my studies as well as to develop my typing skills. So this is the app that I often use.

यह भी पढ़ें किसी ऐसी चीज़ का वर्णन करें जिसे करने में आपको लोगों के समूह के साथ आनंद आता है: आईईएलटीएस परीक्षा क्यू कार्ड विषय

आईईएलटीएस Online Questions: A Software That You Use Often Follow-Ups

Aside from Notepad, what other software do you use?

Do any colleagues like using it? If so, why or why not?

What are your thoughts? Is it more useful to you than other software?

Will you want to replace it in the future with more modern software?

संकेत Card Topics for IELTS Exam Preparation

Talk about a pandemic you witnessed

Talk about a situation when you had to stay indoor

Describe a dream you want to fulfil

किसी विनम्र व्यक्ति का वर्णन करें जिसे आप जानते हैं

किसी ऐसी घटना का वर्णन करें जिसने आपकी राय बदल दी

किसी ऐसे बुजुर्ग व्यक्ति का वर्णन करें जिसे आप जानते हैं

अपने देश की एक रोचक प्रथा का वर्णन करें

उस समय का वर्णन करें जब आपको कतार में लंबा इंतजार करना पड़ा

उस समय का वर्णन करें जब आपने किसी से कोई वादा किया था

उस बैग का वर्णन करें जिसे आप रखना चाहते हैं

एक अविस्मरणीय रेल यात्रा का वर्णन करें

अपने पसंदीदा मौसम का वर्णन करें

उस समय का वर्णन करें जब आपने किसी को अच्छी सलाह दी हो

किसी प्रसिद्ध व्यक्ति का वर्णन करें

उस फिल्म का वर्णन करें जिसने आपको सबसे अधिक प्रेरित किया

आप जिस भीड़-भाड़ वाली जगह पर गए हों उसका वर्णन करें


We hope that this article was helpful and informative to you. Add this cue card topic to your preparation list and thrive on practicing more. You can pick a topic from the section above and try to do it on your own.

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