Among the four segments of the IELTS examination: Reading, Listening, Writing, and Speaking. Speaking section is such that has polarised applicants, where one side is of the opinion that speaking section is very easy and the other thinks it is really hard. For both the groups it is important for them to practice the speaking section to improve their speaking skills and to even structure their answer for a better score. The key to getting the desired band in the IELTS score is to practice each and every section with the smart tricks for it. Along with hard work, smart work is also needed as not much time is given to an applicant for finishing the examination. To start your practice of speaking section you can take cue card topics like “Describe a polite person”, you will also get the answer to the polite person cue card IELTS to practice accordingly.

सुझावों to Answer the Speaking Section

Before we go on to describe the topic given above, we will give you some time to spend with the tips given below for appearing for the speaking section. Make sure you read all the points and bring them into your habit through constant practice:-

First Understand the criteria used for assessing the applicant in the speaking section:-

#1 Pronunciation

#2 Grammatical structure

#3 Vocabulary

#4 English fluency

#5 Voice modulation

Incorporate the following points in your answer

#1 Use Voice modulation and avoid monotone while speaking

#2 Think before you speak- don’t go in the wrong direction

#3 Put the focus on the question asked and the topic given

#4 Avoid using Fillers, instead, take small gaps

#5 Avoid using high vocabulary

यह भी पढ़ें:- उस समय का वर्णन करें जब आपको बोरियत महसूस हुई: आईईएलटीएस बोलने के अभ्यास के लिए एक दिलचस्प क्यू कार्ड विषय

नमूना Answer for Describe a Polite Person Cue Card

I think Polite people are the ones who are more empathetic and show greater understanding. There are many attributes that make a polite person a good being. One of the biggest attributes is listening skills. In today’s world, communication is given greater emphasis, but many people don’t know that listening is also a part of communication which is why people skip being a good listener and work towards enhancing their speaking skills. A polite person possesses great communication skills where they have the capability to listen to the other person and reply in a positive manner. Talking about myself, I am not a polite person, but in comparison to the earlier times, I have very much improved. As I know the benefits of being polite, I keep trying to be polite when talking to other people. But as changing one’s persona is not so easy, I face issues and I am still struggling to be one.

मुख्य Body of the Answer

But as I can see the positive side of being Polite, most of people focus on the negative side of it. Which they use as an excuse for not being polite. I have heard many people making this excuse in front of me. What I believe is that being a polite person gives you the strength of maneuvering the power of being a human that is being empathetic, helping others, arguing less, and understanding more. Working towards being a polite person, I myself have seen the difference between being a hyperactive person and being a polite person. When a person is polite they will be making sound decisions, they listen, think and then speak, which makes them a person with good relations. What we speak matters a lot, polite people speak with great focus and they speak so soft words, that it is difficult for them to have enemies.

निष्कर्ष of the Answer

I know very few people around me who are polite, and the ones who are polite I am very close to them. I prefer spending my time with them as there are fewer chances of being in a fight and ruining our bond. I have noticed that people don’t follow a mediocre way where if they are not polite then their way of talking is normal, ut its not the case, not so polite person is mostly aggressive. They are into showcasing aggression which ruins their bond. Like there is a cliche saying “Opposite attracts”, if a polite person is pairing with an aggressive person then there are likely chances that polite person will be able to work on the relationship but in such case a polite person is the one who has to bear all the harsh words. Thus, I wish and I hope that people become more aware of the good deeds of being polite.

यह भी पढ़ें:- एक आदर्श नौकरी का वर्णन करें: 2021 के लिए एक आईईएलटीएस क्यू कार्ड नमूना विषय

Follow up Questions 

After you have finished describing the cue card topic given to you, you will be having interaction with the examiner. Examiner can ask questions that are related to what you have said or it can be only related to the cue card topic given to you. So few questions that can be asked from you if you are given the above cue card topic are:-

Q1 What is the disadvantage of being polite?

Q2 How are you working towards being polite?

Q3 Does politeness means showing respect to others? If yes then how?

Q4 Can an aggressive person be a good person?

Q6 Which age group shows greater politeness?


Preparing for the IELTS examination is not a cakewalk. It is as difficult as any other examination even if you are very good at English speaking, reading, listening, and writing. Apart from the English skills you also have to work on your speed as only 2 hours and 45 minutes are given to complete the entire IELTS examination. Hence, the key to getting the desired band is to practice and practice. To practice the speaking test you can start with a cue card topic like: describe a polite person cue card. The answer for this cue card is given above which you can refer to structure your answer. Make sure that you give your authentic answer during the examination.

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