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Let’s take a peek at the sample answer for the topic “Describe a perfect job”

आईईएलटीएस Speaking: Describe a Perfect Job Sample 1

Today I’m going to be talking about my perfect future job. I’ll explain to you what the profession is, what kind of skills and training I would need to do it, and what it requires, including the most challenging part of the job. I assume it is self-evident that this is my dream work, but I’ll explain why. My ideal career would be as a travel blogger!

Travel authors visit fascinating destinations around the world and then write about their travels in magazines, newspapers, and on the internet. Qualifications, in my mind, are less important than providing a portfolio of samples of your work that illustrate you are an outstanding artist. However, credentials that have a strong basic understanding of Language language can be helpful, and creative thinking or journalism courses can help you gain trust and develop a style of writing.

तोड़ना the Paragraph: IELTS Speaking Cue Card Describe a Perfect Job

To do this work, you must be able to fly to new locations. You must also be able to compose fluently and in a number of formats for numerous publications. Travel writers must be extremely adaptable, since they may be required to visit challenging or inconvenient locations and to travel on short notice.

What is the most complicated aspect of the job? Yeah, it’s not really well paying, but travel writers frequently tend to find another career as well, so you can’t just make a living off of this sort of writing. Even if you are popular, it would be an uncomfortable way of living; it would be difficult to maintain friends and enjoy interests if you were constantly on the move… But, to be honest, I believe it would be a small price to pay to be a member of such a fantastically fascinating and stimulating career!

तोड़ना the Paragraph: IELTS Cue Card Topic Describe a Perfect Job

I just want to do this job because I like travelling to new locations. For instance, earlier this year I had the opportunity to travel to Hanoi to work as a TEFL instructor, which was a new and exciting experience for me. I’d love to educate more people about my journey and inspire them to go on their own trip. I really love sharing thoughts by writing; it would be fantastic to be able to make a living doing two of my favourite things – travelling and composing!

Regrettably, there are few chances to earn a living as a travel journalist, so I believe it will have to remain my ideal career rather than my real work!

आईईएलटीएस Cue Card Topic Sample 2: Describe a Perfect Job

It’s easy. I would like to work in the field of wildlife management. I’ve given it a lot more thought, so I can tell you more about the knowledge and skills that can let you have a “foot through the door,” what the work could entail, and the tough parts of it as well. I’ll seek to describe that doing so will be a fantasy come true, at least for me.

There are several opportunities to get interested in animal management around the world. You could be trying to rescue rhinos from poachers in South Africa, or you could be caring for sick animals in the UK, such as squirrels or foxes. Many of the values are the same regardless of whether you want to live then you’ll need to work on either one animal (like elephants) or entire habitats (like leaving the arctic or desert clear of man’s effect).

तोड़ना the Paragraph: IELTS Speaking Cue Card Sample Describe a Perfect Job

Environmental credentials assist you with understanding how landscapes and environments interact. Biology and botany courses can be highly useful, but so can courses in finance or history. Taking rhino poaching as an instance, it is not just a matter of saving particular animals or even their biodiversity; it is also a way of knowing the global market of trading in rhino horn, why it is in the market, and how this requirement can be reduced. Wildlife management is a multidisciplinary endeavour that requires a large number of people from various countries.

The work can be very varied in terms of what it entails. It entails all facets of maintaining and preserving the local climate, wherever it could be in the country. It may be teaching locals about their biodiversity and inspiring them to realise that it is important to protect it.

तोड़ना the Paragraph: IELTS Speaking Describe a Perfect Job

The role is intriguing, but I believe it will be extremely difficult. Many species are on the brink of extinction, and unfortunately, not everyone wishes to save them. Working to defend a species, such as a rhino, just to have it harvested and slaughtered for its horn would be devastating. It would take immense tenacity to pull yourself up and keep fighting despite such a loss, but this is just what happens all the time to people in Africa trying to protect the scarce few rhinos that exist. I still believe it can be very complicated when human desires clash with those of mammals and the natural world.

तोड़ना the Paragraph: IELTS Speaking Describe a Perfect Job

I think it will be a very exciting job to help protect endangered species in their natural environments rather than only in zoos for coming generations. A ‘dream career’ for me is one that I’d be proud of and that made the world a much better place in some little way for the time I worked doing it. Nevertheless, I believe it will be a troubled great because it is very hard to achieve. Trying to save species from extinction is often as pointless as attempting to keep back the tide of the oceans, but I believe it is still necessary to try.

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