Studying abroad is a dream of many; it is a common dream, but getting admission to an esteemed university isn’t common. Before applying for any university, first, gather all the information about the best universities. Find out the things you will be offered there as an international student and the quality of education in the university.

There are many universities in Canada where you get a high-quality education, and Sheridan College is one of them. This article will help you know more about Sheridan College, its Canada ranking, IELTS requirement, the faculty and programs they offer.

Sheridan College Canada

Sheridan College is a public university founded on 18 September 1967. The Sheridan college campuses are located throughout the state of Ontario, Canada. There are three existing campuses of Sheridan College in Ontario.

#1. First is the Davis Campus in Brampton, which is the largest campus amongst all three.

#2. Second is the Hazel McCallion Campus in Mississauga, which houses the Pilon School of Business.

#3. The third is the Trafalgar Road Campus in Oakville, which houses the faculty of animation, arts and designs.

Sheridan College offers 500 plus programs and courses. They have 120 plus programs across five faculties, 28 degree programs, and more than 80 programs with work-integrated learning(WIL) opportunities. The WIL offers students apprenticeship, co-op, field /placement, internships, and mandatory professional practices.

The Library of Sheridan College has more than 7,24,000 resources in its collection. Amongst all those seven hundred thousand plus resources, 87.8% are electronic. For the research in 2019-20, a total of 117 externally-funded research projects were supported by the Sheridan Research Office.

1,935 students were involved in the tracked curriculum-based research, with 148 staff and faculty involved in the research. A total of 364 engagements were made with industry partners. The total external funding amount was $4,981,110.

Sheridan College Canada has been the highlight of newspapers in the year 2020. The students won the highest animation award honour, the Annie Award in Los Angeles for their third-year group project film The Fox & The Pigeon.

During the pandemic, Sheridan’s Centre for Advanced Manufacturing and Design Technologies produced hundreds of face shields to donate to the healthcare systems and long-term care facilities. And there are many more such credits to the name of Sheridan College.

Sheridan College Ranking

Sheridan College world ranking and Canada ranking are two crucial factors that might influence your decision to take admission to this prestigious institution. There are numerous sources and websites which rank the universities accordingly.

#. Ranked No. 72 in Canada Ranking by Webometrics.

#. Ranked No. 5176 in World Ranking by Webometrics.

#. Ranked No. 14 in Canada’s Top 50 research colleges by Research Infosource.

#. Ranked No. 5 for Industry Research Income by Research Infosource.

#. Ranked No. 10 for Industry Research Income as a proportion of its total research income .by Research Infosource

#. Ranked No. 3 for Research Partnerships and Completed Research Projects by Research Infosource

#. Ranked No. 4 for the Number of Student Researchers by Research Infosource

Sheridan College Programs

Sheridan College Canada is spread across three campuses in Ontario. All of the campuses have a wide range of courses to offer for each aspirant. As stated earlier, there are more than 120 programs for students across five faculties:

#1. Faculty of Animation, Arts and Design (FAAD)

The college is renowned for its advanced technological base, and animation is one of its strongholds. Hence, all the animators, artists, designers, filmmakers, and performers are trained at this faculty.

FAAD offers 38 programs; 20 plus alumni are nominated for Oscars, and 30 plus alumni are nominated for the Emmys.

#2. Faculty of Applied Health and Community Studies (FAHCS)

It helps the student to become dedicated to the healthcare system and the communities. It inculcates positive habits for positive change.

FAHCS offers 20 programs, and they have four schools under them.

#3. Faculty of Applied Sciences and Technology (FAST)

The high-intensity and industry-renowned programs are equipped with computing, engineering, architectural technology, chemistry, and skilled trades. These studies open up several career opportunities for a FAST graduate.

FAST offers 36 programs, and they have done 20 plus computing research projects and 40 plus CAMDT research projects.

#4. Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences (FHASS)

This faculty provides Communication and Literary Studies, Humanities and Creativity, and Social and Life Sciences programs. The approach by the faculty helps the students to develop confidence, creative thinking, and knowledge.

FHASS offers six programs, and their faculty of all 35 individuals have PHDs.

H4 #5. Pilon School of Business (PSB). The business school offers the students with certificates, diplomas, degrees, and bachelor’s degree programs. Using the intelligence and creativity of the students, the business school sharpens a students’ entrepreneurial thinking skills and the responsibility of taking risks.

PSB offers 27 programs, and they also offer five-degree programs.

Sheridan College IELTS Requirements

Sheridan College is home to students from 120 countries across the globe, from various cultural and linguistic backgrounds. With so many international students coming every year, the college has specified certain criteria for English proficiency, which every candidate has to meet. So here we state the IELTS requirements for international students.

#. IELTS bands for Certificate or Diploma programs should be 6 overall, and no individual component should have a band score below 5.5.

#. IELTS score for Degree programs should be 6.5 overall, and no individual component should be below 6.0.

#. IELTS score for Graduate Certificate programs should be 6.5 overall, and no individual component should be below 6.0.

#. IELTS score in the Pharmacy Technician program is 6.5 overall, and no individual component should be below 6.0.


To ensure that you score enough IELTS bands to get admission to Sheridan College, you would have to start preparing from now. To get the perfect aid for your IELTS preparations, you can check out the आईईएलटीएस निंजा website. IELTS Ninja is the best resource for studies, and you can attend their free demo class if you want to, and then you could decide if you want to be a part of it or not. Leave no stone unturned, and acquire the required IELTS bands for admission.

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