PTE Academic is a fully computer-based academic English ability examination designed for non-native English speakers aspiring to study in a native English-speaking country like Australia. It examines your reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills. The entire test is conducted as a quiet contemplation session for three hours and is taken sitting at a computer in a controlled test environment. The exam’s speaking section too is completed on a computer. Your voice will be recorded and stamped.

One advantage of this test is that you get your results quickly, usually within five days. There are cases when candidates have received test results within 48 hours of having taken the test. The cost varies by country, but for Australia, it usually falls between $150 and $200.

Like IELTS, TOEFL, and TOEIC, PTE Academic too is a difficult language proficiency test to crack. There’s a lot of debate regarding whether IELTS or PTE is better for this purpose. However, as a mark of English proficiency, PTE is recognised more by Australia. Australia holds PTE over IELTS and asks for PTE scores when applying for PR, universities, work etc. Therefore, when it comes to Australia, PTE is definitely more important.

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PTE Exam Information

#. The PTE for Australia examination provides results within five days of operation. Taking the PTE for Australian PR will expedite your visa application process because results are generally sent in 5-7 days since it is completely a computer-based test.

#. The PTE score is also used to get acceptance at some institutions (such as faculties and universities or as visa and immigration authorities of Australia and New Zealand)

#. To complete a PTE Academic test, go to a reputable Pearson test centre. Use a PC and headphones to adjust, read and respond to questions.

#. In the three hour test, reading, writing, speaking and listening skills are tested. There are twenty different inquiry roles, ranging from multiple choice to expository writing and data deciphering.

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Why is PTE Score Required for Australia?

The PTE score for study in Australia is required for the following reasons:

#. To apply for the Australian Visa

When applying for an Australian visa, an applicant must have a minimum PTE score. Because there are several visa options for obtaining permanent residency (PR) status in Australia, the PTE score required for Australian immigration varies from case to case. It is also a crucial requirement for work and study visas to demonstrate your English competence.

#. For Australian Immigration

For Australian immigration, a PTE score is necessary. This is similar to a visa but sometimes has different requirements.

#. To get accepted into an Australian University

With over 1200 institutions and over 2200 programmes to choose from, Australian education institutes provide a wide range of study options for overseas students. Several Australian institutions need confirmation of English competence, and the PTE test is the best way to do so. Therefore, if you wish to study in Australia, a PTE score is a must.

#. For any other Australian Institution

PTE exam scores are recognised by all Australian institutions, as well as professional organisations and government offices.

What is an Acceptable PTE Score in Australia?

In general, 64 to 78 is an acceptable score range that will help you meet all requirements for a visa, university admission or work. If your score is between 50 and 60 in each section, you can pretty much apply for an Australian visa to study at one of the country’s institutions or even work there.

#. A score of 50 in each section is considered competent when it comes to universities or other institutions. However, this particular score gives you zero points when it comes to PR. This, however, is a good score for acceptance to universities.

#. A score of 65 in each section is considered proficient, and 65-79 gives you 10 points.

#. A score of 79 or above in each section is considered superior and will help you secure the most points, i.e., 20 points.

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Minimum PTE Score for Australia for Varied Purposes

PTE Score for Study in Australia

Since the PTE scores are used for various reasons, different minimum scores are required for different institutions. The minimum scores are given as per your performance in each of the four sections: Speaking, Reading, Writing and Listening. Let us have a detailed look:

#. When you are applying for a Visa

A minimum of 65 points is required for Australian PR. However, if you are applying for a visa 189 ( skilled independent visa), 190, or 489 (under the Invited Pathway), you’ll need a minimum score of 50 on each of the four sections of the PTE academic examination.

The score varies according to the subclass of visas, such as talented autonomous visas (subclass 189), state-supported visas (Subclass 190) etc. However, the aforementioned score of 65 is the minimum requirement. If you are aiming for an excellent score, then you must get 79 or above.

#. For Australian Immigration

To apply for the Australian skilled immigration programme, you must have at least 60 points. If you score over 50 and under 65, you will be qualified to apply for Australian PR. However, this score does not offer you any points, therefore making it insignificant.

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#. When you are Applying to Any University in Australia

If you are applying for study or admission to the University of Australia, your PTE score would be taken into consideration. To pass the test, you must have a minimum score of 42. An overall score of 42-49 on the Pearson Test of English is accepted as a good score by most universities.

Even though this is standard, it is important to keep in mind that minimum requirements differ significantly between schools and levels of study, so verify with the specific institution before applying. Nursing, education, and law programmes, for example, have more stringent standards, but requirements for Vocational Education and Training (VET) programmes are typically less stringent.


The PTE test is intended to assess your English language skills. As part of all Australian visa applications and admission to institutions, you will be required to demonstrate your English proficiency. You can prove your proficiency by achieving the required score on the PTE exam.

For more information or help with your preparation, you can refer to the several resources offered by आईईएलटीएस निंजा. These resources will aid your preparation and clear all your doubts since IELTS Ninja provides the best preparation material and answers all your questions related to the exam.

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