Inception Of Vidushi’s Journey
Hailing from Delhi, Vidushi was a cross-product of both Engineering and Marketing. She was working in Gurgaon for over ten years and had been to almost every State in India. 

Some of her friends had relocated to Canada in order to avail better opportunities and she too longed to do the same. She had heard about the opportunities that were available for IT professionals and was keen on exploring them.

As a student, Vidushi was always bright and the favourite of her teachers. She managed to impress all her mentors through her diligence and grit. However, when she looks back at her childhood years, she does regret being apprehensive about certain things. 

There were things that she wanted to try out but couldn’t on account of her own inhibitions. With the decision of moving to Canada, she realized that she should have been more fearless. 

Vidushi has evolved over the years and become someone who she greatly admires. The entire journey of obtaining a Canadian permanent residency was laden with challenges but her fearless nature helped her in straightening things out. 

Getting Her Basics Right
Vidushi’s current morning routine gets a little tricky to manage. She has to juggle between making breakfast for herself, getting her workout done and reaching the office on time. When we asked her to speak about a common myth in Information Technology, she said “ One common myth about the IT sector is that you will end up amassing huge amounts of money.”

She also said that if you have the right skillset for an IT-related job, you will definitely earn a decent amount of money but not otherwise. One needs to constantly update themselves with the latest technology and advancements that are taking place in this field in order to remain relevant. 

Every time Vidushi feels slightly demotivated, she indulges in a bar of chocolate or a milkshake. She mentioned how doing so lifts up her spirits within minutes.

Vidushi’s flawless language skills are a result of speaking in English from her early childhood days. Her mother was a teacher and also a strict disciplinarian. 

Every time Vidushi would switch to her vernacular language, her mother would reprimand her for doing so. 

Vidushi felt grateful towards her mother for instilling in her the language proficiency that she needed in order to clear her IELTS. The only way of mastering any language is by speaking it.

Vidushi & IELTS Ninja
Vidushi has received a nomination from the Saskatchewan province and has plans of meeting most of her friends in Canada. Her brother resides in the US and she does intend to visit him as well. 

Her love for Indian cuisine is another reason as to why she felt comfortable when it came to Canada. She is aware that Canada has no dearth of Indian delicacies since many Indians inhabit the country. 

Vidushi was on the lookout for an ideal Settle Abroad Consultancy and did not know which place to trust. She was doing her research when she discovered IELTS Ninja. 

She found their pricing reasonable and their reviews credible. आईईएलटीएस निंजा seemed like the perfect fit as their pattern of getting things done seemed quite organized. Vidushi’s instinct made her choose the brand from among the others that were there in the market. 

However, Vidushi regrets not applying for a PR earlier as the thought had struck her some years ago but she had not paid much heed to it. She has learnt things of significance throughout her journey with the brand and her mentors. 

She would advise all the future aspirants to get their documents ready before they seek the services of a Consultancy. She said “ Do not make the mistake of thinking that being fluent in English will solve all your problems. Be prepared to work hard if you want an 8.777”

Vidushi was keen on getting there and so persevered throughout despite certain setbacks. The one thing that kept her going was the thought of being financially independent.

She had always wanted to take care of herself and had started working from a very young age in order to make that happen. It took two years for her to obtain her permanent residency and she was elated when she finally received it.

How She Made It Happen
Vidushi strongly believed that one’s Spoken and Written English skills need to be up to the mark before they begin preparing for a language proficiency exam. Ample practice will ensure that one becomes extremely fluent while one is communicating in the language. 

She also felt that seeking the help of an agency that is registered and trustworthy could work wonders for someone who wants to relocate to a particular country. The entire process becomes much more stress-free, streamlined and organized. 

Once she has comfortably settled in Canada, she plans on bringing her family along too. A strong Indian presence in Canada is another hope for her and she knew that she had to mingle with them. 

Vidushi was determined from a tender age and her consistency helped her in achieving all those goals that she had outlined for herself. Like a butterfly, she had metamorphosed into a brave and fearless woman who always got things done.

She will continue to serve as an inspiration for all those people who are skeptical about moving forward with their plans and keep doubting themselves. She has shown us that anything is achievable if one has the courage to go after their dreams.

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