Saurabh Kalpasi had never imagined that he would crack IELTS and move to Canada in less time than anticipated. His undying spirit helped in obtaining a Canadian PR and moving to Toronto.

Let us find out how IELTS Ninja helped Saurabh throughout his journey.

Saurabh’s Determination & Move To Canada
Saurabh was always determined to move to Canada as he was aware that Canada provides citizenship after remaining a permanent resident for about three years. Hailing from Delhi , Saurabh had always remained quite close to his roots but his cousin played a pivotal role in his relocation. He had moved to Canada years ago and inspired Saurabh to do the same.

Saurabh had studied in an English medium school but his English was never up to the mark. He gradually got in the habit of speaking in English and it greatly helped him in his career. An 8.777 is a band score that catapults you over the others when it comes to moving to Canada. Saurabh had achieved an 8.777 in his first attempt as his preparation strategy was right.

He said, “If you prepare for IELTS in the right manner, you can easily get a band score of 8.777.”


How Saurabh Has Settled Comfortably
Saurabh’s daily routine in Toronto involves juggling his exercise regime, cooking his meals and reaching office on time. He spends quality time with his friends over the weekend and that rejuvenates him.

The weather remains particularly cold from November until March but the central heating makes sure that the inhabitants remain well protected. Saurabh is accustomed to Delhi’s winter and so, Canada’s winter did not feel much different. 

On reaching Toronto, the first place that Saurabh visited was the grocery store. He went there for some supplies and ingredients with which he cooked a meal for himself. It felt quite exhilarating. His neighbours too are quite warm and exchange pleasantries with him every time they see him.

He feels quite at home there. Most grocery stores are stacked with Indian savouries and he always manages to get the ingredients that he needs. Saurabh told us “ Most groceries have ready-made paraathas and other Indian breads which is a blessing!” 

Downtown Toronto has a multi-cultural vibe on account of the different communities that thrive there. You will find Indians, Chinese, Srilankans and Canadians living harmoniously. 

IELTS Ninja & Saurabh
Saurabh strongly believes that one needs to have one’s finances in order before they make the move to a Canadian province. Looking out for yourself in a foreign land becomes extremely important since you are on your own. If you can manage money well, you will face fewer hardships. 

IELTS was monumental in helping him out. They had assisted him with all his documentation related work. They had also assisted him throughout his Canada PR journey by keeping him motivated. Saurabh was a little apprehensive initially as he had never met anyone from IELTS Ninja personally but as time went on, he felt like he could trust the brand. He is grateful to them for providing him the timely guidance that he needed. 


Saurabh Kalpasi has shown us that where there’s a will, there’a a way. He is not afraid to try out things that are new to him and that bolsters his resilience. He believes that people should always push themselves to achieve their goals as the motivation needs to come from within.


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