What are opinion essays?

An opinion essay is a structured piece of writing that needs your perspective on a topic. There should be a straightforward statement of your view. You will offer different arguments/reasons/viewpoints on the subject in the essay and these will be accompanied by proof and/or examples. An opinion essay is a very traditional type of essay with a format of five paragraphs. This article requires analysing multiple viewpoints to figure out which are powerful and which are poor to help your own point of view.

In the contents below, you will get to clear all your doubts on opinion essay IELTS.

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In the 40 minutes allotted in the test, take your time at first and gradually pace up before you can prepare and compose an essay of at least 250 words.

In this blog, you will be taught step-by-step how to prepare and write them.

Go through the ielts opinion essay questions below, to get a better understanding of this type of essay.

Q. A big salary is much more important than job satisfaction.

Do you agree or disagree?

Q. Advances in technology and automation have reduced the need for manual labour. Therefore, the working hours should be reduced.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Q. The prevention of health problems and sickness is more important than treatment and medicines. Government funding should reflect this.

आप इस कथन से किस हद तक सहमत या असहमत हैं?

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How to Write an Opinion Essay in IELTS?

IELTS Essay Structure

The next level is to compose the outline of an opinion article. It will help you, first of all, to resolve the fear of a blank page. Second, in order to compose an assignment quicker, you would have a broken-down list of suggestions and an orderly spot for your scattered thoughts.

Here’s an opinion essay outline example:

  • Introduction: Write a statement of the thesis and arguments for your view. To engage them with the subject, give your readers a hook.
  • Main body: It was divided into several chapters in which you include points and explanations, comments, and evidence that justify it
  • Conclusion: Ending an article, reaffirming the core argument, and summarising the essay’s key points.

15 Best Expressions to Use

A lot of students can’t have their point of view when it comes to opinion writing. This shows that the critical reasoning capacities are deficient which contributes to poor grades.

Check the list of simple phrases if you need a fast fix for your assignment to help you start putting your opinions

  1. As far as I am concerned
  2. In my opinion
  3. My opinion is that
  4. I (firmly)believe that
  5. I am inclined to believe that
  6. It is clear that
  7. It seems to me that
  8. In my mind
  9. As I see it
  10. My principal reason is
  11. दूसरा कारण है
  12. It is widely known that
  13. Research has shown that
  14. This suggests that
  15. Despite the fact that
  16. In order to
  17. In conclusion

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Opinion Essay – Do’s

  • Write your assignment as if you were making an important speech. Specifically present the issue.
  • Avoid needless phrases and irrelevant information which do not specifically apply to the subject.
  • Start with simple subject phrases in each paragraph; outline the key ideas
  • When writing an opinion post, use the present tense
  • Keep it brief
  • Be sure there is a logical order that makes it easy for the readers to understand.

Opinion Essay – Dont’s

  • Don’t overuse simple short sentences
  • Don’t use slangs
  • Don’t use abbreviations
  • Don’t use imperative voice
  • Don’t repeat arguments, instead, group them as a single argument
  • Don’t give examples related to you

Not to fail to proofread the article is the last bit of advice. Use material, grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, etc. to study Be sure that the key question is answered in your article. Check if the information you have supplied is correct and up-to-date. With the aid of the tips above, in the blink of an eye, you will be able to build the most amazing essays. Now that you know the secrets to write a good paper, try writing your own essay of opinion!

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