Both IDP and the British Council jointly conduct IELTS examinations for candidates who wish to seek higher education, employment, or migration to English speaking foreign countries. The IELTS Academic test is conducted for those planning to study abroad whereas the IELTS General Training is conducted for those planning to migrate. Read along to find out how to check आईईएलटीएस परिणाम for IDP and the British Council.

The IELTS exam can be conducted in two ways. It could either be a written pen-paper exam or it could be an online computer-based exam. The result for each exam type varies on the basis of processing time to be delivered to the exam takers.

How to See IELTS Results Online?

The results for IELTS exams can be viewed online on the official websites of both IDP and the British Council. For a paper-based exam, it takes a duration of 13 days for the Test Report Form to be made available while it is 3 to 5 days for a computer-based online exam. The results are also variable in duration if they are for UK Visas/ Immigration or life skills. The duration is 13 days and 7 days respectively.

The online results are available on the websites for 28 days. The candidate will have to log on to the particular website portal, where the result can be viewed. The result is displayed in tabular format, which will explain the justification of scores along with the areas which can be improved.

How To Check IELTS Results IDP?

The IELTS results for IDP are available on the official IDP website where the candidate will have to log in with the credentials provided by the exam centre. The results for computer-based exams (including the UK Visa and Immigration) is available in 5 days, the paper-based exam result 13 days after the exam, and the life skills exam result in 7. The online results are provisional until the Test Report Form is generated.

The candidates will need to have their passport or ID numbers (same as used for registration) as well as the candidate number. The Test Report Form (TRF) is delivered to the candidate’s postal address through the mail, the time duration of which may vary for paper-based and computer-based exams.

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How To Check IELTS Results British Council?

ults for the British Council can be checked on the official online portal. Same as the former, the exam results take 13 days in case of a paper-based exam and 3-5 days in the case of a computer-based exam. The results are available for a period of 28 days. The physical copy of the result or the Test Report Form is delivered to the postal address of the candidate in 10 days for paper-based test and 7 days for computer-based.

The IELTS result is not shared through telephonic conversation or through emails. British Council also provides up to 5 additional TRF copies if they are asked for by any institution since copies are not accepted. These copies are provided for free until 5 days of the exam date, and the service becomes paid after that.

How to Check IELTS Revaluation Results?

  • The Process of Revaluation 

If the candidate is not satisfied with the band score achieved in the IELTS exam, he/she can apply for revaluation or re-marking the exam. This is done by an examiner who is not provided with the original band scores, and the genuine checking process is maintained. This process is called Enquiry on Results (EOR). A new Test Report Form is generated if there is a different score upon rechecking.

The application period for IELTS revaluation is valid for a period of 6 weeks from the date of the test. The revaluation can be requested for the entire test or for one or more of the four sections in the International English Language Testing System Exam. There is a different fee pattern for revaluation of paper-based, computer-based, UKVI, and Lifeskills tests. This fee is refunded if the scores turn out to be different.

  • Checking the Revaluation Results 

The result for revaluation of the International English Language Testing System exam is given within 2 to 21 days after the request. The time duration varies on the number of sections given for revaluation, or if the exam is to be checked as a whole. The respective test centres can be approached if the duration exceeds beyond the mentioned dates.

Sending IELTS Results to Institutions

For those who wish to send their International English Language Testing System Test Report Forms (TRFs) to any organization or institution, they can request the particular test centres to provide additional TRFs. They can request for a maximum of 5 forms, each to be sent to different institutions. Since the organizations do not accept any photocopies, so only the original forms have to be requested.

The forms may be provided for free for a period of around 5 days, and then a fee is charged for the same beyond that date. For test centres that have been closed, the candidates can fill the Application For Test Report Forms (for closed centres). This can be done for up to 2 years of duration from the date of the International English Language Testing System test.


This blog covered in detail how to check the International English Language Testing System results online for both IDP as well as the British Council. The results take their respective time based on the exam format, and can also be requested for revaluation. It is unlikely that there is an error in the checking pattern, but the candidate can surely apply if he/she has a different expectation. For exploring more important IELTS info and assistance, यहाँ क्लिक करें.

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