The IELTS examination is consulted by British Council and IDP. It is conducted to see the English proficiency of candidates by assessing them in 4 sections:- reading, listening, writing, and speaking. If you are planning to pursue your education from abroad or you are looking for some job opportunity abroad then you have to give the IELTS exam to get an entry in what you desire.

Different countries have different minimum band score requirements, so once you have decided the country in which you want to work or study, you have to research their minimum band score requirement. This will give a direction to work on, and you know what score you have to wish for. Furthermore, you have to be quick in your decision-making, as after you decide this you will have to see the IELTS test dates. You can start your preparation accordingly by keeping the time frame in mind

 British Council IELTS Exam Dates 2021

Indian students have the flexibility for choosing the right date and place according to their convenience. IELTS can be taken 4 times in a month, which counts for 48 times in a year. So this means that there are 48 IELTS exam dates in 2021 in India, which the candidate can choose from. Availability of the Academic Module is for the candidates who are applying for IELTS because they want to pursue their further studies abroad.

So for the Academic module, there are all 48 dates available for the candidate to choose. But General training IELTS which is for the candidates who are going abroad for work purposes or any other purpose, in this scenario it is available for only 24 dates. So People who are going abroad for a reason other than education will have 24 options of dates to choose from in a year.

Month-wise BC IELTS Exam Dates 2021




Academic:9th and 23rd January 2021

Academic and General training:- 6th and 21st January 2021



Academic:- 6 and 25 February 2021

Academic and General training:-

20th and 27th February 2021



Academic and General training:- 4th and 20th  March 2021

Academic:- 13th and 27th  March 2021



Academic and General training:- 10th and 29th April 2021

 Academic:- 17th and 24th April 2021





Academic and General training:- 8th and 22nd May 2021

Academic:- 20th and 29th May 2021


Academic and General training:- 5th and 17th June 2021

 Academic:- 12th and 19th  June 2021



Academic and General training:- 1st and 17th July 2021

Academic:- 10th and 24th July 2021



Academic and General training:- 7th and 28th August 2021

 Academic:- 12th and 21st  August 2021



Academic:- 4th and 25th September 2021

Academic and General training:-  11th and 16th  September 2021



Academic and general training:- 9th and 14th October 2021

 Academic:- 23rd and 30th October 2021



Academic and General training:- 6th and 27th November 2021

Academic:- 11th and 20th November 2021


यह भी पढ़ें:- आईईएलटीएस लेखन अनुभाग के लिए विराम चिह्न कितना महत्वपूर्ण है?

What are IELTS Exam Fees?

If you are looking for an answer to what IELTS exam fees then here is the answer for you. For whichever date you choose and for whichever exam centre the fees remain the same as INR 14,000. British Council offers 77 official centres of tests in different locations so that it is convenient for the candidate to give the exam in whichever city they are in. They don’t have to relocate to another area just to give the IELTS examination. But you should complete your research immediately after you have decided to move abroad.

The IELTS examination is not an easy one even if you are well versed in English. You need to practice IELTS paper and sections to achieve a score equal to or above the minimum band score required.

 Steps to Book IELTS Dates and Location

To book the time, date, and location for giving the IELTS examination, you need to follow the simple steps given below and you are all set to go.

  • First, you have to visit the British Council website and you have to register on the site, fill all your information correctly and authentically
  • Then you have to click on: Find Test Date along with which you have to enter the city and module of your choice.
  • After completing this step you will be redirected to the IELTS application, where you have to see the test availability.
  • Last, select the desired date and then click on “Apply”

In just these few steps you can fix your date, time, and centre for the IELTS examination.

यह भी पढ़ें:- धारा 4 सुनने की युक्तियाँ जिनका आपको आईईएलटीएस में पालन करना चाहिए

 Where can You find the Dates for the IELTS Exam?

You can get the schedule for dates and timing along with the centres on various sites, but if you have trust issues and you would like to go with the formal schedule only, then British Council is the stop that you are looking for. British Council provides you with all the details about the date, time, and centres available for you to give the IELTS exam according to your preference. You can spend time on this website and follow the steps given above to apply for the dates. And as dates keep on changing every year. You have to check for the particular year when you are planning to give the IELTS examination. Keep this important point in mind and as we have entered the year 2021, you have to search for dates for 2021. And also look into the academic and general dates and timing according to your planning of moving abroad.

How to Start IELTS Preparation?

To start with the IELTS preparation, you need to make sure that you have completed the application process for the IELTS exam, complete the process of deciding the time, date, and location centre. Then you need to see if you want coaching or any kind of help in the preparation journey. Once you have decided about the resources, then you have to choose the institute or platform for the preparation.

Before starting your preparation, you have to get a thorough knowledge about the structure of the exam from various resources or by checking the previous year question paper. Know all about 4 sections in the IELTS examination. And prepare for the sections separately. For the IELTS exam you are given 2 hours and 45 minutes, so know about the allocation of time for each of the sections.

यह भी पढ़ें:- धारा 3 पर उच्च आईईएलटीएस श्रवण बैंड स्कोर प्राप्त करने के लिए 5 अद्भुत युक्तियाँ


Doing thorough research is imperative when you have decided to study or work abroad. For all things related to IELTS, you will get thorough research. While you are choosing the country you need to move to, then too you have to do your research so that you make the right choice for yourself.

So after you have made the decision for the university and country you will be moving to, the next work for you is to research about the dates, timing, and center location that you need to choose, this important because centre allocation is on the basis of the first-come basis, so if you want your preferred location, then you have to hurry up to fix your spot on you preferred location so that you don’t lose it.

In this article, we have acquainted you with the IELTS exam date and the steps that you have to follow to complete the date, time, and centre location process.

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