The PTE exam is a door to develop the wings and flourish your dreams. English is the primary language of communication in many countries. This is the reason for conducting the Pearson Test in English. Language is the key to communication. If you lack language, you will not be able to communicate perfectly.

This allows you to prepare wholeheartedly for the language and excel ahead in life. If you are an aspirant of the test and searching for how to check available PTE exam dates in Chennai centers, here is the answer along with many more relevant points. Let’s start the journey of information to save you from the last time hustle.

How to Check Available PTE Exam Dates in Chennai Centres?

The PTE test is conducted in more than 300 test centres in 117 countries. You can book your tests at short notice, with frequent tests taking place throughout the year. The examination is taken on the computer. You can search for your nearest test centre and booking fee on the test centre finder. If you are searching for the Chennai centres, you can easily find them online.

The PTE Academic test is a computer-based English test. It allows the candidates to establish their language skills. The skills are needed for education, professional, and migration applications. If you are looking to appear for the PTE exam, you are required to successfully book a PTE exam slot before appearing for the PTE test.

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Chennai Test Centre

The address for the Chennai test centres is given below. You must book your seat now.


Edwise International LLP (Chennai)

1st Floor, Pioneer Sudarshan Plaza

No 9, Mohan Kumaramangalam Street


Chennai – 600 034

Pearson Professional Centers-Chennai

6th Floor, Nelson Chambers, E, Block,

115, Nelson Manickam Road,


Chennai – 600 029

PTE Preparation

PTE exam calculates and tests your skills in the English language to make you perfect to study in the country with the prime speaking language as English. Preparation is required for this exam along with time management.

The candidates have to give adequate time for preparing all the necessary sections. You can’t be good at everything, so you must develop your knowledge about the strengths and weaknesses by mock tests or solving the sample question papers.

Once you know the abilities, you can perform excellently in the test. Be honest and determined towards your goal. Consistency is the key to achieving your ambitions. If you don’t know how to check available exam dates, keep reading ahead.

How to Check PTE Exam Dates?

Several examinations are conducted to test the language skills of the candidates who are willing to study abroad. PTE exam is considered magnificent as it emphasizes all the sections of the language which help you to upgrade your capabilities and level of performance.

The PTE Academic is held in major cities in India and across 250 global test centre networks for the benefit of aspirants. If you want to know about the acceptance of scores, results, and scores of PTE Academic are accepted by education institutions in Australia, New Zealand, the USA, UK, Canada, Ireland, Singapore, Germany, and more.

You get the results within 5 business days. You can visit the official PTE website. It will enable you to check out the available PTE test dates. It depends on the PTE test centre availability.

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PTE 2021 Registration

The question arises in every candidate’s mind about how to register for the test. Look below and know each step. For online registration, you need to have a valid ID, prominently a passport which you will also need to show before the exam or entering into the test centre.

The registration process starts by visiting the official PTE website to make your account by typing your details. After the completion, you will receive an email within 48 hours from Pearson with your login details.

You can select the nearest test centre and suitable time with the date. After completing it, proceed to the checkout button and finally make your payments to finalize the booking. This is the complete procedure for registration.

PTE Slot Booking

Are you wondering how to book the PTE exam slot? Well, you need to worry. You are required to follow the steps mentioned below for PTE Slot Booking in your nearby centre.

#1. You would be required to visit the official PTE website. It will help you to register for the PTE test.

#2. The examiners are required to select the preferred PTE test date along with the  PTE test centres available.

#3. After the above step, you are required to select the PTE exam time slot. You can select either morning or afternoon. Then you need to go ahead with the PTE slot booking process.

#4. The final step requires the candidates to review their PTE slot booking selection. Then go ahead with the payment of the PTE test fees.

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Slot Availability 2021

You must be aware of the availability of the slots before applying. It will make your future steps clear. Everyone wants the nearby centres for the test. It happens a lot of times that candidates do not get their preferred PTE slot due to several reasons.

This is the reason that the aspirants or test takers are always advised to book their PTE slots the moment they feel confident about the PTE exam. You must practice accordingly after booking your slot. You get a better chance of booking your PTE slot on their preferred time, date, and session by the prior preferences. You can visit the official PTE site or digital platforms to check the PTE slot availability for 2021.

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Every candidate wants to excel in this exam to make their future sparkle ahead. This exam gives the opportunities of heading towards excellence in studies and overall development through renowned universities.

The centers of the exam in Chennai are explained in this article along with the information about slot booking and availability. If you have any other doubts or queries, you can comment below. The experts will answer you precisely.

For more inquiries and information, visit the आईईएलटीएस निंजा website where mentors and professionals are waiting for you to get guidance along with the right direction so that you can achieve your dreams.

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