Are you preparing for the IELTS exam? Do you want to get higher scores in it? Are you worried about the speaking section? Well, here is the answer for the cue card topic: describe a time when you had some medicine. Continue reading this article to know the most effective ways to answer in the speaking portion.

Remember, it is the most scoring section as you will speak well, you can score higher. Let’s focus on the ways of delivering the answers. You might be preparing for the exam wholeheartedly. Don’t let one particular aspect vanish your hard work. Grab the answer speaking qualities in this test. Let’s get started!

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आईईएलटीएस की तैयारी

Are you preparing for IELTS? Are you confused about the answer delivering ways for the cue card topics? If yes, don’t get worried. This article is for you. During the preparation phase, you need to focus on each aspect of the examination. The candidates prepare for the reading and writing sections, considering them difficult but take the speaking section a bit lightly.

You must reach to the sources to gather information about this part as well. Don’t think if you can write or read well, you will be perfect for speaking as well. Everyone has different traits. Perhaps, some candidates can write well but don’t have the capacity of fluently speaking. Therefore, work on your weaknesses and take this one seriously.

आईईएलटीएस क्यू कार्ड

IELTS cue card topics must be prepared diligently by reading various blogs or articles as it gives you different ideas and builds your creative power of making unique perspectives. The topics are simple yet difficult to answer as you are asked to answer them within the given time. You are given time to think and speak. If you take more time on anything, you will lose marks. Taking long pauses is also considered a low point in speaking.

You must be prepared beforehand about the topics and creative points of answering. Be confident and fluent while speaking. Don’t say something that you don’t agree with. Speak when you are confident about your words. This article has two sample answers to describe a time when you had some medicine cue card topic, read it below.

आईईएलटीएस क्यू कार्ड विषय का उत्तर देते समय बोलने के लिए महत्वपूर्ण बिंदु

If you are a candidate for this exam, you must understand the correct way to answer. You cannot start speaking at once. The important points must be included in the answer to complete it in every sense.

You need to learn about the questions related to the given topic and the points that must be covered. It is essential to align your answers sequentially so that the examiner gets awestruck by your performance.

You can use quotes or phrases to enhance your answer but do not forget to begin in a format. The given points must be included in your answer. Have a look and make yourself the perfect candidate for IELTS.

#. When was it?

#. What happened to you?

#. How did you recover from it?

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Describe a Time When You Had Some Medicine: IELTS Cue Card Sample Answer 1


Taking medicine is not a happy moment for anyone. Medicines are required when you have to substitute any deficiency or illness. I have experienced it recently. Nobody likes having medicines and so do I. I hate medicines and the limitations that come with them.

Medicines are required for every disease and ailment whether it has a large impact on you or small. Taking it on small ones makes you cured and free from the large ones. Health is more important than any other portion of life.

I recently had medicine when I was pushed into a destructive state. I will share my experience with you.

When was It?

My body required medicines just a couple of months ago. Although I was taking all the precautions for the ongoing spread of disease due to its devastating outcomes, I felt weak one day and consulted the doctor.

This virus has shocked the world. It is havoc to humankind. I saw people dying and suffering badly due to its causes. I noticed mild symptoms when I came back home from the office. I took a leave for a few days and thought it would get better.

I sank deep into fever and cold followed by a decrease in the oxygen level of the body and was admitted to the hospital.

What Happened to You?

All of it started with a mild fever and had large consequences. When tested, I was positive for Coronavirus, the most devastating disease that is engulfing human beings without giving them a chance to survive.

The doctor mentioned to my parents that I am in a critical state and needed a precautionary time along with the medicines and oxygen cylinder. I was unable to breathe properly due to an infection in my lungs.

The mental trauma was at its peak by watching the other people dying in the hospital. I was being calm and positive to fight it and come out of it. It was a critical and traumatizing situation for me.

How Did You Recover from it?

I was admitted to the hospital after testing positive for the virus. The medical staff took great care of my health status and oxygen cylinders. I was given regular medicines and injections and asked by them to eat healthily. The medical authorities kept me in an isolated ward where only doctors and nurses were allowed to enter.

The senior doctors came for check ups regularly. Moreover, the biggest support for me in my difficult time was my mother. She held my hands from the beginning till the end and took extreme care of my health including food and hygiene. I recovered in a month and came back home.

Although it was a challenging phase for me and my family, it is much better than those who are leaving their lives. I hope that all this stops soon and the people must be healthier and happier.

Describe a Time When You Had Some Medicine: IELTS Cue Card Sample Answer 2


It is rightly said that health is the biggest wealth. Everyone needs to be healthy and stay fit to enjoy life. Nobody likes taking medicines but recently I underwent a phase where I had to intake a couple of medicines to get better.

I will discuss the most recent and traumatizing situation for me. I am a gym freak and like being healthy. I take proper meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner including protein and healthy snacks. But some diseases are unpredictable.

You can’t avoid them. Even after being health conscious and in my case, I do not get sick often, but I can’t forget the time when I wasn’t able to stand up from the bed.

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When was It?

I went to the office and felt a little weak. When I came back home, I was feeling a bit of a fever. I took medicine to cure and did my regularities. Little did I know that it got worse, and my parents took me to the doctor’s clinic.

The doctor was available and immediately took my blood sample to test from the laboratory. I was in a numb situation as it was hardly possible for me to open my eyes. When the report came out, it was revealed that I’m suffering from Pneumonia and for that, I had to be on bed rest for the next 3-4 weeks. It was difficult for my family as well because I am the only one earning in the family.

What Happened to You?

I was suffering from pneumonia and it was a very tough time for me. I had to take a lot of medicine, and I couldn’t go to the office because of high fever and illness. My body was so weak that I was fainting.

Fortunately, my mother was there, who took great care of me. She took care of every need I required at that time. She was nursing me during this period and taking care of my diet as well as medicine.

I was not in the state of eating, walking, or carrying out my regular chores. She made sure that I took the medicine on time and managed to let me do everything. I had to take the medicine over 3 times a day.

How Did You Recover from it?

I was fortunate enough to combat the challenges thrown by the disease on me. Due to the support of my parents, I recovered from the severe disease. The doctors were available whenever I needed them. Once in between the scenarios, one medicine showed some side effects and had to consult the doctor immediately. He changed the medicine and its dosage.

After 4 weeks, I recovered from pneumonia and started to do everything that I needed. Although it took some time for the weakness to go away, my mother used to give me fruits and healthy eating stuff.

Significance of IELTS Speaking

The IELTS exam has four sections: Writing, speaking, reading, and listening. All the portions require good preparation as every section has different sets of questions and time slots. IELTS speaking is an important area to focus on. Most of the candidates don’t find it important and take it lightly. This is the reason for their low scores.

You need to have a good understanding of speaking ways, grammar, and vocabulary along with the cue card topics. This section is not only significant for the scores but your future. If you want to get admission to an English-speaking country, you must be perfect in the language to convey your thoughts and understand their perspectives.

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आईईएलटीएस टेस्ट

The IELTS test enables candidates to pursue their dreams and study abroad. There are चार खंड of the test: Reading, writing, listening and speaking. The candidates must get proficient in all the sections to get higher bands and, hence, admission in their choice of university.

The high competition makes this exam a challenge. You must learn the efficient ways to answer in all the portions. Time management is highly required for this exam as you are given a particular time to solve each question. You must answer adequately for the questions and score higher.

This is the examination that brings you close to your dreams and brightens your future. Be consistent and prudent towards preparing for it.

IELTS Cue Card Topics

The candidates are given 2 minutes to think on the given cue card topic and answer it adequately with a good balance of grammar and vocabulary. The topics given are normal yet require creativity to answer. You must be aware of the topics well before and during the preparation, pen down creative ideas to make your answer effective. Let’s look at a few topics that are asked by the examiners.

#1. Talk about your favourite wild animal IELTS cue card.

#2. Describe a healthy lifestyle that you know about IELTS cue cards.

#3. Describe the time when someone took a good photograph of your IELTS cue card.

#4. Describe a time when you look for information on the internet IELTS cue card.

#5. Describe a situation when you had to be polite on the IELTS cue card.

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We hope that both the sample answers have given you the correct way to answer with your answer and complete it impressing the examiners. You need to focus on the delivery points of your perspectives to make your answer more interesting or catchy.

To get high scores, and perform best in the exam, you need to focus on every section of the test. If you have any doubts or queries, you must visit the आईईएलटीएस निंजा website or comment below. You get the professionals to answer your questions with the right guidance on the website.

Many other articles are present there related to this test. You must emphasize vocabulary, grammar, and delivery skills. Once you learn these effective ways, you will perform better in the examination.

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