The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is regarded as the most efficient English language proficiency test in the world to test a candidate’s command over the language. This test consists of several categories: listening, reading, speaking, and writing to test the candidate’s command over the language.

Writing task in IELTS consists of two parts, and this part of the test is given 60 minutes to complete. Task one involves letters for general test candidates and a pie chart or diagram description for academic test aspirants. Task two, an essay writing part, is the same for both academic and general test candidates, which means IELTS general essay samples are similar in standard and type with IELTS academic essay samples.

लिखना कार्य 2

For writing the Task 2 essay, candidates get 40 minutes. In those 40 minutes time span, they have to write an essay on the given topic in at least 250 minimum words with no upper limit. It is necessary to look through the IELTS essay writing samples thoroughly before appearing for the exams.

प्रकार of Essays

Before getting straight into the IELTS essay samples for band 9, we need to see what type of essays to expect in the IELTS exams. They are:

#1. राय निबंध

#2. Advantages and Disadvantages Essays

#3. Agree and Disagree Essays

#4. Your Favourites

#5. सामयिकी

कैसे to write an Essay?

#1. Start with an introduction of the topic

#2. Give your opinion

#3. Support your opinion

#4. Give another side of the opinion

#5. Draw a conclusion

आईईएलटीएस Essay Writing Samples

Now we will see a few IELTS essay samples to understand how to do better in this section.

नमूना Essay 1

फ़ायदे and Drawbacks of Studying Abroad? – Part A

Education is indeed the foundation for a student to build their future. Some students prefer to pursue their studies outside the country, while others want to complete their studies in their homeland. Without question, studying overseas has its advantages and disadvantages. There are many reasons which will be discussed further in this essay. Personally, I firmly believe that the advantages are far more than the disadvantages.

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भाग बी

One main advantage of studying abroad is coming together with students from different cultures and customs of other countries. When a student travels to another country for study, they will be completely exposed to unknown traditions and cultures of foreign people. As a result, they will imbibe the valuable aspects of such customs when returning to their homeland.

भाग सी

Another significant advantage of studying abroad is the enormous benefits a student gets in their majors. They will meet the top professors and academics from whom they will acquire good knowledge and experience. Moreover, their immense knowledge and experience will subsequently contribute to the growth and development of their own country.

भाग डी

On the other side, we can see that travelling abroad has some negative effects on the students. Some of which can be noted as getting involved in illegal activities like taking drugs, which we have been seeing in students moving abroad lately. Such bad habits might deviate students from their original goals, morals, and traditions. However, these issues mainly depend on the students themselves.


Further, there are a few small issues: adapting to new life, weather, environment, and staying independent. If a student can overcome these issues, they will mostly have a smooth run.

To conclude, studying abroad has both pros and cons. However, as clearly stated above, the advantages are more prominent. However, if you intend to study overseas, you should pick out the beneficial merits and habits from that country and abstain from the ugly habits and customs.

आईईएलटीएस Essay Samples 2 for Band 9

Causes and Solutions for Decreasing Quality Life in Larger Cities – Part A

The concept of urbanisation from the beginning of industrialisation to the present day has brought in many opportunities and prosperity, although at a cost of quality life. With an increase in the city population, the complexity of life and its challenges also increase. The causes and solutions for this are outlined below.

The leading causes for the decline in the quality of life are the difference in expenditure and income in such metropolitan centres. Their growth is mainly due to the increase in the opportunities that metros offer, which, in turn, increases the attractiveness of city life, and people are essentially trapped in a positive, self-reinforcing cycle.

भाग बी

However, this further leads to a decrease in the quality of life as the city will then experience overcrowding, higher property prices, and increased risk of and vulnerability to terrorist attacks. For example, the population or the density of London makes it easier to be attacked when compared to a relatively smaller city, such as Bradford.

Therefore, metro citizens, especially the less financially stable people, often experience a decline in the standard of living due to continuous growth and prosperity.

भाग सी

Considering the solutions to this, there must be a greater investment in public transport. This would ease higher traffic, so would bike lanes. In theory, this will have many benefits like reducing air pollution and possibly improving the population’s quality of life if they adopt a more active lifestyle and probably cycle to work.

To counter violent terrorist attacks, cities could invest mainly in CCTV installations, which will help closely monitor the threats. For example, it is said that the CCTVs in London have foiled many potential attacks and, in turn, significantly increased the safety and security of its citizens.

भाग डी

In conclusion, a wealthy city attracts the inflow of a large population, which then causes pressure on existing infrastructure, opportunities, and security. There are various solutions to mitigate such drawbacks. Nevertheless, an ultimate solution to all the drawbacks is yet to be found.

आईईएलटीएस General Essay Sample 3

है Wealth a Guarantee to Happiness? भाग ए

Several people believe that money is the key to happiness, and in fact, they think that the more money you have, the happier you become. In contrast, others believe that having a lot of money is the root cause for more problems than the number of problems it solves. I believe that as long as people have enough money for basic amenities like food, health, and a safe place to live, all of the surplus money left tends to make life less more complicated than content.

भाग बी

There are many reasons to justify this. First of all, having a great deal of money means there is no real reason to go out to work or to strive for anything. Next, wealthy people often tend to attract the wrong lot of people. After a while, the rich people start to believe that the people around them are certainly after only one thing, to have a share in their money. This makes rich people more distrustful even to those good, trustworthy, and loyal people who happen to be their genuine friends.

भाग सी

One more result of having plenty of money comes with the fear of losing it. Rich people tend to build high walls around themselves and invest in top-notch tech security systems to keep their wealth away from the rest of the world. They also behave snobbishly with anyone they meet; they are always suspicious that the poor people around them are potential thieves or con artists.

भाग डी

For all the above and many other reasons, I feel that having a great deal of money does not bring happiness, but the opposite of happiness. It makes people lose sight of the real sources of happiness, which are more often simple things like family and friendship. Wealth prevents people from seeing the actual value and potential of things, only recognising what they cost.

नमूना Essay 4

तकनीकी has become Increasingly Responsible for Unemployment – Part A

Technological advancements always had an impact on people at work. In some cases, people are no longer necessary in their job as technological tools replace them, but sometimes they make our work easier. We can define technology as scientific knowledge tools used for practical purposes in most industries and commerce. I would also like to make a clear distinction between low and high technology, which is electronic or information technology.

भाग बी

In my personal view, technology really began to affect industries in the early part of the 20th century. The result of this was that certain industries, like the automobile industry, did not really need as many people as earlier, as automated machines and robots could do jobs, such as painting a car or assembling the car more easily in less time.

However, if we turn around to look at the effect of high technology in the workplace, there has been a different effect. It is undoubtedly true that computers can do some things that people used to do, and advances in high technology have made people’s lives better than before with the improvement in communication.

भाग सी

For example, we now have e-mail, the internet, and some electronic applications to chat with friends and business partners away from us. In addition to this, people working in service-based industries like banking use computers much more than pen and paper nowadays. With technology, some work can now be done from home, which means that people do not need to spend so much time travelling and can work wherever and whenever they intend to.

भाग डी

In conclusion, technology has precisely resulted in unemployment in some traditional industries like that of the car industry. On the other hand, other industries such as service industries have seen an improvement in the way they work only because of advancements in technology.

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The question is why essay type samples in IELTS should be practised? To inculcate the habit of writing good essays:

#.Try to attempt as many mock tests as possible and solve different types of questions, previous papers, sample questions before the exam to be well prepared.

#.While writing the test, keep in mind what the evaluator wants, i.e., to test your writing ability, grammar, and vocabulary, and proceed on that path.

#.Move as per the time, and complete your task in 40 given minutes with at least 250 words.

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