Canada can be a really exciting place to settle in. The country has a multi-cultural vibe to it and is one of the friendliest countries one can be in.

Indians form a major part of Canada’s population and the representation politically is also quite remarkable.  Canada allows lakhs of Indians every year to come and build their lives peacefully as Indians comprise a highly skilled workforce there. Canada PR is sought-after by thousands of individuals every year as it becomes a ticket to a better life there. If you are considering IELTS for Canada PR, you need to know that a higher band will make it easier for you to relocate there.


What is Canada PR?

Most professionals who wish to settle in Canada look to achieve the permanent residency status there. Such a status accords certain privileges onto them and this is why it is highly sought after. 

A Canadian PR Visa is a 5 year multiple entry visa that gives skilled foreign professionals a chance to settle down and then work in Canada. You can become a Canadian citizen after three years of being a permanent resident. 

Stated below are some of the merits of Canada PR:

  • A ‘family status’ that allows both the spouse and the individual to work full time
  • Access to US
  • Opportunity to bring parents over from their native country
  • Subsidized education for their children
  • Cheap healthcare facilities

Once you have attained the status of a permanent resident, you can choose to work in any part of the country.  Say, you have a job in Toronto but get a better offer in Montreal. You can move to Montreal without any second thoughts with a PR. There are no geographical limitations. One way of ensuring that your Canada PR status is secure is through achieving a higher band score in the IELTS for Canada PR. This language proficiency test is a sure shot way of ensuring that you are perfect for the country.

The chief reason for Canadian PR being sought after is because it provides a person access to most legal rights and abilities in Canada. The status of your PR can be renewed for as long as you want so that you can continue enjoying its benefits.

Steps of getting a Canadian PR

Let’s discuss the steps that will help you achieve a Canadian Permanent Residency

  • Something known as an Express Entry System plays a pivotal role here.
  • Some similar programs such as the Provincial Nominee Program, Skilled Immigrants Program are also gateways.
  • You can only become a Permanent Resident if you have received an invitation to apply through the Express Entry Program.
  • This invitation is valid for 60 days.
  • Then come the set of documents that you need in order to apply for the program.
  • Based on your overall profile, you get points known as Canada PR Visa points through a Comprehensive Ranking System.
  • You need a minimum of 67/100 points in order to qualify
  • The Express Entry System evaluates you on parameters such as English language proficiency, education, work experience, age, employment offered in Canada and adaptability.
  • If the applicant has a spouse or blood relation in Canada, they will get extra points to improve their eligibility.
  • Your CRS score determines your eligibility & ultimately your residency status in Canada



By becoming a Canadian Permanent Resident, you will not lose Indian citizenship.
Canada is truly a haven for all those who wish to move there. Living in maple country does come with its fair share of challenges but then, everything is worth it.

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