Why taking IELTS is expensive?

Nearly every university/ employer in the U.K or the U.S asks for IELTS scores and the exam itself is quite costly. IELTS costs 13250 INR; which is about a whopping 15000 INR if you count the travel expenses to and from the center. Despite the big amount of money, some people do end up taking IELTS several times because they failed to achieve their desired band in the first attempt. 

Why is it necessary to have a mentor for IELTS training?

Plenty of people, whose mother tongue is not English, often find it difficult to clear IELTS on the first attempt. The test requires well-ordered and efficient preparation. The nitty-gritty of English language can only be mastered under the guidance of a qualified and experienced mentor. A good mentor, therefore is a must need for you to sail through.

What role does a good mentor play in order to help you clear IELTS at one go?

The internet is flooded by free guidelines for IELTS. It does not take a genius to understand that, everything does not come from reliable sources. It is important to understand what you require and what you don’t. This is where a good mentor is needed. A good mentor checks what level you are in and provides personalized guidance. In this way, plenty of time can be saved and you will only get what you need.

How you can save money even after investing for a personal IELTS mentor?

Saving money is something that we all aspire for! Therefore, often we are skeptical about choosing mentors for IELTS preparation. A good mentor may charge you 20,000 INR, but they will give you the best advice. They work hard to get trained, create world-class contents and design their courses according to individual need. You can surely fare better in IELTS if you train with a good mentor and may even crack the IELTS at one go with your desired band! 


IELTS is a technical procedure. It is not about knowing a lot. Rather, it is about knowing the right thing and giving out a skillful performance. A good mentor trains you not only in English but also in time management and in skills like speaking, listening, reading and writing. IELTS is not an exam of luck. If you score Band 5 once, then you will not get an 8.7 on your next attempt. You will only waste 30,000 INR for nothing. However, if you invest in a good trainer then in 35000 INR, you can score your desired band at the first attempt and thus save a lot of money.

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