IELTS 8 band is all about planning and great execution of the plan. The following plan can be a good start if you are aiming at Band 8.

Mark out dedicated 2 hours every day.

Since IELTS is an exam that judges your skill, no amount of last moment marathon sessions can help you score Band 8. Consistency is the key to a good score in IELTS.

 Master your reading first (10days)

It is good to start with reading because nowadays a maximum number of students lacks the habit of reading. Reading every day can boost your listening, speaking and writing skills. You will also get an exposure to the genres that IELTS focus on. Reading will naturally enrich your vocabulary and give you enough foods for your thoughts.

Give maximum time to writing (15 days minimum)

Writing is perhaps the most challenging of all the sections in IELTS. It is quite difficult to get more than 7 in IELTS writing. The key to success in writing is developing a cyclic process: writing-getting feedback-and improving. You are judged on your grammatical range, vocabulary, ideation, and clarity; these skills need to be developed and only by proper feedback and adequate practice, can you hone these skills.

Get a Trainer for Speaking practice and essay evaluation

As mentioned earlier, IELTS is all about testing your skills. Practicing alone will not take you anywhere. A personal trainer will provide you with proper feedback in every step so that you can work on your drawbacks. Speaking, like writing needs constant attention because otherwise, you will continue doing the same mistake over and over. It must be remembered that unlike Maths or Science, there is no one correct answer in Speaking and Writing. It is all about how skilfully you perform the tasks. That is why your practice should be constantly monitored by a trainer.

Practice is important but not the end of it; IELTS is a skill exam, not a math exam

Practice does make a man perfect. However, in IELTS practice does not mean repetition. You must evolve in your language skills to get that Band 8. You cannot achieve Band 8 by mindlessly practicing past papers. Your practices must be thoroughly monitored and at each difficulty, you must stop and fix it. Preparing to get Band 8.0 in IELTS is a continuous process until you reach the level, where your language skills are absolutely impeccable.


Getting a Band 8 in IELTS is all about reaching perfection in listening, reading, speaking and writing. A feat, that can only be achieved by dedicating a good amount of time in identifying your linguistic weaknesses and working hard to overcome those. It is important to engage a personal mentor, who can supply you with quality resources and create a support program, according to your needs.

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