The IELTS exam is the most promisingly advanced exam to test your competency, eligibility, and proficiency in English. In its English speaking test, you are given a certain topic to speak on with utmost clarity, creativity, honesty, and perfection. You are given the time of 2 minutes to speak on that particular topic and one minute to think about it for a better answer. You must be well prepared and knowledgeable for this test because efficiency is truly needed for it. If you are stuck or take a pause for a long time, it may result in a deduction of your marks due to the performance. You must have a creative and worthy approach to the answers according to the questions. Here we have, describe an activity that you do after work cue cards with two effective answers for you to learn and acknowledge the overall test.

यह भी पढ़ें: रंगों से भरी जगह का वर्णन करें: आईईएलटीएस परीक्षा क्यू कार्ड प्रश्न

Necessary Points to Speak while Answering the IELTS Cue Card Topic

The IELTS speaking test is something that requires unhinged cavalry and capabilities in the presence of mind and creativity along with speaking skills. There is a format and best way to answer the question through which you can show your point and can add your perspective with a nice tinge of words and phrases. The necessary points you must include in your answer is

# यह क्या है?

# When and Where do you do it?

# Who do you do it with?

# आप इसके बारे में कैसा महसूस करते हैं?

यह भी पढ़ें: आईईएलटीएस में क्यू कार्ड का उत्तर कैसे दें? यहां ध्यान रखने योग्य शीर्ष बातें दी गई हैं

एक Activity That You Do after Work: Here is the IELTS Cue Card With Effective Answers Part 1

परिचय of the  IELTS Exam Cue Card Topic

I believe in the famous quote “Greatest wealth is health”. Health is above all the other things in life. It is preferable to lead a happy and healthy life. I do yoga and meditation when I get free from work. I think it makes me more grounded, concentrated, calm, and wise. This affects the whole personality and outlook of a person. I do this activity not only for the sake of fitness but also for attaining peace and mindfulness.

कब and Where do You do It?

I perform this activity at my home or in the huge and idyllic park near my home. It is situated within walking distance. I do it in the evening when I come back home. It gives me pleasure and tranquillity from within. The park is untamed and carries a great surrounding environment. I feel fresh and delightful after doing yoga and meditation amidst the people who enjoy their time in the park. It helps me to relax from the burden of my regular hustling work.

कौन do You do it With?

I believe in doing it around people who are enthusiastic and happy. It gives me more joy and realism. I carry out my activities with old age people. They talk about life and lessons which is truly a matter of attraction for me. They completely enjoy their part of their time in that beautiful place. I learn a lot from them and it is the perfect place and company for me to be happy and positive. When I am doing it at home, I like to add it with soothing music to feel more connected and peaceful.

कैसे Do You Feel About It?

I feel amazing about the activity. It is something that I have been doing for years. It is not just the best form of exercise but it gives you better health, thinking capabilities, calmness, and relaxation. It provides ample ways to be connected to yourself and grows your mental power. It gives you fitness and holds your ideas. You come closer to releasing pain, stress, and anxiety. I have noticed that it helps me in strengthening my immunization along with making me an organized and composed human being. I have grown up to be a person who thinks wisely and does not rush for anything. Yoga is the most powerful approach everyone should follow these days for the best performance of the body in terms of physical, mental, emotional, and psychological balance.

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एक Activity That You Do after Work: Here is the IELTS Cue Card With Effective Answers Part 2

परिचय of the  IELTS Exam Cue Card Topic

I am a workaholic and I remain busy in my professional and personal works. I handle all the areas with utmost hard work and passion so that I can earn well for my parents and make them happy with all the necessary inputs. I find peace and happiness to hang out with my childhood friend and share everything with that social bird and chatterbox. I have been with him since childhood and he understands me appropriately in all situations.

कब and Where do You do It?

I go for a walk with him to the park or sometimes to a long drive. I prefer doing it in the evening, which is the time for me to relax and change my mind about work. We love to talk and share our regularities, thoughts, and ideas. We find calmness in the park. The evening is the time when I feel like roaming and hanging out to release the stress and burden that I hold for the entire day. Parks and long drives are our favourite places because of the quality time we can spend with each other and since we can be ourselves at both times.

कौन do You do it With?

I do this activity with my best friend who is more like a brother to me. We have grown together and he understands every aspect of life. I believe in exploring and gaining more experience and knowledge. When we share our mental conditions and all the day-to-day things we learn something new and innovate new ideas and cherish those memories. It gives us understanding, knowledge, and a happy time together. If I ever have a problem, he always makes it easier for me to solve it comfortably and gives me hope and positivity to live peacefully along with handling all my work adequately. I do not feel more alive and free with anyone else than him. He is my perfect person to be with.

कैसे Do You Feel About It?

I feel the best time is when I explore nature, see people, think about life, and be with the one who comforts me. I enjoy being in the lapse of nature and growing my intellect in the presence of my mastermind companion. He shares every bit of information and news with me and we discuss the issue. We enjoy each other’s company the most and share joy and tears. We see perspectives of nature along with people and try to resolve them on our basis. It keeps me connected to my roots, memories, and myself. I do not feel the fear of being judged before him and openly be emotional in every way I do. He tells me about growing technologies, health problems, the mentality of people, and much more. It is not just to discuss our personal lives but also to have a good time and gain information about the world.

यह भी पढ़ें: भारत में आईईएलटीएस परीक्षा तिथि कैसे बुक करें? आईईएलटीएस परीक्षा के लिए गाइड

आईईएलटीएस तैयारी

The answers to all the questions must be frequent and creative. If you will practice well before the exam then you will be able to make a mark of your personality on the examiner. You will get the opportunity to be on top among all the candidates.

The questions asked are easy to answer but to be perfect in everything requires hard work and effective learning. Being confident and vocal about everything is not only the thing you will need but a thorough knowledge about everything will prove to be the key to crack the examination.

You must focus on both the terms to be on the top. You should go on the search engines and prepare for the questions for speaking tests in the IELTS exam. For boosting your morale and self-confidence, you can speak before the mirror. It will show your true capabilities before yourself.

यह भी पढ़ें: आईईएलटीएस आसान है या कठिन? आईईएलटीएस टेस्ट कितना कठिन है?


The IELTS exam has a tough competition. You must get yourself ready beforehand to deal with all the uncertainties and to score exceedingly well in it. You must prepare for the speaking test by working on your Grammar, diction, and vocabulary along with thoroughly going through the topics for the test. You should pen down all the innovative and relevant thoughts and ideas you get in your mind while thinking about any particular topic.

This will help you in attaining greater heights and expertise in the test. If you want to score well and go abroad, the आईईएलटीएस निंजा website is the best option for you. You can find the answers to several different topics of the IELTS speaking test along with all the topics. You can also reach out to the professionals of communication and speaking to get the best opportunities to rise.

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