TOEFL Extensive 1:1

An extensive 20hr course for boosting your TOEFL Score

  • Personalised 1:1 training
  • Detailed Essay Evaluation
  • TOEFL Test Portal
  • Recent Exam Question

What you learn


  • Multiple-Choice Questions
  • Insert Text
  • Reading to Learn


  • Multiple-Choice Questions
  • Listening for Basic Comprehension
  • Listening for Pragmatic Understanding:
  • Connecting and Synthesizing Information


  • Integrated Writing
  • Independent Writing


  • Independent Speaking
  • Integrated Speaking

The IELTS ninja
Success Guarantee method

Personalized 1:1 training

TOEFL Study Portal

Mock Tests

Detailed Evaluation Sessions

Latest Results

1000+ students have recieved 8 band


Band 8.5, General


Band 8, General


Band 7.5, General


Band 8, General

Program Offerings

  • 20 hours of personalized class session with TOEFL mentor
  • 25+ hours of high-quality video lectures for optimal learning
  • 60+ mock test and practice tests
  • 12-week course duration
  • Flexible timings for convenient, anywhere learning

Priced at 16000

Find out where you stand

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Everything you want to know about how IELTS Ninja ensures your success


Why should I take TOEFL Coaching?

  • Enrolling in TOEFL coaching ensures that you get a structured preparation, personalized feedback, and effective strategies, ensuring a more confident and successful performance on the exam.

Which program should I enroll in?

  • The Extensive 1:1 option gives you personal attention, which is great if you want individual help. The Extensive Tandem 1:3 program is a mix of group learning and personal attention. If you like learning on your own schedule, the Express Program (Self-Paced) is flexible, but it means you might not be able to get personal mentorship sessions

Can I change or upgrade my current courses?

  • Yes you can upgrade or change your course at any time.

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