About IELTS Ninja

We are a team of creative individuals helping people attain their goals in IELTS ,OET , PTE , TOEFL & GRE exam

Our Philosophy

Result-oriented education

Student-centered training

Affordable education focus

Our growth


The beginning

After the astounding success of online personal trainer-led course on English fluency, our core team comes up with the same model for IELTS exam. We begin training for IELTS Academic!


Students welcome personal training!

We become India’s first personalized IELTS training provider. Start clocking 20 + hours of classes every day, 3000 students chose us within the first year of launch!


Going International!

More than 5 countries, chose IELTS Ninja over their local trainer. Our trainer strength crosses 200 mark, 500+ classes happen every day. 8000+ students trained so far!


The Global Leader!

IELTS Ninja reaches 17 countries. 80 thousand students and counting, 300+ Trainers, 40000+ hours of 1 to 1 training, 400+ Years of combined IELTS training experience!


Taking India to the World

After securing the no.1 spot in IELTS Training, IELTSNinja ventures into helping our students pursue their dream of Living Abroad & Study abroad with a Canada PR Program & A Study Abroad Program


New heights reached!

IELTS Ninja enhances the student experience. Expansion into new regions continues, with a growing demand for our unique approach to Exam preparation.


Unmatched Success Stories!

Our students achieve remarkable success rates in IELTS exams, affirming IELTS Ninja's position as a premier global training provider. Expanded offerings now include specialized courses for various English proficiency exams.


Decade of Excellence: Transforming Futures Worldwide

IELTS Ninja celebrates a decade of excellence .The number of trained students surpasses 150,000 and our expert trainer network expands to meet the increasing demand for personalized education.


Exam Success Stories


Average score achieved



Meet Our Team

Navigators of Excellence: Meet the Faces Shaping Our Vision

About uFaber

"The founders went against common wisdom in 2014 when faced with a tough question – How do you teach a teacher to be passionate? Rohit had an epiphany of sorts,“Let us find passionate people and make them subject matter experts”.

General wisdom said it was better to look at it as an HR problem, and focus must be on recruiting the “right people”. But something felt right about empowering passionate people. Anirudh found new light when the most of these passionate individuals and future trainers were women, who braved out of their careers to do more for their family and now had the burning desire to jump back in action.

Rohit and Anirudh, both college mates from IIT Bombay have been in the education space for over a decade and created several products, but undoubtedly feel most proud about going against most common sense and making uFaber a reality.Today we have 2000+ passionate individuals turned trainers.

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