Recent IELTS Speaking Cue Card Question 2018

So speaking cue cards is one of the most asked question when it comes to IELTS for a mentor because answering something...

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Recent IELTS Speaking Cue Card Question 2018

Avatar Written by Arpit Gang · 1 min read >

So speaking cue cards is one of the most asked question when it comes to IELTS for a mentor because answering something from just a cue card example is tough. But at the same time if you are able to speak from the cue cards topic then it also shows your level of excellency at understanding various topics and answering them.

Cue Card Task Question

So the question that appear on the cue card is given below and you have to read to understand the type of question that we generally get during the exams.
Describe a time you waited for someone/ something (special to happen)

Things To Say – Outline

So after reading the cue card you have understood the answer to spoken and you have to divided the answer as below and express in words.
  • what you were waiting for?
  • how you felt?
  • what you did while waiting?
  • why you had waiting?


So below is the sample answer we have written basing on the cue card then you can read and create your own words that can help you answer different cue cards similarly.

“Having to wait for somebody is a common situation in our daily lives. Today, I would like to share a story where I had to wait for someone. It was my birthday and I had invited friends from my youth group that we have in our Church to a coffee house to celebrate it. We were scheduled to meet there at 8 that evening. I was so eager that I came early. Certainly, none of them were there, but it was easy to understand because I was early.

However, I waited for half an hour, but nobody showed up, and then I started to feel uncomfortable and worried. As I was losing my patience, I began to call each of them to ask why they had not come yet. To my surprise, none of them picked up the phone. I was really fed up, as you can imagine, because it was my birthday and my friends had treated me like that.

I waited for a couple more minutes until I couldn‟t stand it anymore, and decided to leave. As soon as I called the waiter for the bill, I heard the “Happy birthday” song start up in the coffee house. Out of nowhere, all of my friends suddenly appeared with a birthday cake. They hugged me and wished me happy birthday. It was such a surprise. My anger quickly gave way to laughter and we had an unforgettable night chatting until the early hours, drinking coffee and, of course, eating cake.”

Recent Speaking Cue Card Questions 2018

So we have created a list of the recently asked cue card question in the IELTS speaking skill during 2018 which you can check from below. These questions are for understanding purpose of the level and type of questions that would appear during the exam.

  • Your favorite restaurant
  • A website you often browse
  • Describe a friend of yours
  • A subject taught in the school
  • A book you like to read

So this was the speaking cue cards sample question along with the answer that can help you understand the cue cards questions in a better manner.

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