Recent Exam IELTS Writing Task – Essay – Parenting

Here is a recent question  that appeared in IELTS Writing Exam. In this article we will provide you the model answer to the...

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Recent Exam IELTS Writing Task – Essay – Parenting

Avatar Written by Arpit Gang · 1 min read >

Here is a recent question  that appeared in IELTS Writing Exam. In this article we will provide you the model answer to the question along with the important vocabulary and phrases in the passage.

The question as quoted in the Writing Section II in the IELTS Writing Exam

“Is it necessary for parents to attend parenting courses in order to bring up their children ? Agree or disagree ?”

Analysing the question we see that it is about need to attend parenting courses. Since it is about Agree Disagree we should choose one view point and speak about it.
Below is the model answer given by one of our trainers. We would recommend you to write down your own answer to the question and then go ahead to read the model answer. This will help you better understand where you might be going wrong.

The model band-8 answer given by our mentor Samarpita is:

Parenting is a complex job & an overwhelming experience. It is about forging & managing an intimate relationship & is best grasped by the people involved in it. I firmly believe that it is not a bunch of skills that can be taught to prospective parents, nor can there be any thumb rule for parenting. Being a contemporary concept it should be a matter of choice & not mandatory task.

Firstly parenting is not an objective academic subject that can be communicated in an institutional setting. Experience shows that effective child rearing is learned on the job. For example, how to engage the imagination of a child, how to stimulate him/her, how to restrain from doing something harmful is an evolving process which is naturally instilled genetically in every human individual & therefore parenting classes are more of a redundancy. Secondly every child is unique in their own ways & requires a customised approach which the respective presents know best.
To conclude with, as rightly stated by the American Association of Paediatrician, children do not come with a user manual & hence mentoring parents in order to be better parents can never be laid in a perfectly structured format.

Important Vocabulary and Phrases

  • overwhelming
  • prospective
  • thumb rule
  • contemporary
  • mandatory
  • instilled
  • genetically
  • redundancy

Connectors Used

  • Firstly…Secondly…
  • Not…nor…
  • To conclude with…

Additional Instructions

The author of the essay takes the stance of disagreement and has very clearly mentioned the points of disagreements in two different paragraphs. This makes the entire answer very clear to read and understand.
We will be more than happy top receive your answer to the question. All the IELTS Ninja Students can have a detailed discussion with their personal mentor on the answer that they write. For those who have not enrolled for our course, you may submit your answer in the comments section below, we will  give you a basic feedback here.
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