There is a preconceived notion among engineering students that a minimum of 60% aggregate is required to study abroad. However, there are some universities and countries which enable you to cover your percentage through entrance examinations.

Entrance examinations like GRE, IELTS, TOEFL are a barrier which an aspirant needs to clear to study abroad in countries like the USA, Canada, Australia. Getting a decent score in entrance examinations can lessen the chances of your application rejections. So if you have got a low percentage in school or college and want to pursue engineering, then brace yourself up to score exceptionally well in the entrances as this would be the only gateway for you.

So, what are the study abroad destinations for Engineering students who got less than 60% aggregate?

List of Some Schools /Universities that Accept Less than 60% Aggregate for an Engineering Course

Newfoundland University, Canada

Do not get disheartened if you couldn’t score very well(more than 60%) in your aggregate. Your dream of studying abroad has not gotten out of your hands. Newfoundland University offers you engineering courses with a minimum cutoff of 50%. Isn’t this interesting? If this university does not take into account your aggregate, then what are their criteria of entrances? Let us have a look.

Eligibility criteria for Newfoundland, Canada-

आईईएलटीएस: 6.5


PTE: 58

This is for a bachelor of engineering course. The criteria for every course differs but good scores in the entrance examination remain constant. 

The University of New Mexico, United States of America

This university in the United States of America offers a pool of engineering courses that one can pursue. The eligibility criteria depend upon the course that you are willing to undertake to study further. This university can take you in if you have less than 60% aggregate, but there are some entrance exams that you need to ace first.




These are the eligibility criteria for Computer Engineering, but it differs with every course.

Charles Darwin’s University Australia

This university also accepts engineering students with less than 60% aggregate. The minimum requirement is 55% for a bachelor’s degree. This university is a saviour for the students who want to study in Australia but have the required grades in bachelors. Let us have a look at the eligibility criteria for entering this beautiful university.



PTE: 50

These are the scores of the course Bachelor in Applied Information Technology. Criteria might differ with each course.

From the above observations, it is clear that the IELTS exam is a common entrance exam that every university looks for consideration. Getting a decent bandwidth above six is mandatory to get admission into average or best colleges. IELTS can lighten the burden of guilt of scoring less than 60% in your exams. Below mentioned are the structure and essentials of clearing an IELTS exam.

Study Abroad through IELTS

The IELTS exam is an international English language testing system. This exam assesses the English language proficiency of the candidates applying to study or work abroad. This examination is owned by IDP, British Council in compilation with Cambridge English language assessment.

आईईएलटीएस परीक्षा प्रारूप

The IELTS exam is divided into four sections; speaking, writing, reading, and listening. A candidate needs to clear all four sections to get a decent bandwidth. This exam further has two modules: academic or general training module. The reading and writing sections of both the tests are different, whereas speaking and listening are similar.

Difference between IDP or BC?

As we all are aware, both IDP and BC are the owners of the IELTS exam; “Which is better between them or what to choose? Thoughts like this float over the candidates who are preparing for the IELTS exam. The answer is that both of them are the joint owners of the IELTS exam, so there is not much difference between them. The marking system, difficulty level, everything is the same. The only dissimilarity between them is that IDP has more test centres across the country than the British Council.

IELTS Scoring Structure

This multi-level examination has a very distinctive scoring pattern. A candidate can score between 0 to 9 band scores. One gets a band score for each level; reading, writing, speaking, listening. The average score of all the sections is an overall score for your IELTS exam.

What is the Minimum Band Required for Engineering Students to Study Abroad?

If you are willing to enrol in any Engineering course, then your IELTS score also matters. Aspirants who want to pursue any engineering course need a minimum of 6.0 overall and per band. However, this score differs with each university and country. A score of less than 6.0 can make it hard for you to apply for the engineering courses.

Aspirants often stumble upon this question. The application process of studying abroad is quite extensive. It differs from country to country. There is no full-proof formula for obtaining admission to your dream university. However, there are still some guidelines and prerequisites to look into before applying.

How to Apply to Study Abroad?

Select Your Relevant Study Program

Decide the program that you want to study. Jot down the academic requirements, Research well on your program scope and the syllabus. Choose a study program that resonates with your long term goals. After this, search the universities that fit your academic scores.

Look if You Meet the University Requirements

The primary step is to check the requirements of the university. Starting from the academic requirements to visa requirements. One needs to be well-rehearsed to each aspect. Sometimes, students get baffled by the information available on university websites. In such cases, contact the university through their contact means. The most common mistake made by aspirants is that they forget the deadlines of the application. So, make sure to pay attention to your deadlines.

Request Letter of Recommendations

Some universities abroad require letters of recommendation from a designated faculty. As a student, you can ask this from your favourite teacher/mentor or supervisor. A letter of recommendation gives an outline of your character, your skills, and achievements as recognised by your mentor.

Start Preparing for Entrance Exams like IELTS or TOEFL

If English is not your native language; then you will probably need to take an English assessment like IELTS or TOEFL. Various universities abroad don’t admit foreign students unless they have given these exams. Chalk out a plan for your preparation depending on your English language proficiency, the score that you need to get into your dream university, and work accordingly.

Plan for the Costs According to Your Budget

The most common pointer on which candidates take a step back is the cost of studying abroad. The total expense structure of tuition fees, accommodations, visa, and documentation costs, sometimes sums to be exorbitantly high. However, proper financial planning can save you from making a hole in your pocket.

Tips to Ace Your IELTS Exam

IELTS preparation intimidates a lot of candidates. Whether you want to study, work or settle abroad, the IELTS exam broadens your chances. Here are some tips and tricks for the IELTS exam.

  1. Study Materials: Always study from authentic and relevant study materials. Make sure it’s extensive and covers all the important topics.
  2. Reading Habit: Each level requires a different style of preparation. Maintaining a reading habit can help you gain expertise in the English language.
  3. शब्दावली: Work on your vocabulary as much as you can. This can be enhanced by reading, watching English video contents or listening to English podcasts.
  4. Fluency: Work on your fluency and accent by speaking English daily with your fellow mates or family members. You can even do it all by yourself by enrolling yourself in public literary clubs that offer public speaking.
  5. Writing Practice: Write at least 200-500 words daily to develop a habit of writing. This section of the exam can only be mastered through vigorous practice. Writing makes sure your sentence formation is crisp and correct.
  6. Previous Papers: Make sure that you practice from the previous year’s papers or sample papers. There are plenty of papers available online. Doing this would help you with the exam pattern.

We hope that this article cleared all the doubts about your percentage and IELTS exam. If you think your percentage isn’t up to the mark and your dream of studying abroad is crushed, then exams like IELTS can get you through. आईईएलटीएस निंजा is online coaching where aspirants can get one-on-one sessions with experts who have been in the field. There are customized study plans to cater to the individual needs of the students for IELTS preparation. Visit the site to know more.

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