Germany has one of the most beautiful landscapes that the world has to offer. The country has always believed in quality and its infrastructure, automobiles, machinery bear testament to this fact. If you wish to study abroad in Germany, you need to understand what is expected of you so that you can make a comfortable transition. IELTS Germany needs to be dealt with in a strategic manner so that you can achieve the band score that is needed.

Indians have formed many meaningful communities in the country over the years and are leading peaceful lives in the country.

However, just like any other country, Germany too comes with its share of myths and people have certain misconceptions that they harbor which prevents them from moving to the country.

Let’s bust five myths in this blog so that you can study abroad in Germany in a hassle-free manner.

Germany Prefers Its Own Students

Students from all over the world go to Germany in order to study and create a better life for themselves. Certain websites have tied up with the Embassy of India and German cities so as to provide assistance and moral support to Indian students who go there. Moreoever, IELTS Germany is a standardized test that assesses how qualified a candidate is before he/she moves to the country. It only takes in people who are suitable.

The country also has restaurants, shops and other places that are entirely run by Indians and so many such business communities thrive there.

Germans Are Anti-Social

Most people think that Germans are very cold and asocial. This again is a myth as Germans love to go out and mingle with people of all origins. They are often stereotyped as being rude and inhospitable. Most Germans prefer a no-nonsense and disciplined lifestyle and are often branded as being arrogant. 

Once you get to know them properly, you will discover that they’re just like you.It is wrong to hold preconceived notions about any particular ethnic group.

No Part Time Jobs For Students

Yes, Germany does allow you to work and study at the same time. Students can build their work experience and also gain worldly knowledge and so, there’s no reason to fret.

Generally, students are allowed to work for 20 hours per week but it depends on the semester they’re in as well as their other academic requirements.

Students Have To Leave After Course Completion

This is another common myth. Some people think that students are asked to leave Germany once their course is over. Students are given about a year’s time to hunt for a suitable job and are not asked to leave immediately once their course is completed. 

Germans Don’t Speak English

It would be false to say that Germans do not speak English. Most Germans are fluent in English and speak the language with ease. English is a very popular language and most European countries have people who speak the language.

Language barrier should be the least of your worries when you’re relocating there as most people are well versed in the language and will be able to comprehend you.



Do not let yourself be influenced by myths that have no basis in the first place. If you wish to settle in Germany, do so without any reluctance as it’s an ideal country for those who are looking to work hard and make a decent living there. If you need further guidance regarding how to settle or study there, check out आईईएलटीएस निंजा.

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