The आईईएलटीएस लेखन task 2 requires an individual to present their views on a topic that has been assigned to them. They are required to go through the topic and present their side of the argument. One such example of it could be: “What are the advantages and disadvantages of studying abroad?”

So, whenever you are presented with such topics, all you are required to do is present your side of the argument. There is no right or wrong in these answers – all an individual is required to do is to let the examiner know their understanding of the topic that they are provided with.

So, let’s move forward to learn a little about this topic and present an amazing essay answer afterwards to let you know how it’s done.

क्या are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Studying Abroad? 

The decision to study abroad depends solely on the different advantages and disadvantages of that thing.

So, let’s move forward to know all about them.

क्या are the Advantages of Studying in a Foreign Country? 

Studying abroad has today become the new normal, every other child wishes to move out of their resident country to enjoy among a bunch of completely new people to study between them and to gain as much knowledge as possible with the help of this.

Given below are a few advantages of studying abroad:

#1. Improved Language 

The greatest benefit of studying abroad is that it helps you to improve your language skills to a great extent. you get to learn some new words each day and among a bunch of people who speak this language on a regular basis, you get to enjoy the benefits of learning a language completely.

Talking to your friends on a daily basis in the same language helps you to have that fluency in the language which you were not able to achieve before.

#2. New Friends and Career Opportunities

Another benefit that one gets to enjoy after studying abroad is that it really helps an individual to expand his/her network and have some really good friends which can also turn into friends for life. One gets to enjoy their time with people they have not known before and have a great time in their company.

It also helps one to expand their network for some great business or job opportunities overseas. A wider network helps one to connect to some really amazing people and have the benefits of so many new opportunities in life.

#3. Confidence Booster

When you enjoy time among people from a different country and culture altogether, you get to learn so many new things from them on a regular basis. Along with this, it helps one to practice the language on a daily basis which helps in boosting their confidence.

With a great and built-up confidence level, it’s easy to then achieve the heights that you want to.

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#4. Explore the World

Moving out of your resident country provides you with an opportunity to live in a new city altogether which also comes with the benefit of exploring a new city and a place never seen before.

When you live in a completely new place, you get to enjoy the scenic beauty of that place, the unexplored yet the most famous places at the same time which serves as an amazing experience.

Now, let’s move forward to learn some of the disadvantages of studying abroad.

क्या are the Disadvantages of Studying Abroad?

Everything that has some advantages comes with some disadvantages too. So, while there are many advantages of studying abroad, there are many disadvantages of the same too.

So, let’s check them out.

#1. Highly-Priced

Studying abroad might look fascinating to you but it is extremely expensive. Bearing all the expenses of studying abroad for an individual can be quite expensive and tiring at the same time.

The expenses of studying abroad depend solely on the place that you have chosen for yourself and the university that you’re going to get your degree from. The more advanced the country, the higher the expenses.

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#2.  Language as a Barrier

One of the biggest problems that many students face while studying abroad is the language that they are not fluent in. It is extremely important for one to learn the official language of the country that you have decided to move to in order to enjoy the benefits of having meaningful conversations.

Many times students have a lot of difficulty in speaking the native language or even understanding it. There are many cases in which teachers prefer to teach the entire lessons in the local language of the city. Therefore, it’s extremely important to have a good grasp of the language.

#3.  You’re Dependent on Your Own

Living in a foreign country means you are completely on your own. All the work that you need to do, right from washing your clothes to doing all the household chores, all need to be done by yourself.

There are many students who have never lived out of their home for a long period of time and studying abroad requires them to have such experiences for the first time. While this may have a lot of benefits like you learn so many new things, it can also have some serious demerits too. Many times it has been noticed that students who live alone tend to suffer from loneliness or in some cases, even depression.

आईईएलटीएस Advantage Disadvantage Model Essay 

So, let’s move ahead to discuss one such advantage disadvantage essay in order to know how to present an answer while in the examination hall.

The question for today is: With more and more people moving out of their own country to study abroad, it has been a trend these days. What do you think are the advantages or disadvantages of the same? Share your opinions with us.

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लाभ and Disadvantages of Studying Abroad – IELTS Model Essay

With changing times, more and more students wish to move out of their native country to a completely new place where they can study among a bunch of students who are new to them. And this has certainly given a rise to the number of students moving abroad to study among them. While the idea of going out seems fun, is it actually true in real scenarios?

विस्तार में बताना – IELTS Model Essay Answer

There are many benefits of studying abroad but according to me, I believe the number of demerits of studying abroad is more than its advantages. Starting with knowing about its benefits, it feels great to study abroad. When one starts studying abroad, they become more independent as a person. This is because everything, right from all the household chores to outdoor things needs to be done on one’s own and this helps an individual to become a better version of himself/herself. They learn to be better and dependent on themselves. Living abroad allows an individual to learn different foreign languages in order to converse with their peers and fellow classmates. This further helps them to broaden their horizon, that by learning new languages and living for a period of 2-3 years in a foreign country, they tend to learn new cultures and how things are done differently in their country. They learn about their customs, traditions, and values.

Talk about the Disadvantages

But despite having so many advantages, the number of disadvantages succeed them. Though it is true that students get to learn new languages while living in a foreign country, with that comes the possibility of isolation and loneliness. There are many students who face difficulty while speaking in languages other than their native ones and while learning these languages, there are times when they are not able to converse fluently and swiftly as other students. And this leads to the different language barriers that arise among them. Thus, these children tend to spend most of their time alone without anyone’s company which can further lead to failure in examination and also depression.

Move towards Conclusion of the IELTS Essay Model Answer

Another demerit of studying abroad is that one has to do all of their work on their own which can be quite tiring at times and can lead to fatigue. This can also affect the students psychologically and they can suffer from various mental illnesses. Further, living abroad for a long time alone without being with anyone from your family or loved one can lead to homesickness and even lead to depression among many students. Along with this, studying abroad can be extremely expensive as compared to the cost one bears when he/she decided to study in their native country.

In conclusion, I believe it’s always better to study in one’s own country while being in the company of your loved ones and it should be encouraged more than moving out to study.


Hopefully, you must have found this article useful and if you have any doubts regarding the same, feel free to comment down below and let us know about the same.

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