If you have lived in Canada due to your education or work commitments, and now you don’t want to go back. Then you can apply for PR (Permanent Residency) in Canada. But you need to fulfil certain criteria for that. You can apply through various ways for PR one is through the Canada Express Entry.

There are some benefits of this program that you should yield and take its benefit to your advantage. To get PR from a Canada express entry you need to go through a particular process and have documents ready with you so that you can easily apply for the express entry.

 What is Canada Express Entry?

Canada Express Entry is an electronic system that is used to manage the applications of the workers who want to get the Permanent residents of Canada. The candidate needs to apply online, fill the online form, complete it and submit it. After which the federal government will determine the candidate’s eligibility. Candidates who are found to be eligible get accepted into the express entry pool and they are ranked on the basis of the Comprehensive Ranking System(CRS).

The candidates who score the highest get the invitation to fill the Application for Permanent Residence (APR)and submit it to the IRCC. You also need to pay the fees within the specified time. You need to complete the application with all the documents. After the candidate submits the application process, IRCC processes the completed application with all the supporting documents in 6 months or even less.

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What is Canada Express Entry and it’s Cut Off?

Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) is a points-based system which is used by the Canadian government to evaluate and rank the candidate in the express entry pool CRS Canada express entry points calculator, is on the basis of education, Language skill (IELTS), work experience, age, and other factors. You can also use online tools that help you identify your CRS score.

Every two weeks, the Canadian government selected the candidate with the Highest CRS score from the Express Entry pool to provide them with the invitation to apply for permanent residence.

What was the Last Cut Off for Canada Express Entry?

As per the last cut off which was rolled out on 18th January 2021, 147,324 candidates got entry into the express entry pool. A distribution chart of the candidates is prepared on the basis of the CRS score and how many candidates got the score between them. The last cut off recorded the high number of invitations to the candidates. Here is the table for the distribution of the ranks and the number of candidates corresponding to it. Among which the cut off was 413 points.

CRS Score Range Number of candidates 
601 and above 295
501-600 457
491-500 321
481-490 806
471-580 2,000
461- 470 8,355
451-460 12,411
441-450 10,919
431-440 10,840
421-430 7,586
411-420 7,850
401-410 8,967
351-400 48,120
301-350 25,114
0-300 3,283

 How to Score 500 for Canada Express Entry?

Scoring a good rank in CRS is the only way you can get the Express entry for Canada. As the government selects the candidates with the highest rank in the list. They get the invitation for the further application process for permanent residence, hence you would like to aim for the highest score. As discussed earlier CRS is calculated on the basis of some factors, and if you fail to submit any proof of these factors then you may lose the hard-earned points. So make sure that you get these points like:-

  • शिक्षा

You should claim your points on the basis of the education and courses that you have completed. For the express entry, your profile should have all the education that you have completed in Canada, as it adds points to your profile. Education factor is worth 150 points to claim that can have a huge difference in your score

  • Siblings

If you have a brother, sister, spouse, or any blood relation in Canada, then you can get 15 points added to your score. So if you have a relationship you should claim points on that.

  • Second Language

If you have learned French and you have an English score as well then you should claim the point for both. There are bonus points available if the candidate has bilingual test scores. You should not miss out on the opportunity to claim the points from the language factors.

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When the Next Cut Off for Express Entry in Canada is Expected?

Another CRS score is expected to be announced on 5th February. Where you will get a new cutoff for CRS on the basis of which a new set of candidates will get the invitation for the further application process. Keep yourself updated with the score if you are longing for a PR to settle in Canada.


Canada is a place that is much familiar to the Indian people. Once you go there you will decide to settle there. If you have made this decision, then you have to apply for PR. To get PR you need to fulfil the eligibility criteria, and Express entry is one such way to get the PR in 6-12 months. In this article, you will get to know what was the last cut off for Canada express entry? how to score 500 for Canada express entry? Canada express entry points calculator and what is the current cut-off? Go through it and read it carefully before applying for the PR to settle in your favourite country.

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