Essay Prompts:

  • Our personalities are predetermined as a result of our genes before we are born and there is nothing that can be done to change our character traits.To what extent do you agree?
  • There is a trend in the 21 century in which people are turning to alternative healing like Ayurveda and homeopathy over allopathic medicine. Discuss the Advantages and disadvantages of this approach.
  • While certain people are in favor of gene-editing, others object to this on moral grounds. Discuss both views and state your own opinion.
  • Health care should not be provided for free regardless of a person’s income. The health of a person is in their own hands and they should therefore, be held accountable for that Do you agree with this statement?
  • The government has a responsibility to its citizens to ensure their safety. Thus it’s the governments’ responsibility to ban alcohol and tobacco as they are addictive substances and harmful How do you feel about this approach?
  • In many countries, obesity among children has drastically increased. Parents should be held responsible if their children are obese. What are your views on the subject?
  • The number of people suffering from health problems caused by a modern lifestyle which cannot be treated with modern medicines. Some people believe that alternative medicine can help Do you agree that alternative medicines are effective?
  • An increasing number of children have become hooked on fast food and aerated drinks that do not provide much nutrition. This poor diet has led to a rise in obesity among children.What are the problems that are associated with obesity in children and what steps could be taken to prevent it?
  • Loneliness is an increasing problem in many societies, especially among the elderly. Why is this? How might it be remedied?

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Common Phrases :

  • A healthy diet should consist of all the essential nutrients.
  • Health education is very important if we are to prevent illness and reduce medical costs.
  • The health care in the country is deteriorating .
  • Lack of exercise can lead to poor health.
  • Psychological illnesses may not be as obvious as physical disabilities or illnesses, nevertheless they are just as disabling in their own way.
  • Due to the astigmatism of our social and healthcare system, we have so many cases of suicide and criminals in the world.
  • There is evidence that overeating is one of the main causes of obesity.
  • A healthy diet should consist of all the essential nutrients.
  • Arguments about the prohibition of drugs and over drug policy reform, are subjects of considerable controversy .
  • We urge health professionals in all countries to inform themselves and join debates on drug policy at all levels.
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