An individual who is dreaming to move abroad to pursue their studies or for a job purpose. Needs to give the IELTS examination. The IELTS examination is used by the government and various institutions abroad to evaluate a candidate’s English proficiency. IELTS examination is conducted by IDP and British Council. IDP is the organization that has introduced computer-based IELTS examinations for the flexibility of individuals.

The exam has 4 sections: Reading, Listening, Speaking, and Writing. Each section has its own stipulated timing. Individuals have to complete the sections within the time frame given. Reading, writing, and listening sections are conducted together but as the speaking section involves the face-to-face interview which is conducted by the IELTS expert, an individual has to book the slot for it separately.

आईईएलटीएस कोचिंग

Individuals who are brilliant in English, also require guidance, because the IELTS examination is different from any other normal English test. You need to learn techniques and need to work smartly to complete the examination in the stipulated time with higher accuracy. To have the right guidance, you need to enrol yourself in the right IELTS coaching where you are guided at each step of yours. You need to get guidance according to your learning pace. Many coaching provides you with your SWOT analysis, where you identify your strengthened areas and weak areas. This way you are helped to work on your weak areas. When you are deciding to enrol yourself in a coaching centre you have to research the benefits they provide to you and the coaching fees they are asking for.

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IELTS Coaching Fees in India

IELTS Coaching Fees in India differ from institution to institution. Many institutions provide different types of benefits and features. The cost of the coaching depends on the features and benefits that they are providing. Coaching fees also differ whether the coaching is offline or online. Offline coaching tends to be costlier than online coaching as there is another cost that the institution has to add like infrastructure cost, electricity cost, etc, which is not counted in the billing but is considered while deciding the cost to be asked. But when we are comparing offline and online coaching it solely depends on the individual who is looking for coaching. Let’s make a comparison between the two.

Offline Vs Online- Flexibility 

If you are a candidate who has to fulfil other commitments other than just the International English Language Testing System preparation then offline coaching is just perfect for you, as online coaching gives you the space to learn as per your requirement, you get all the flexibility. But on the other hand, there is no flexibility given to the candidate the coaching centre is at the fixed place where the individual has to arrive managing his travelling time and conveyance cost and secondly on a stipulated time if 50 candidates come at different times it becomes difficult for the offline coaching centre to handle each one of them, hence there are many batches and they are called within the time frame that is allotted to them.

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Offline Vs Online- Resources

When we talk about on which platform you may get more resources, then this is really difficult to answer because it solely depends on the institute, what they are capable of providing for the individuals. Many offline coachings are able to provide the recorded video sessions to the individuals but many are not able to do so. Many online institutions are able to provide videos specifically made for the particular candidate but others are not. So this feature is particular to the coaching centre and its capabilities. But online coaching institutions mostly do not provide physical books for the preparation, as everything is online, they provide e-books, articles, videos, pdfs, and many resources.

Offline Vs Online- Personal Coaching

In offline coaching where there are a number of students in a batch, it becomes difficult for them to evaluate the progress of each one of them. There are group classes, and one-to-one sessions are provided to a few. But in online coaching, the perk is that you are provided with a personal mentor who guides you through the preparation. Your strengths and weaknesses are assessed according to which your study plan is created and you are helped in implementing. You get regular feedback with which you improve drastically. In offline coaching, there is no personal feedback given, and if it is given it is only for a few days. One-to-one interactions help the candidate clear his/her doubt without hesitation. Preparation for such important examinations calls for one-to-one interaction

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Best IELTS Coaching

The best IELTS coaching that you can find around yourself is the IELTS Ninja. IELTS Ninja is a one-stop platform that you were looking for. It provides so many features to candidates at a reasonable price. You are not required to take guidance from any other platform if you enrol yourself with the IELTS Ninja. It is an online International English Language Testing System coaching platform that you can get access to at any time.

You can take guidance according to your flexibility and according to your convenience. IELTS Ninja not only helps you in the International English Language Testing System examination, but you are also guided to get the visa to get entry into the abroad you are willing to move on. You get so many e-resources from the IELTS Ninja, to assist you towards the best of the preparation for the International English Language Testing System examination.

IELTS Ninja Benefits

IELTS Ninja provides you with various benefits at a reasonable price. Benefits that an individual can manoeuvre to get the required band score in the International English Language Testing System examination:-

1. Best IELTS Trainers

Individuals are trained by the best of trainers in India. Learning from the IELTS experts is one of the perks that you get after enrolling in the IELTS Ninja. You can clear any doubt that is boggling your mind anytime with the International English Language Testing System trainers. You get supportive trainers that will help you develop your overall personality. With regular feedback, candidates get the opportunity to develop holistically.

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1. One to One Session

IELTS trainers provide you with the 1 to 1 training session with the help of Skype and Zoom. one to one sessions help the trainer to focus on one individual only. This way the candidate is able to get the guidance according to their English proficiency. They are prepared after taking their pre-assessment test which helps the trainer prepare their study plan.

 3. Constant Feedback

Feedback is what makes you improve your actions and behaviour. Feedback helps the individual to improve in a short span of time. When you get constant feedback on your reading, speaking, listening, and writing skills. With constant feedback and support from the expert, individuals get better to clear the International English Language Testing System examination with flying colours.

 4. Learning Flexibility

You can learn any time, anywhere with the help of video lectures provided to you by IELTS Ninja. With the availability of the videos, you can learn at any place and at any time that suits you. You get an easier and better understanding of the concept with the help of videos that include diagrams and examples for your better understanding. This feature is lacking in any other coaching institute. Others provide live sessions with no recorded sessions. If a candidate wants to revise what she/he learned then it becomes difficult for her/ him to do so. But IELTS Ninja has taken care of every need of the candidate willing to clear the IELTS examination.

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Choosing between online and offline coaching is a dilemma for many. You have to choose between them according to your preference. You have to see which features you want and accordingly, you can choose to go offline or online coaching. But this decision is very crucial to make. You have to keep in mind all the pros and cons to get the right guidance that is fit for you.

Every candidate, even the ones who are excellent in English needs guidance for the IELTS examination, as it needs you to learn smart techniques. In this article, you are acquainted with the difference between offline and offline coaching. You are also given information about the.

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