The IELTS speaking test is the exam where you are assessed on different parameters such as fluency and coherence, lexical resource, grammatical range and accuracy, and pronunciation. Confidence is not a factor here but you cannot imagine how drastically it can help you do well in all the above-said parameters, ultimately leading you to receive a high band score.

When nervousness is an obvious emotional feeling inside, how can you sound more confident? Let us get deep into this fearful dilemma situation and know how to crack the IELTS speaking test questions with a better score.

Things to Keep in Mind in Speaking Practice Session

Preparation is the Key Behind Confidence

You cannot be confident if you are not prepared well. Without practice, you are very likely to look confident during your IELTS speaking test. This happens because when you are not prepared, you start focusing on your mistakes on the day of your exam. On the other hand, when you practice a lot and have already worked on a number of your weak points, you would deliver speaking as if you speak without any error.

Record Your Voice while Practicing Questions

The best practical solution of improving speaking is to record your voice and analyse it for the areas of improvements. As you might have a smartphone, it would be easy for you to download and install a sound recorder app. Just do it and start practising it.

You can place a full IELTS speaking test or only cue card part in front of you which you can focus at and start speaking. After you record, you can play it and start analysing it for fluency, grammar, tense, vocabulary, idiom etc.

Notice how long you have spoken and whether you had a lot of hesitations or not. With this kind of practice, you will gain confidence within yourself and this would be reflected in your exam.

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Try to Speak More and More

During your IELTS speaking test, do not be afraid of the examiner and do not get too conscious about how he is going to judge you. You can just stay calm and try to speak more by elaborating your answer. If you are in a hurry, you are going to make mistakes and if you are going too slow, you would not look confident.

Secondly, do not doubt yourself thinking that you are making a lot of mistakes. Just keep going on and you would be surprised to see that you are done so quickly in hardly 15 minutes.

You can take help of IELTS online classes to make you more confident while you go for the speaking exam.

Concentrate on Yourself

To be confident, concentrate more on yourself rather than your examiner, his gestures, body language, reaction to your answers and things like that. In those 15 minutes, it is extremely important that you give your best and you can do so if you concentrate on your performance.

But this does not mean that you should keep on putting stress on your errors when you speak. It just means that you need to focus on the questions and how you can give inputs to make your answer a better one. You can opt for IELTS online preparation so that you can practice from the comfort of your home.

Believe in Your Opinions

Do not be nervous about the way you are giving opinions. It’s not the opinion that matters but how you give your opinion really makes the difference in IELTS speaking.

Thus, give a fully confident performance by completely believing in your views, opinions, likes and dislikes. Giving opinions by stating reasons as well would let the examiner know your speaking skills better.


Hopefully, the above-mentioned details will help to boost your confidence level. Keep the mentioned points in mind and follow those as much as you can. Get enrolled in a good online preparation centre so that you can get a personal expert mentor to guide you throughout the preparation journey.

Along with this do not forget to go for more and more practice sets and make sure that your answers get completely analyzed so that you can get to know about your weakness and strengths.


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