A place with lush natural scenery, bold infrastructure, and stellar beauty is what New Zealand is all about. Along with a beautiful atmosphere to live in, it provides numerous employment possibilities and open positions. This marks the country as a very convenient option to settle. The New Zealand PR process from India is something you should get through with.

A New Zealand immigration with PR in New Zealand allows the residents who are overseas to stay and work in the country permanently. Such applicants can access pros like citizens with the exception of a few rules and regulations.

The following article will clear your question on how to apply for permanent residence in New Zealand? The other parameters, such as the processing time, requirements, application, fees, etc. which play a vital part in the permanent residency visa application for New Zealand PR.

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पात्रता मापदंड

People who are looking to apply and want to immigrate should be able to meet the requirements set by Immigration of New Zealand:

  1. a) During the time of submitting the application for a New Zealand PR visa, the age of the applicant should be less than 55 years.
  2. b) One must fulfil the healthcare conditions and requirements.
  3. c) The score for the test IELTS held for your language skills in English should be equal to 6.5 or above that.
  4. d) If you are looking to apply for non-educational purposes, in search of jobs and new openings, your occupation should be mentioned in the New Zealand occupation list. Make sure to mention the relevant work experience in your field of occupation.

How to Get New Zealand PR?

As we know by now, New Zealand is a great country for education and employment offers. Both India and New Zealand share a friendly bond. Annually, many Indians migrate to this country for better career opportunities. If one wants to migrate to New Zealand on a permanent basis, one can apply for various kinds of visa programs, but some prime number of Indians prefer a Skilled Migrant Visa in order to obtain permanent residency.

One can apply for a New Zealand visa by applying directly to the New Zealand Government. This option is economically cheaper than comparatively seeking help from agents or the visa bureau.

Select The Kind of Visa

In case of successful completion of a degree from one of the renowned and acclaimed universities, the further step is the application for the correct kind of visa, which is further dependent on the handy opportunities. This can be further segregated into the following considering the New Zealand PR points –

  1. Post-Study Work VISA (Open) – This kind of visa has a flexible option for aspiring students who are done with their course but are still looking for a job opening. This visa ensures your stay in the nation for one year to give you a chance to discover a job related to your field of study. In the meantime, you are also allowed to work irrespective of any field in order to manage your livelihood according to the New Zealand PR requirements.
  2. Post-Study Work VISA (Employer Assisted): This type of visa does not incorporate the type of job you are thinking of taking or prefer after studying. It surely does offer a window of two annual cycles. This offers you a chance to explore and find a certain job role with an employer precisely of your choice. There are New Zealand PR rules, it is to make sure that you apply for this visa within three months of the expiry of your student visa.

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The Points System

There resides a criterion which you need to fulfil in order to obtain the visa or PR, and by judging through that, a point system is used to check your eligibility. This is how the New Zealand PR calculation is done. It is as follows:

  1. Practicability or Employability: 60 points for the currently skilled employees for over a year, 50 points for people seeking a job for less than a year
  2. Job Experience: This generally ranges from 10 points for two years up to 30 points for ten years; additional bonus points are allotted for the benefits and growth appraisals towards one’s work experience.
  3. Qualification: 50 points for a Bachelor’s Degree or other major Diploma qualification consisting of 4 plus semesters and 55 for a Master’s or Doctorate Degree.
  4. Family Relations: 10 points incase any close family members reside in New Zealand
  5. Age: The maximum number of 30 points for 20-29 years up to a minimum of 5 points for 50-55 years of age are given.

This can be done by the New Zealand PR calculator.

निष्कर्ष के तौर पर

Along with a New Zealand PR, there come many benefits attached to its credibility. Like for instance, one can, without any further restrictions; live, study, and earn in New Zealand. If you fulfil the New Zealand PR requirements, you can avail of medical claims at subsidiary rates. There are many such benefits you can utilize in New Zealand, which come along with the New Zealand PR credibility. So give it a thought!

We hope that this blog was of some use to you for your career ahead. Stay connected for more such things where we can help you through all your abroad studies doubts!

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