The IELTS writing task appears difficult since everything is dependent on your level and manner of thinking; your language and grammar are thoroughly reviewed, and precision is assessed.

Many individuals think this test to be simple, but when it comes to writing, they backtrack since no one can write properly according to the degree of this test. Read on to get the sample answers to today’s writing topic: The key to solving the environmental problem.

The Key to Solving The Environmental Problem IELTS Writing Task Topic

Want to boost your IELTS preparation? Find two samples answers below to use the techniques in the IELTS exam.

The Key to Solving The Environmental Problem Sample Answer One

Some people believe that in order to assist future generations and address today’s environmental concerns, the current generation should live a less pleasant lifestyle. I absolutely agree with this remark, since it will be a huge step forward for our planet and humanity’s future.

For starters, it is a well-known reality that the primary cause of environmental concerns is the rising human desire for affluent lives, which puts undue strain on our ecosystem. If the current generation can make a few modifications in their daily lives, such as utilising paper bags instead of poly bags for grocery shopping, the global impact of such efforts can greatly alleviate today’s environmental challenges.

Second, there is an approaching catastrophe for future generations as a result of the rapid depletion of natural resources. Today’s generation’s prudent use of these resources will ensure a bright outlook for future energy and environmental demands for the next generation.

To demonstrate, in most industrialised countries, individuals have begun to favour cycling as their preferred mode of transportation to work rather than driving. As a result, carbon dioxide emissions are steadily decreasing, and fossil resources such as oil and gas will last considerably longer.

Finally, people’s sacrifices are necessary because other options, such as tighter rules enacted by governments, we’re unable to make any difference in resolving environmental issues.

Due to a lack of funding and staff to implement the legislation, the state’s efforts are futile. As a result, the participation of people has become the single most important factor with the potential to ameliorate environmental concerns and ensure a safe future.

To summarise, if the modern man can make some sacrifices in his luxurious lifestyle, it will go a long way toward dealing with today’s environmental catastrophe and ensuring a better future for humanity.

यह भी पढ़ें: आईईएलटीएस लेखन कार्य 2 निबंध विषय इंटरनेट रिप्लेस पुस्तकें: निबंध प्रश्न का नमूना उत्तर

The Key to Solving The Environmental Problem Sample Answer Two

It is stated that the most feasible solution to environmental challenges would be to sacrifice the comfort of the current generation for the sake of future generations. There is some truth to this; nevertheless, I believe that the goal can be reached more effectively if we use our resources wisely.

To start with, when the current generation adopts a less pleasant lifestyle, they are not only preserving resources for the future, but they are also lessening the severity of pollution in numerous ways. To be more specific, if a person begins taking public transportation to work rather than driving his own automobile, he can save gasoline while also reducing air and noise pollution.

When people exercise control over their consumerist behaviour, a comparable effect is observed.

As a better alternative, I would recommend allocating resources in the most productive way possible. Eco-friendly vehicles, for example, can be used in place of gasoline vehicles. Similarly, non-biodegradable materials such as plastic can be reused or recycled appropriately rather than being used once then discarded unnecessarily.

To summarise, it is a smart option to save resources for the future by sacrificing the luxuries today to create sustainability. However, it is preferable to choose the best option: resource management.

यह भी पढ़ें: आईईएलटीएस राइटिंग टास्क 2 में हालिया परीक्षा प्रश्न: बैंड 8 के लिए परफेक्ट तरीके से लिखने की सर्वोत्तम तकनीकों की जाँच करें

The Key to Solving The Environmental Problem Sample Answer Three

Environmental degradation-related issues are becoming more prevalent by the day. Some claim that by simply sacrificing our affluent lifestyle, we can easily fix this problem. However, I believe that by using less technology and being more responsive to our surroundings, the human race can effectively address this issue.

To start, one of the most effective actions can be made by modifying people’s daily habits. Unknowingly, many of us engage in acts that are detrimental to our environment. For example, despite the fact that we are all aware that poly bags are bad for the environment, people continue to use them.

Furthermore, running certain campaigns and sharing knowledge about the adverse impacts of using plastic water bottles and bags can help save the planet. Moreover, drinking water shortages are a major growing issue these days.

Despite the fact that people are blessed with an excess of water, water depletion is rising in many regions of the world. Water-related problems can be handled by changing our habits.

To summarise, after many years of struggle, we may be able to lead this current lifestyle. I believe that by doing some of the steps outlined above, we can rescue our planet for future generations without jeopardizing our current way of life.


The most significant part to understand is the marking criteria because you will be able to respond appropriately if you are entirely familiar with this area. If you understand the criteria on which you will be graded, you will have completed 25% of your work. All that remains is for you to concentrate on those areas in order to improve.

As a result, you should pay attention to the marking criteria to give the best answers to the question paper. The use of grading criteria allows you to properly prepare for each segment.

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यह भी पढ़ें: आईईएलटीएस लेखन कार्य 1 विषय मित्र से घर की देखभाल करने के लिए कहना: इस नमूना विषय और मॉडल उत्तर को देखें

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