Before they begin writing, many IELTS test-takers will spend up to 10 minutes preparing out their essay. A couple of things to bear in mind: 4-5 paragraphs in length and at least 250 words should be in your article. Plan the points of encouragement such that they do not go off-topic. Read the essay below on the topic “Prevention is better than cure” to learn more

IELTS Topic: Prevention is Better than Cure Essay Sample Essay 1

The most common and ancient maxim relevant to human wellbeing and a stable life is prevention is better than cure. The precious gift of potential survival is healthy living. Humans could earn a good living, make homes, accomplish lavish items, etc. in general, but once any significant ailments have reduced, humans could not really acquire a healthy lifestyle. Instantaneously once we get any infections, the significance of each and every comfortable item would be nothing. The phrase prevention is better than cure presents one with the best piece of advice in general. Individuals could change their minds from expensive care to investing time promoting health education, preventive initiatives.

Use some Facts

Why prevention is better than cure?

Prevention is a major benefit for us to be protected from deadly viruses in a way to sustain free from those viruses. Prevention is really cost-effective and saves us millions of dollars and effort and resources.

Taking the example of the ongoing pandemic, Covid-19 prevention is a crucial task. As the virus spreads quickly and easily, affecting the lives of humans, precautions must be taken to not get infected. So the question arises “what precautions will you take to justify prevention is better than cure?”. The simple answer is – follow the rules made by the government by the guidance of scientists and researchers.

When people accept avoidance strategies, individuals stay healthy and strong longer. Local citizens may not receive healthcare care that is expensive.

Wrap it Up

We will learn how and when to rescue oneself from mortal and lethal ailments by better knowing the purpose and values of prevention. The concepts of making their life better and easier are widely understood to individuals. Yet they neglect that power, consistency and persistence are the main points. Everyone’s healthcare professionals could save lives, however, the satisfaction of existence may not be restored. Humans who have already endured challenges in life realize the benefits of prevention well. However, it’s best if, until heading into some trouble, people realize its meaning.

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Sample Essay 2

It is often better to prevent than cure. Once humans recognize that something like this could become problematic with the passing of time, and so it’s best to take a safety measure to tackle the threat.  Prevention involves stopping and recovery implies fixing something that is problematic or harmful. Once disaster approaches, plenty most cannot hold to the force of avoidance. Throughout the beginning phases, whenever you neglect your analysis, you end up staying intensely during your assessments and threaten your progress.

अनुच्छेद तोड़ो

Accurate intervention tends to take effective preventive steps, including in the presence of other illnesses. Assuming that the condition will be healed or stopped immediately by the specialist will lead to discomfort of the condition and escalate costs or even risk your health. The severity of suffering is often reduced by prevention action taken in work environments. For starters, people could save themselves from the economic collapse by characterizing possible losses if they concentrate on the economy. Preventive steps often aid in community mobilization.

Conclude the Essay

No individual is invincible and we all make errors. Yet someone could escape certain crises,

complexities, chaos and devastation with the aid of mitigation. By worrying about either the

consequences humans can verify themselves first rather than take suitable steps to do anything. As fixing the issue would be more time-consuming and much more costly compared to getting precautions, any step should really be carefully orchestrated.


The essay on prevention is better than cure in this blog, giving you a better understanding of the essay style and format. The IELTS essay writing test for Task 2 is something that many students are scared of. You need to compose fast, but still, remain calm and focused on writing your answers in order to write the right answer to get the highest IELTS band score possible. You should aim to prove that you have a broad knowledge of English vocabulary in all aspects of the IELTS test, make sure you write with proper spelling and avoid silly little grammar errors.

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