Despite extensive practice, most test-takers regard IELTS writing to be their most difficult obstacle to overcome. And this was brought to light after an IELTS test takers’ poll. After speaking, it is the most often utilised channel for running empathy.

As a result, it’s possible that this is one of the reasons why it is so important in the IELTS test. IELTS Academic and IELTS general training tests have separate writing modules. The setting of questions would be the distinguishing feature in detail.

How to get 8+ bands in the IELTS writing test? Read on to find some IELTS writing tips to ace the segment.

How to get 8+ Bands in the IELTS Writing Test?

Check out these IELTS writing tips to ace IELTS writing part and get some help in IELTS exam preparation:

Get to Know The Structure

This is one of the critical IELTS writing task tips. Have a firm grasp of the structure of a typical essay. Essay is an important part since writing is more than just a hurdle for pupils to leap through.

Organise your essay clearly and avoid presenting the examiner with a blank page. Make sure you utilise paragraphing to separate the many themes you’re covering.

Follow the IELTS essay format, which includes the parts Introduction, Body, and Conclusion. This will allow you to save time during the examination.

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Understand The Question First

Knowing the different sorts of questions makes it easier to spot the one you’re looking for.

Always remember that the purpose of this module is to determine your English standards, not how effectively you can express yourself in English.

As a result, as soon as you notice the questions, read them carefully and attentively.

Construct Grammatically Correct Sentences

One of the most important components that most exam takers failed to do was generate grammatically accurate phrases.

It is critical to write grammatically accurate sentences in IELTS writing since it makes a significant impact in both writing and speaking.

Furthermore, they will assist you in appropriately constructing phrases, demonstrating to the examiner that you are more knowledgeable.

Additionally, if the subject is multiple, make sure the plural is plural as well.

Use Proper Vocabulary

The use of appropriate language allows you to create a positive impression on the examiner while avoiding the use of redundant terms.

Do not repeat the same terms across the paragraphs, since this will pique the reader’s curiosity.

Some test-takers, on the other hand, aim to employ high-level vocabulary and compose extended phrases in order to demonstrate their command of the English language.

There’s nothing wrong with that, but if you try to do it without the necessary abilities, you’ll end up digging your own hole.

Writing Focus Program

If you want to score an 8+ band in your upcoming writing test, you must enrol in the आईईएलटीएस निंजा’s Writing Focus Program. In this program, you will get 43+ hours of personal training. You will be assigned a personal mentor who will guide you through everything. In this program, you will get the option to start the classes as per a date you are comfortable with.

To check your progress, you can take the mock tests provided in this program. If you have any doubts about any of the questions, don’t worry, as they will be discussed in the class sessions. So hurry up and enrol in this program now to excel in the IELTS writing section.


Always keep in mind that the grader has to be able to read and understand your replies. Because cluttered paragraphs may cause graders to get confused and bored. Writing clearly and simply has never been easy or straightforward. Many people aspire to it, but only a few succeed.

The essay’s comprehension is dependent on a straightforward and clear structure. For readers, unclear writing is a hurdle to overcome. So, cut long paragraphs and make it simple for the graders to go through the document. Your success in this segment is determined by your dedication and the readability of your work.

Click यहाँ to get that 8+ band in your Writing task.

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