This article talks about the ielts essay topics 2021, ielts essay writing, how to write a topic sentence in academic essay ielts, best essay topics for ielts, ielts task 2 topics. Here you will get all the information about the topics that can come in the examination and essay writing topic that can help you to practise more and help you achieve more in the 2021 session of essay writing.

The article also provides what topic sentences are and how they can be written so that the academic essay that you write leaves no stone unturned. Stay tuned till the end because all the best essay writing topics and essay tips are covered.

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आईईएलटीएस निबंध विषय 2021 

Here are some of the essay topics 2021 which are quite useful and can be very important topics for 2021.

# Some people believe in order to frequently enhance the integrity of schooling, high school pupils should be motivated to assess and denounce their educators. Others believe that this would arise in a casualty of admiration and domain in the classroom. Examine both these impressions and give your own viewpoint.

# In many nations, conventional nutrition is being supplanted by multinational fast nutrition. This is having an unfavourable impact on both nations and communities. To what degree do you concede or oppose this viewpoint?

कुछ और 

# Today, more and extra people use robots to do assignments at residence and a job. Do you believe it is a favourable or unfavourable improvement? Why?

# Several people understand that cycles are an active and environmentally-friendly method of conveyance. Nevertheless, it is no longer the major form of conveyance. What are the explanations? What could be done to motivate the use of cycles among the broader community?

# Some people believe that spending an amount on carrying wedding receptions, birthday gatherings, and other festivities is just trash of wealth. Others believe that these are essential for people and the community. Assess both impressions, and give your viewpoint.

आईईएलटीएस Task 2 Topics 

These are sIELTS Essay Topics 2021ome of the IELTS task 2 topics which are categorized by theme


For an extended period, the sculpture has been contemplated an important part of all civilizations on the earth. Nevertheless, nowadays people’s significance has shifted, and we consider science, technology and employment more significant than creations.

What do you believe are the reasons for this?

What can be performed to draw people’s awareness to art?


Some pupils job while studying. This frequently impacts on requiring time for pedagogy and often suffering under tension.

What do you understand are the reasons for this?

What explanations can you indicate?


Environmental alteration is a big environmental crisis that has evolved critically in the last tandem of decades. Some people contend that humans should halt simmering fossil powers and utilize only alternative power reserves, mighty as wind and solar energy. Others say that petroleum, gas and coal are important for numerous enterprises, and not utilizing them will steer to financial destruction.

What is your impression?

Benefit your level of perspective with related instances.

Friends and Family 

Presently households are not as intimate as they used to live.

What do you believe are the reasons for this?

What can be done to give rise to families near?

Government and Society 

The administration should ban smoking in all civil places, just thought this would prohibit some different people’s independence.

Do you concede or oppose?

Give explanations for your opinion.


Increased employment pressures, anxiety and feeling of responsibility are among the major intentions people go to function when they are sick. This way they attain significant undertakings but may contaminate others or get some severe health difficulties themselves.

In your viewpoint should people go to operate if they are unhealthy?

Fund your point of perspective with similar instances from your understanding or knowledge.

Jobs and Employment 

Handful people say that youths should toil part-time and gain currency. In this path they will understand fundamental lessons about jobs and evolve more disciplined. Others contend that youths shouldn’t surrender their comfort and after-school training to a job.

Examine both impressions and provide your viewpoint.


A boosting quantity of people is presently utilizing dating areas to fulfil their second companions. Do you believe that this inclination enables people to associate or does extra damage than decent?

Give your viewpoint. Furnish related illustrations if essential.

विज्ञान और प्रौद्योगिकी 

A bunch of people have evolved conditional on technology as it plays a huge position in our everyday existences. Do you concede that occupancy in the computer generation has additional benefits than drawbacks?

Interpret the favourable and unfavourable consequences of technology on our existences and give your viewpoint.


Despite a diversity of recreational installations and gyms, people are insufficient fit presently than always previously.

What do you believe are the major reasons for this difficulty?

What explanations can you indicate?

Travel and Tourism 

A bunch of places on the planet rely on tourism as a major citation of revenue. Unfortunately, tourism can also be a citation of difficulties if it is not organized correctly.

Interpret the benefits and drawbacks of tourism in contemporary society. Do you believe that the advantages of tourism surpass its shortcomings?

TV, Music and Media 

Handful people understand that turmoil on TV and in computer sports has a negative impact on the community. Others withhold that these have any substantial significance on people’s behaviour.

What is your impression?

आईईएलटीएस निबंध लेखन 

The IELTS writing task is different for both the sections for academic and general training test aspirants. In the writing task, the aspirants have to complete two sections, for writing task 1 aspirant will have to compose 150 words in 20 minutes duration and in writing task 2 aspirants have to compose 250 words in 40 minutes and the words shouldn’t exceed

यह भी पढ़ें: क्या आईईएलटीएस में निबंध लेखन में कोई तथ्य जांच होती है? यहां क्या करें और क्या न करें की एक सूची दी गई है

Best Essay Topics for IELTS 

These are some of the best topics for essay writing and can be very helpful

#Nowadays online shopping is incredibly prominent. Examine the consequence of it on the climate and on people who forfeited their businesses because of it.

#Nowadays celebrities receive more wealth than ambassadors. What are the explanations for this? Is it an optimistic or hostile advancement?

कुछ और

#Many people believe that every person is credible for their prosperity, but some people understand there are different superficial components that impact us. Examine both impressions and provide your viewpoint.

#It is too costly to look after and rebuild ancient constructions. This wealth should be paid to the construction of contemporary edifices rather. To what degree do you approve or differ with this viewpoint?

#Some people understand that women should be governed as proportional to men when correlating for employment with the authority or the army. Others think women are limited adequate for this sort of employment. Examine both beliefs and provide your viewpoint.

कैसे to Write a Topic Sentence in IELTS Academic Essay?

The relatively initial sentence in your benefiting passage should be the topic verdict. Each passage should have one major impression only and the topic verdict tells the one who reads what this impression is. This gives rise to your passage and the entire essay clearer and simpler to examine. You will progress ratings for coherence in the writing examination if you do this.

Some points to consider when you write topic sentences

#It is crucial to examine the problem incredibly carefully so that you can request your statements in an understandable way.

#You should summarize your role and compose a coherent statement. It assists to schedule your explanation or statement before you commence.

#Each passage should include one major idea. This is where your topic verdicts appear. This sentence is the major impression or juncture that you love to earn in the passage.

#Your essay is composed of passages that have benefiting degrees. Each passage should come together to construct a coherent total essay. The topic verdict is barely one path to make your essay shine.

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We wish this article could assist you to vacate your suspicions about the essay writing category of IELTS. Make certain whatever you are composing affects your eloquent terminology abilities. Recognise your vulnerable degrees and function towards them. The above advice and your decision can certainly earn you a reasonable bandwidth in the exam. For more blogs and information on the writing task, 2 and essay writing topics visit आईईएलटीएस निंजा. Please feel free to comment your views down in the comment box.

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