IELTS is an exam of English language proficiency for candidates who wish to study, migrate or work abroad where the native language is English. IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is conducted for non-English speakers wanting to pursue their higher studies or to work in foreign countries. आईईएलटीएस परीक्षण scores are accepted by various universities in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, the USA and Canada.

What are IELTS Revaluation Fees?

The IELTS test is not easy to clear. If the candidate is well-prepared and unsatisfied with the score or results, they can apply for revaluation by filing an Enquiry on Results or sit for the exam again. This EOR (Enquiry on Results) allows candidates to request a recheck on their exam. This facility is provided to the candidates when they feel that their results could be better than what they got.

However, applying for EOR is not always a good thing to do. An increase in the score is a rare occurrence and does not apply in Listening and Reading sections. The score improvement can happen in the Writing and Speaking sections. The EOR process is time-consuming, and it also requires making payment for revaluation fees for IELTS. However, in revaluation, a decline in the score is not possible.

Factors to Consider for IELTS Revaluation

Going for a revaluation is a big decision. The candidate applying for IELTS revaluation should weigh in various factors to ensure that they are not wasting their time, money and energy into something that might not be fruitful. Listed below are a few factors to consider before applying for revaluation.

Time-taking process

Rechecking or revaluation of IELTS scores is time-consuming. The candidate might get a better score than the original after revaluation. However, candidates need to send the IELTS scores and other documents to foreign universities within three weeks after the candidate has taken the IELTS exam. If the candidate’s corrected score comes late, then it can be a problem for the candidate.

Delay Admission Process

If a candidate opts for the IELTS score revaluation, then they need to send the Test Report Form along with EOR (Enquiry on Results) to their desired university for admission. However, candidates cannot send IELTS scores anywhere without a Test Report Form, and for this, they have to wait till the result of revaluation comes.

Revaluation Fees Affordability

One also needs to factor in the cost of sending EOR (Enquiry on Results) to the respective test centre along with required IELTS revaluation IDP fees. The biggest hurdle for revaluation is the revaluation cost.

The candidate already pays around 250 USD for the IELTS exam, and the revaluation fee comes to 130 to 210 USD. To find out the exact cost for revaluation of the IELTS score, the candidate should contact the test centre.

Revaluation or Retesting Decision

If the candidate is sure about their preparation, then they should consider going for revaluation. Otherwise, if they think they can sit for the IELTS exam again, then retaking the IELTS can be a better decision.

Procedure of Request for IELTS Revaluation

Usually, people receive their IELTS grades and accept the results allotted to them by the examiners. But candidates can contact the British Council (or IDP) for unfairly marked papers and send them to the UK for review, but it may take time. If a candidate has decided to apply for revaluation, here is the process of request for IELTS revaluation:

Contact the Test Centre

The first step for the revaluation process of the IELTS exam is to contact the test centre, and the candidate needs to file an EOR (Enquiry on Results) form. They can acquire forms from the test centre. However, before applying for revaluation, candidates need to contact the test centre and find out the revaluation fees for IELTS. The IDP fees for revaluation may vary in different test centres.

Form and Other Vital Documents

On getting EOR, the candidate needs to apply for revaluation for the IELTS exam. The candidate needs to fill the forms from the IDP website or the British Council and pay the fees within six weeks of the test date.

There is no compulsion for revaluation for a particular section, as a candidate may give revaluation for more than one section. Along with the EOR, the candidate also needs to submit a Test Result Form. After submission of EOR, Test Result Form and fees, everything is sent to England or Australia. This process of revaluation will take about six to eight weeks.

Receive the Results of Rescoring

The final step in revaluation is the results of the revaluation. The revalued score is given to the candidate through email by the test centre. This email informs whether the candidate’s test result has changed or stayed the same after rescoring.

In case if the student does score better marks post-revaluation, a new Test Result Form is received from the test centre and his or her revaluation fee is refunded. However, if the score remains the same, then the candidate will receive the original Test Result Form and his/her revaluation fee will not be refunded.


Candidates who feel that they have been harshly marked can go for revaluation. There is a possibility of an increase in the overall band score of about 0.5 that can improve the whole score of IELTS exam results. However, going for revaluation can be an expensive affair and time consuming too. Hence, candidates should weigh their options before making a final decision.

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