छात्र पृष्ठभूमि
Sumit Arya (imaginary name) intended to move to Australia and was facing hardship in only one module and as it is commonly found in the case of many students, it was writing module. He had appeared in IELTS exam for 2 times but could not get Band 7 in writing. So, he decided to enrol for online training session at UFaber for better guidance and support in the writing module.
पाठ्यक्रम का उद्देश्य
As Sumit was trying hard to get Band 7 in writing, his course included all the required tips that could help him get it done. The course was aimed to help Sumit know the difference between less than 7 and exactly 7 Band, and further assistance on how to ensure getting 7 Band.
रणनीति - यूफैबर अध्ययन योजना
Sumit enrolled for 2 weeks’ classes for writing module only and he used to attend Skype online classes on a daily basis. Every day, he was given assignments which were discussed in the class, apart from the useful tips and strategies to achieve the target band score. He kept on completing all the assignments on time and gave due attention on the strict feedback so as to overcome the flaws in his writing. In the weekend, he gave extra attention towards the writing practice tests and used to ask doubts to clear them before the exam. Ultimately, progressive improvement was observed in his writing during tests, which was reflected in the final exam as well.
  रणनीति के कार्यान्वयन
Sumit followed all the writing tips positively and tried to make changes in the structures of his letters and essays. The issue with Sumit’s writing was firstly with structuring of the paragraphs properly (required to make the task response coherent) and secondly, with lack of connectives (to comply with cohesion) along with a few errors in grammar, word usage and punctuation. By getting strict feedbacks every time, he got an eye to clearly attempt in a way to prevent errors and he got everything right in the exam, getting 7 Band in writing which he shared proudly via email.
  Sumit’s Result
Sumit’s case of facing struggle with writing is a lesson to many candidates who want to see the difference in their writing band scores. He did achieve Band 7 and was really happy to get it. He then shared his feelings as gratitude in the form of an email.
Sumit’s IELTS band scores in all the attempts are as below:
Attempt 1 (without UFaber): Less than 7.0
Attempt 2 (without UFaber): Less than 7.0
Attempt 3 (with UFaber): 7.0  
Here’s what Sumit replied on receiving his target band score:
“Thank you for all your support and guidance during my IELTS prep. I was struggling to get Band 7 from past 2 attempts and your tips helped me get my desired score on the 1st attempt after joining the course. Thank you once again.”
This is how UFaber online training session of hardly two weeks made a huge difference in Sumit’s life. Is your case something similar to Sumit? Enrol with UFaber for online classes today to pursue your dream!

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