Well, everyone knows how magnificent and advantageous the IELTS examination is! The commonest IELTS exam-related query searched on Google is “how to ace the IELTS”. You need not stress about this paper because a few tips will do all the work for you.

The candidates waste a lot of time in the initial days of the preparation to think about how to start? Where to start? You should understand the pattern and then if necessary find a tutor. You should start working on the IELTS sections one by one because each section has a different set of instructions, time limits, and marking criteria.

The Internet offers a mind-boggling amount of resources and FAQs. Some of them are indeed helpful but most tend to confuse the candidates. So, you should benefit from your preparation by learning about the preparation strategies and secrets.

What is it that answers this pressing question? Is there indeed a way to score well at IELTS? Let us go through this article to find out.

यह भी पढ़ें: आईईएलटीएस की तैयारी के लिए सर्वश्रेष्ठ मुफ्त ऑनलाइन साइटें: यहां आपकी तैयारी को बढ़ावा देने के लिए अद्भुत साइटें हैं

आईईएलटीएस टेस्ट

The IELTS test can prove to be a bit challenging for you if you are not prepared enough for its questions. Moreover, if you have the dream to crack this test and want to study or work in an English-speaking country, then the most important thing is to begin your preparation well in time. This test is conducted for three hours in a single day.

During the paper, you are tested based on your proficiency in the four major English language aspects: writing, reading, speaking and listening. Different preparation strategies are needed in this test because of the diversity of the pattern of each portion. Also, you may need expert advice to understand the most important and not-so-worthy areas along with the overall guidance. So, if you are here to understand the preparation for this examination, read below.

आईईएलटीएस की तैयारी

Preparation is the major thing that proves to be beneficial during the exam. You can be exponentially confident and precise in the examination if you have done great preparation. It is a very tricky question that How long does it take to prepare for this test? The answer to this question depends upon your consistency, persistence, and devotion.

Scoring is an essential part of the IELTS. It is not mandatory to acquire the maximum band for the paper. If you have a short time to prepare for the test, you can still score according to the choice of your university. So, prepare nicely and perform excellently.

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A Break-down of the IELTS Exam Format

Before we move on to the tips of scoring well at IELTS, let us first understand the format. Knowing the pattern of any exam is the first step towards a good score.

IELTS tests you on all four aspects of language skills: Reading, Listening, Speaking, and Writing.

Now that you are familiar with the structure let’s move ahead.

Preparation for the IELTS course requires a special focus on two areas, time management, and skill development.

While you practice at home, be sure to time your every work. Be it reading comprehension, listening, speaking, or writing. Otherwise, it will be very difficult for you to finish the test on time.

It is also necessary to know what skills you should develop to do well. Listening and Reading marks you on objective questions but speaking and writing require skills.

How to Improve IELTS Reading, Writing, and Speaking?

The IELTS test is based on your fluency and knowledge of the English language. If you are good at all the English spheres, you can easily take the throne. IELTS is not an exam of luck. It is a very strategic exam that requires equally strategic preparation.

The IELTS exam also tests your confidence because if you are perfect at language, you will be confident while speaking, writing, or doing any activity related to the examination.

Let us start with how to ace the Reading section. Here you will be given three reading passages with related tasks.

#. Read as much as you can. Honestly, there can be no other way to score well in the Reading section without reading a lot! Whoever tells you otherwise, is not your friend.

#. Stop at difficult words and consult a dictionary. If you have the habit of translating English texts in your language, ditch it now. Most learners do not understand that this habit slows down their English learning. Always keep a dictionary nearby and don’t hesitate to turn to it, if you come across a word you do not understand.

#. Try to work out the context as you read. An important aspect of comprehension is understanding the context of a text.

Keep a track of what is happening in the given text and try to answer questions accordingly.

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Tips for IELTS Course Listening Section

The listening section may reduce your scores because you may not understand the accent or dialect of the person speaking in the recording. You should listen to the recordings while preparing to understand different accents. This would not push you in trouble while listening to the recording in the paper.

For Listening, nothing beats an alert ear. You will be given monologues and conversations to listen carefully to and answer questions based on those audio clips. You must go through the tips written below to ace this section and ultimately the exam.

A listening test is useful and important for the future as well because when you will live in an English-speaking country, you will have to listen to the people along with giving them appropriate replies. So, let’s go through these important points.

#. Get headphones. Simply, because it helps you listen to the audio clip without any distractions.

#. Do not lose your attention because you will get to hear the clip only once.

#. Do not answer too quickly. Remember, you have to “Listen” perfectly.

#. Listen to different accents. Australian, British and American accents are different. It is a good idea to familiarise yourself with different native accents.

#. Transfer your answers accurately. Watch out for silly mistakes because the answers for listening are short. One little mistake will cost you dearly.

Tips for IELTS Course Speaking Section

The Speaking component is of the shortest duration. However, it is one of the challenging parts of the exam. It has three sections: A structured interview, a short talk, and a free interview. You should give a talk for 2 minutes in the brief talk section. After that, you will be given 1 minute to get ready for your discussion. The whole process will take 3 to 4 minutes.


#. Practice talking in English for a longer period. Once you are used to talking for longer periods, talking for 3 to 4 minutes will not seem a colossal task.

#. Hear what you speak. Pronunciation is one of the criteria that you will be marked on. Make sure you listen to what you speak and correct any mispronunciation, should you have one.

#. Think in English. Once you start thinking in English, it becomes easier for you to talk in English. Stop thinking in your native language and then translate it while speaking. It creates lag while speaking.

#. Consider getting a personal trainer who can give you regular feedback.

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Tips for IELTS Writing Task

The writing section is challenging yet scoring. The scores depend on how you are writing and convincing the reader. According to the latest survey, the attention of the readers is merely a few seconds because, in the era of technology, we have unlimited content. So, everyone gets the flood of different writeups online as well as offline.

Due to this regular habit, the habit of concentration and attentiveness has been decreased largely. So, you should write the content suitable to the topic and greatly effective that the reader finds the interest in going through it ahead.

The final component of the IELTS exam is the writing section. It is a 60 minutes task where you have to write two pieces of 150 and 250 words each. Check out the most prominent tips and tricks for this part.

लेखन युक्तियाँ

#. Have a good vocabulary. Successful writing requires an exhaustive vocabulary. Keep a tab of new words that you learn from your reading practices and make sure to use them in your writing.

#. Time yourself whenever you are writing. 60minutes is not a lot of time when you are writing about an unfamiliar topic.

#. Stick to the word count. Do not write less than the allotted word count. You can write more but do not overdo it!

#. Task 2 is longer so leave enough time for it. Plenty of candidates do not notice this and end up spending a lot of time on the first task, leaving very little time to finish the second.

यह भी पढ़ें: आईईएलटीएस ऑनलाइन तैयारी के लिए अंतिम गाइड: अपना वांछित बैंड स्कोर प्राप्त करें

Higher Band Challenges

As you know already, targeting 90% in every exam requires dedicated preparation. Targeting Band-8 or 9 in IELTS is no different as that is the required IELTS score for Canada. You need 2-3 hours of dedicated practice with a mentor to achieve the target. Before you set the desired band score, you must also get all your confusion cleared about the आईईएलटीएस स्कोर कैलकुलेटर.

Here are the challenges you will face if you are targeting Band 8-9:

#. Your practices would need daily feedback.

#. At least 15-20 essays should be evaluated before you sit for the exam.

#. At least one mock session of a speaking test every day is a must.

#.Mindless practice won’t take you further.

#. To overcome these challenges, you should get help from a personal trainer.

Tips for the Test

The test day is the most important because all your efforts are tested on this day. You have to show your preparation on this day to achieve your goals. So, here are a few tips for the test day. Let’s go through them.

#1. You should remember to carry all the I’d prove to the examination centre. The documents should be the same that those used in the exam application.

#2. Don’t carry watches to the exam hall as it is strictly not allowed. You will get a big wall clock to refer to at the time of the test.

#3. You must recheck the date, time, and location of the test along with taking some extra time to travel. You should avoid getting late to the test centre.

#4. Be diligent and careful while listening to the instructions of the supervisor. You should ask again if you have any doubt.

#5. You must avoid cheating from the copies of other students. You can be magnificent with your answers.

#6. It is directed by the supervisor that you should leave your belongings outside the hall.

#7. You can’t take the answer sheet or question paper back to your home. It is advised by the supervisor.

#8. You must focus on answering maximum questions. Don’t worry because there is no negative marking.

#9. Don’t leave the room without the supervisor’s permission.

#10. Attempt the paper with care and diligence.

यह भी पढ़ें: आईईएलटीएस की तैयारी के लिए सर्वश्रेष्ठ यूट्यूब चैनल: यहां आईईएलटीएस में सफल होने के लिए सर्वश्रेष्ठ यूट्यूब चैनल हैं


Hopefully, this article has helped you to gain all the strategies and tips for the preparation for the IELTS test. The candidates must prepare for the paper by following these steps and tricks.

It is essential to understand the tips because a person doesn’t need to be great at all the sections of the test. Trying to ace the IELTS is not a herculean task. It is very much achievable. All you need is some strategic approach and an open mind to go forward.

You can get more information about the preparation of the paper and other IELTS aspects by visiting our website: आईईएलटीएस निंजा. Descriptions of the universities of the world make articles on the website. Many important topics such as the updates of the test, preparation tips, description and preparation strategies about each section of the paper, and much more.

You should reach the website not only to get the information but also to enhance your preparation and to make your mark on the paper by meeting the experts. These experts will make your journey interesting and prepares you perfectly to perform best in the paper. And oh! If you have any doubts to ask or awesome tips which we didn’t share, let us know by leaving a comment below right now.

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