Over the years, most students have pointed out that IELTS Writing has remained their toughest hurdle. What makes it so challenging?

IELTS Writing is just like the other sections and one can score really high in this section if he/ she practices sufficiently and has proper knowledge of lexical resources that are needed.


In the IELTS Academic Writing, there are two tasks. Task 1 has a graph, chart, diagram or a table where you will be needed to write a summary based on what you understand.

For the General section, you will have to either write a letter or will need to explain a certain situation.

For Task 2, students of IELTS Academic will have to attempt an essay that is either argumentative or discursive in nature.

IELTS General too gives you a similar task but the style of writing is different. It needn’t be too academic in nature.

Candidates are given 60 minutes to complete both the tasks. Task 1 should consist of 150 words and Task 2 should comprise 250 words. You can easily finish writing both well in time and also be able to revise in the last 10 minutes if you know exactly how much time to spend on each question.

Let us go over some tips that will help you in ideating well during the IELTS Writing exam

  • Practice sample questions from the previous years. This will make you familiar with the style of writing and also develop the writing skills that you need for such essays.
  • Attempt writing essays within a timeframe. Try and finish before the time allotted for that question and revise the essay once to check for potential errors.
  • Avoid using the same words in sentences that you use. Enrich your vocabulary and use relevant synonyms while you’re composing your essays
  • Plan your ideas well before you start writing. You are given a few minutes to brainstorm ideas and use that time well. Jot down pointers that will assist you in developing your essay. Keep it organized and well structured.
  • You do not have to be extremely truthful about something that you write. Borrow ideas from books that you may have read or movies that you may have seen. Incorporate those ideas into your writing tasks if you’re mulling over how to finish it.

Hopefully, these tips will come in handy before your main Writing test. With ample practice and going over several sample essays, you will not find it very difficult to ideate before you start answering questions in the Writing section.


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