Kuwait is a big country in UAE. There are many  candidates every year who apply for IELTS exam for Permanent Residence or want to go abroad for further studies or work purpose. Candidates face major problem in choosing the right mode of coaching for their IELTS exam. Here are 5 ways to prepare for IELTS in Kuwait.

Best coaching methods for IELTS in Kuwait

Since Kuwait is a popular country, here the mode of coaching you choose for IELTS in Kuwait is important.
1. ऑफ़लाइन आईईएलटीएस कोचिंग कक्षाएं- Offline IELTS coaching is for candidates who want some basic training for IELTS. Here the training will be in batches so it is rare that you get some personal attention. Here is a list of a few offline coaching classes for IELTS in Kuwait
1. IDP IELTS- Salem Al Mubarak St, Salmiya 36052, Kuwait.
2. British Council- , Essa Abdulla Bahman St, Kuwait City.
2. Personal Training- Personal Training for IELTS is through personal tutor. Here the individual trainers will give you some personal attention. Personal tutor are hard to find. You can check them on Facebook.
3. ऑनलाइन आईईएलटीएस कोचिंग कक्षाएं- Online coaching is where candidates get personal mentors with quality training. Here are there are trainers from across the country. The city has very few coaching centres they therefore prefer online classes. Here there is flexibilty of time and also easily accessible. They are many websites online:

Ratings of IELTS coaching methods in Kuwait

These ratings of IELTS coaching methods in Kuwait are based on the method of training.
1. अति वैयक्तिकृत प्रशिक्षण:  Hyper personalised training is for students who are weak in their communication skills. These candidates choose online coaching here they get personalised training with quality trainers. We rate them according to their method of training.
Online IELTS coaching: 9.4/10
2 Home Tutor Offline: Home tutor is basically an offline coaching mode. Candidates can find personal trainers online. They are available on tutor websites. According to their method of teaching they are rated:
Personal Offline Training: 8.3/10
3. ऑफलाइन कोचिंग: Offline coaching is for candidates who have strong communication skills already. They just want some basic training to clear the exam.They are rated as per their method of teaching.
Offline IELTS Coaching: 7.2/10

What Coaching methods candidates are using in Kuwait?

For you to know the review of how candidates are studying for the IELTS exam in Kuwait. We present you the score band as a statistical data:

IELTS Training trends in Kuwait

What is the international average score band in Kuwait?

For you to know the review of how candidates are performing for the IELTS exam in Kuwait. We present you the score band as a statistical data:

IELTS students performnace in Keelung

IELTS students performance in Kuwait

IELTS exam dates in Kuwait.

The exam dates for Kuwait in 2017 calendar year are as follows:

15/07/2017 IELTS ACADEMIC 11/07/2017
29/07/2017 IELTS ACADEMIC 25/07/2017
29/07/2017 IELTS GENERAL TRAINING 25/07/2017
12/08/2017 IELTS ACADEMIC 08/08/2017
19/08/2017 IELTS ACADEMIC 15/08/2017
19/08/2017 IELTS GENERAL TRAINING 15/08/2017
26/08/2017 IELTS ACADEMIC 22/08/2017
09/09/2017 IELTS ACADEMIC 05/09/2017
09/09/2017 IELTS GENERAL TRAINING 05/09/2017
16/09/2017 IELTS ACADEMIC 12/09/2017
21/09/2017 IELTS ACADEMIC 17/09/2017
30/09/2017 IELTS ACADEMIC 26/09/2017
30/09/2017 IELTS GENERAL TRAINING 26/09/2017
14/10/2017 IELTS GENERAL TRAINING 10/10/2017
14/10/2017 IELTS ACADEMIC 10/10/2017
21/10/2017 IELTS ACADEMIC 17/10/2017
28/10/2017 IELTS ACADEMIC 24/10/2017
28/10/2017 IELTS GENERAL TRAINING 24/10/2017
04/11/2017 IELTS ACADEMIC 31/10/2017
11/11/2017 IELTS ACADEMIC 07/11/2017
11/11/2017 IELTS GENERAL TRAINING 07/11/2017
25/11/2017 IELTS ACADEMIC 21/11/2017
02/12/2017 IELTS ACADEMIC 28/11/2017
02/12/2017 IELTS GENERAL TRAINING 28/11/2017
09/12/2017 IELTS ACADEMIC 05/12/2017
16/12/2017 IELTS ACADEMIC 12/12/2017
16/12/2017 IELTS GENERAL TRAINING 12/12/2017

How to improve score band in IELTS exam?

To improve your score band or score a good band in IELTS what you need is a quality trainer. A quality trainer is someone who will help you develop your skills. The task where you need regular practice is writing and speaking task. You can practice through practice sheets, assignments and mock tests.

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