Every candidate of the IELTS exam puts their best to achieve their dreams. Lakhs of aspirants wish to get admission to the best university in the world, to work abroad, or to migrate to a new foreign city for better opportunities and future. 

The aspirants doing IELTS preparation must acknowledge some important things to crack the IELTS exam. You should put your dedication, continuous efforts, and wisdom to support your dreams to achieve them. Speaking English fluently shows your skills perfectly which is why this section is considered extremely important. 

The IELTS exam tests your capabilities and proficiency in the language to give you the opportunity to live and study/work in an English-speaking nation. You are required to speak well before the examiners with confidence and a knowledgeable mind to show tour fluency. You have to be honest, creative, proficient, and mindful in the speaking section as you are examined based on these skills. 

So, if you want to answer perfectly in the IELTS cue card section, you should go through this article. This article has sample answers to describe a fish market you visited on the topic of cue cards. The cue card topics are simple and familiar yet challenging because they are asked randomly by the examiners. So, learn about them now. 

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आईईएलटीएस की तैयारी

The IELTS exam is considered as the life maker by the aspirants. You get incredible opportunities through this examination. If you want to work, migrate, or study in any of your favourite countries worldwide, you can go there through this paper. 

The best universities in the world can be chosen by you if you crack the IELTS exam. This exam tests your abilities in English through four different sections which are listening, reading, speaking, and writing. If you put your best on the test and receive good scores in all four sections, you will be eligible to get admission to the courses and colleges of different countries depending on your scores. 

All you need to do for this examination is continuous learning, practising, having a hold on grammar and vocabulary, and being determined. You must not take this paper lightly as it can give you life-long opportunities and privileges. You should practice maximum so that you become proficient in all the sections of the language. You can achieve your dreams by devotedly working on them. 

Important Points for the IELTS Cue Card

Do you know how important it is to speak mindfully and systematically in a professional environment? Well, everyone agrees that speaking is a significant area of everyone’s life because you show your perceptions, thoughts, ideas, and notions through it which means you portray yourself. 

Well-spoken people are those who speak in an informational sequence and use appropriate words, slang, or phrases. If you think you can fetch a high score from the examiners in this section, you need to learn about the points that you should cover to describe a fish market you visited. 

Have a look below at the points for this topic and get the answers according to these questions to make a complete answer for the topic. You can benefit from your IELTS preparation by practising with the best content. So, go through the points and the sample answers. 

#. Where is this market?

#. When and with whom do you visit?

#. What did you see there?

#. How was the experience?

यह भी पढ़ें: अपने पसंदीदा गैजेट का वर्णन करें: आपकी तैयारी को बेहतर बनाने के लिए नमूना आईईएलटीएस क्यू कार्ड उत्तर

Describe a Fish Market You Visited: IELTS Cue Card Sample Answer One

#1. Where is This Market?

I am a vegetarian and I do not eat fish and other non-vegetarian stuff by choice. This is the reason that I have not been to any fish market except once. I visited a fish market in my city. It is within a walking distance of my house. I don’t like to visit there due to the smell and I can’t watch the vendors cutting and selling them. I have been a vegetarian since birth. However, I have visited there once. I will discuss it today. 

#2. When and With Whom You Visited?

I visited the fish market with my uncle who has to make a bulk order of fish for his son’s wedding. The market is quite famous in the city and nearby places for its healthy and fresh fish. It is so popular due to the fact that you can only smell fish there. 

People also go there to buy white and red meat as it is also sold there. I am a vegetarian and I don’t eat fish but I was extremely curious about the varieties and their process of selling. I went there about a month ago. My uncle is a non-vegetarian and he went there to make the order. 

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#3. What Did You See There?

I saw hundreds of hawkers yelling to attract the buyers and sell their fish. Everyone was busy with cutting and packing fishes. My uncle took me to a big shop where there were dozens of boxes full of fish. 

The market was filled with the fishes’ smell. I asked my uncle about the variety being sold there. He reciprocated that there are mainly two types of fishes-fresh water and saltwater but people in this area prefer freshwater ones. As he thought that I was curious to know, he also told me the names of some famous dishes such as Salmon, Sole, pomfret, and Tuna. 

He went to the shopkeeper and made his order then we moved to a different shop. He made an order for other seafood too which included oysters, lobsters, and prawns. 

यह भी पढ़ें: रेडियो कार्यक्रम का वर्णन करें: आईईएलटीएस क्यू कार्ड का उत्तर देने के तरीके जानें

#4. How was the Experience?

My experience was a blend of good and neutral because I felt great to visually experience and know about different seafood but it was very hard for me to bear the stink throughout the time. My uncle was telling me about everything related to the market and he said this seafood is exotic this is why it is costly. 

He said that even he do not like some of the food that he was ordering but he was doing it for the wedding as many people from abroad were coming to it. I was so happy when he was done with all the orders as I couldn’t withstand the stink and butchers cutting the animals. Honestly, my overall experience was not so good. 

आईईएलटीएस क्यू कार्ड

The other important cue card topics for 2022 are given below. You should go through these topics to prepare for them before the paper. You can speak perfectly if you will have an idea of the topics. So, look below and make the best answers for these questions to impress the examiners and fetch high scores.

#. Describe a natural disaster in your area IELTS cue card

#. Describe a vacation you would recommend to your friend IELTS cue card

#. Describe an art item you made at school IELTS cue card

#. Describe a bike tour you would like to go on IELTS cue card

#. Describe a minor accident that you had in the past IELTS cue card

#. Describe a time when you had to go to a hospital or see a doctor IELTS cue card

#. Describe a person you know who gave a clever solution for a difficult problem

#. Talk about something that you are interested to learn or improve

#. Describe a time when you advised others 

#. Talk about a famous person you are interested in 

#. Describe an occasion when you got up extremely early

#. Describe a popular music group (or, a singer) in your country.

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This article must have given you the relevant points for the IELTS preparation and to make your mark in the minds of judges through the best answers. The cue cards play a vital role in deciding the final scores of the candidates. 

You are given a time of one minute to think about the topic given to you. If you are already aware of the most crucial and precise points related to the topic, you can answer well in the speaking section. So, you need to go through the cue card sample answers to perform well. 

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The website will give you sample answers for numerous cue card topics along with the most asked cue card topics in the previous years. It will benefit you largely. Moreover, the information regarding the dates, pattern, syllabus, and notification of the test is also given on the site along with the descriptions of all the universities of the world and their score requirements. 

So, if you want a complete information package, visit the website and grab everything. Connecting with the experts will give you immense knowledge and wisdom to crack the paper and fulfil your dreams of studying, working, or migrating to your favourite country. So, be wise and choose the right platform.

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