Do you know which is the scariest part of the IELTS test? Do you want to excel in the speaking section with the best answers for the IELTS cue card topics? Well, if you are an IELTS candidate, you must be aware that the toughest and scariest part of this test is the cue card section and everyone wants to give the best answers to fetch more scores as it can fulfil their ambitions.

This part is tough because the aspirants have to speak for two minutes on a random topic. You are given a topic by the experts sitting there and you will have to answer it adequately. The topics can come from person-oriented areas to some event-related spheres. You will be required to answer perfectly with no grammar errors and long pauses.

Also, contrary to popular belief of rigidity, it is quite easy too. Do you think it can be easy? Well, this section can be tackled by anyone with proper practice, preparation, and strategy.  If you are prepared with the topics well beforehand, you will answer them with confidence and wisdom.

In this article, you will get the sample answers to describe a law on environmental protection. It is a difficult topic, so start reading the article now.

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Important Points to Describe a Law on Environmental Protection

Speaking is a great virtue and an extremely important aspect in life as well as in the IELTS exam. The examiner test your creativity, mindfulness, presence of mind, and English skills through this section.

You need to emphasize precise and incredible answering techniques. Well, everyone speaks but the one who is considered a good speaker has the knowledge of speaking the right and important details in a sequence. You should speak in the correct sequence according to the importance of points for the particular question to make your mark in the examiner’s mind.

So, if you want to ace the IELTS speaking section in IELTS 2022, you should have a look at the questions given below that you should answer while discussing the IELTS cue card topic: describe a law on environmental protection. The points are given below that will make your answer perfect.

#. यह क्या है?

#. How did you first learn it?

#. Who benefits from it?

#. And explain how you feel about this law?

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Describe a Law on Environmental Protection: IELTS Cue Card Sample Answer

What is it?

Well, the environment is the surrounding where we live. Protecting our environment is exponentially crucial for our healthy living. Modern technologies and infrastructure is degrading the environment and all its consequences are coming back to human beings.

The government in my country has made laws to protect the environment as well as to maintain its quality. Today, I will discuss an important law enacted by the government of India on the ban of plastic bags.

The biggest challenge that we are facing today is the use of plastic in every sector. Solid waste is continuously increasing and the most important thing responsible is plastic waste. You can see millions of plastic waste ending up at landfill sites each day.

Being a non-biodegradable product, it can’t be destroyed and remains forever with its harmful effects. It also gives out harmful gases on the burn as well as toxins which end up killing the animals and birds feeding on it. The government in my country has made a law to ban the use of plastic bags. The use of eco-friendly bags has started in malls and shops.

Plastic has also been responsible for harming the beauty of public places and parks. The government has started a trend to say, “No To Plastic”. If anyone is seen using plastic bags will be fined 5 thousand rupees and the shopkeepers using it will have to pay twenty thousand rupees as a penalty to use plastic. This law has been incredible to protect the environment.

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How Did You First Learn it?

I first read about this law in the newspaper and later when I went to buy some fruits and food ingredients from the market, I saw no shopkeeper was using the plastic bags, rather they were giving the items in a jute or paper bag. The people used to carry a paper or cloth bag with themselves to carry the purchased stuff. I was happy to see the change for environmental protection.

Who Benefits from It?

Well, everyone is getting benefits from this incredibly excellent environmental protection law. The degradation of the environment is due to human activities and the consequences are also suffered by us. The substitution for the degradation materials can be used to save our environment for healthy and happy living. It is advantageous for all human beings as well as insects, birds, and animals.

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And Explain How You Feel about This Law?

I feel extremely great about this law as it is a great initiative to protect the environment. Plastic gives out harmful gasses in the environment that pollutes the air and give lungs diseases to human beings.

This law is working effectively to make the environment clean and green along with resulting in a substantial decline in the waste production amount. This law has given a hygienic, healthy, and perfect substitute to the plastic bags that can be reused. This law has worked positively to keep the environment safe and healthy.

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Hopefully, you have got all the information related to the speaking section of the IELTS test. The IELTS 2022 is the dream of many millennials to pursue their dreams by migrating to a new country or studying in a new environment.

The IELTS cue card is the important section of the examination because, in this portion, all your English speaking skills, vocabulary, grammar, creativity, and mindfulness are tested. If you want to get perfect with the answers, you should practice the answers excellently and get perfect guidance.

The आईईएलटीएस निंजा website is the perfect platform for your IELTS preparation. You will get more articles with the sample answers for speaking as well as writing tasks. Plus, the passages with questions and answers are given to let you practice the reading section. You can get the tips for listening as well as all other sections to prepare exponentially.

Moreover, if you want to study at home, the study plan and major areas to practice are also given on the website along with the updates of the examination and its protocols. So, be consistent with your practice for each area and meet the experts to get their guidance to excel the paper.

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