The Pearson Test of English Academic (PTE Academic) is the leading computer-based English language test is an entirely computer-based test accepted by universities, colleges and immigration authorities worldwide. For study/work abroad or immigration-related purposes, it is the easiest and most flexible way to prove English language proficiency.

Where Can You Go with PTE Academic?

Thousands of academic programs worldwide accept PTE Academic study applications. The Australian, UK, and New Zealand governments approve applications for student visas and migration with PTE scores.

The exam is conducted multiple times in a year. Read this article to know about the exams scheduled for 2021.

PTE Exam Dates 2021

Like every year, the officials announced the PTE 2021 exam date. To reserve seats for the PTE, candidates can select a time slot that works best for them. The candidates have the option of choosing the PTE test date from the available options. There will be no changes to the PTE dates in 2021.

यह भी पढ़ें: पीटीई अकादमिक टेस्ट की तैयारी कब तक करें? परीक्षा के लिए तैयार रहने के सरल उपाय

The announced PTE test dates are listed below:

PTE Exam Dates 2021: October

#. The application form submission date: September 6, 2021

#. The withdrawal deadline for candidates: September 24, 2021

#. The period for the verbal test: 25-October 9, 2021

#. Written Test: October 9, 2021

#. Deadline for Pearson to receive the finished test: October 14, 2021

#. Special consideration request deadlines: October 20, 2021

#. Results via Edexcel Online: November 22, 2021

PTE Exam Dates 2021: November

#. Application form fill-up deadline: October 11, 2021

#. Withdrawal Deadline: October 29, 2021

#. Verbal Test Dates: October 30- November 13, 2021

#. Written Test Date: November 13, 2021

#. Deadline to receive the finished tests: November 18, 2021

#. Special consideration requests deadline for Pearson: November 24, 2021

#. Results via Edexcel Online: January 5, 2022

PTE Exam Dates 2021: December

#. Application form fill-up deadline: November 8, 2021

#. Withdrawal Deadline for Test-takers: November 26, 2021

#. Verbal Test Period: November 27-December 11, 2021

#. Written Test: December 11, 2021

#. Deadline for Pearson to receive the finished tests: December 16, 2021

#. The deadline for Pearson to collect special consideration requests: December 22, 2021

#. Results available via Edexcel Online: January 31, 2022

यह भी पढ़ें: ऑस्ट्रेलिया पीआर के लिए कितने पीटीई स्कोर की आवश्यकता है? पीटीई के माध्यम से पीआर पॉइंट बढ़ाने के टिप्स

How do I Book a PTE Test Slot?

To book a date to take the PTE Academic exam, candidates must create a Pearson account. A confirmation email with your login credentials would arrive within 48 hours of successful registration.

How do I Book a PTE Test SlotThe available dates for the PTE Academic Exam in 2021 will be shown on the website. As soon as you receive your login details, you will need to log in and choose your PTE paper dates. To reserve a PTE exam slot, you would need to pick the nearest test centre and pay for it.

How to Choose the PTE Exam Dates 2021?

The candidates can register for the PTE exam and check the available dates at various test centres through the official website. Exams are held on all days except public holidays and Sundays. Over 250 test centres worldwide host the PTE exam.

Can we Extend the PTE Exam Date?

Yes, if a candidate wishes to reschedule the test within 14 full calendar days of the test date, but at least seven full calendar days before it, they must pay 50% of the test fee. If you reschedule your exam less than seven days before the exam, you will not get a refund. Please note that your test date is not included in the rescheduling policy.

PTE Exam Preparation

Multiple coaching centres offer online PTE study classes, making it easy for aspirants to study at their convenience from home. The following tips can be helpful for the PTE exam:

#. Use PTE preparation blogs with academic contexts to practise reading. During this course, you will learn grammar, sentence structure, and pronunciation.

#. Listen to TED talks, podcasts and other audio/ video content and perform exercises to increase vocabulary and speed.

#. Practise grammar with free PTE preparation materials for writing.

#. PTE model answers are a lifesaver when preparing for the test.

#. PTE sample papers are easier to solve if you regularly practise English reading.

#. Make a recording of yourself speaking while taking a PTE sample test.

#. Take a quiz or practise for a few minutes as a knowledge-building activity.

#. Take advantage of PTE preparation online, such as coaching, private tutors, and social media.

#. Participate in PTE training online where English groups assist in communication.

यह भी पढ़ें: पीटीई परीक्षा शुल्क का भुगतान कैसे करें? पात्रता मानदंड और पंजीकरण शुल्क का अवलोकन

Prepare for the PTE with Us

Taking PTE exams is not a simple process. Language proficiency tests require the same preparation, and to achieve the best results, seeking expert guidance is essential. IELTS Ninja’s unique teaching methodology will walk you through your PTE preparations. This platform allows you to prepare for PTE exams from the comfort of your home. Take the first step towards your dream score and interact with their expert mentors by booking a masterclass with IELTS NInja.


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