What comes to your mind when you think of online coaching for IELTS?
A hazy screen where you and your trainer are shouting at each other because of a weak connection, or you wondering whether your money just went down the drain because your trainer is unavailable most of the times?

Well, this may have been the case in the last decade or so but cut to 2018 and multiple solutions later, online coaching is becoming a preferred method to classroom training for IELTS aspirants. There are numerous advantages to this method of teaching, the flexibility of location being the least of it.

Imagine not having to worry about wrapping up your work to figure out how to commute to a place 10 km away just for an hour of class.

Well, what if you don’t have IELTS coaching in your city altogether?
We tell you why online coaching is the ideal solution in 2018.

1. You can do this from literally anywhere

Most students who appear for the IELTS are working professionals or college students. The idea of taking on the additional task of attending a private class can be overwhelming with an already packed schedule.

Why not accommodate an hour in between your studies or train during the office lunch hour? You could even get comfy in your pajamas if you wanted to. While all of this may sound like we are advocating being lazy, we are in reality advocating you being in a relaxed state of mind.
A relaxed state of mind can help you absorb more information without feeling tired or worn out. Cut the commute, cut the expenses, find yourself a cozy corner and get started.

2. You decide the timings

Whether you are a morning person or a night prowler, it doesn’t matter. Each individual has a unique rhythm and different times of focusing.
With online coaching, you can choose the timing where your brain activity is at its peak. Once the timing has been set, all you have to do is be present at the same time every day to complete your training. You have the option to attend it anytime between 8 AM and 11 PM.

3. You get a 1-on-1 with best in class trainers

One of the biggest advantages of online coaching is that you get access to the best trainers across the globe, not just your city or district. Luckily for us, technology helps overcome geographical limitations.
You could be trained by native speakers situated in Europe or Australia. The question is why be limited by offline coaching just because you feel comfortable with the format? We suggest you take a step out of your comfort zone and begin your IELTS journey with the best in-house professionals.
Not only will you get the trainer for 1 full hour every day but also a customized plan according to your current level.

4. You get online support

When you choose the online model of training, you get all possible perks. You get access to information and material faster along with a student manager.
The manager is responsible for answering all your queries regarding the program and assist you in case of an emergency. Let’s say that this is a bit like your personal IETLS 911. You can ask for assistance at any time of the day.

5. You get a personalized dashboard

When you choose the online mode of training, you can rest easy knowing that your progress is being measured against a plan set for you.
There’s no need for you to grab a ruler, make a table and keep updating it to know how far you have reached. Your dashboard will include your lesson plan, the syllabus you have covered, your mock test scores and what lessons are remaining.
For the lazy bunch, this is a blessing, for the not so lazy ones it saves you from tedious time-consuming tasks leaving you with more time to focus on your preparation

6. Leaves and bulk leaves are possible

If you inform well in time, you can take that much-needed break from your daily schedule and enjoy a vacation in peace. You can resume classes when you are available.
Unlike the offline mode where a trainer may not appreciate a break, the online mode can help you enjoy your vacation guilt free as the format is built to accommodate your comfort.

7. Videos, endless mock tests and loads of study material

There is a distinct advantage when you choose the online method of training, it gives you immediate access to a fountain of information. Then why you need a trainer is a natural question. You need a trainer to help you filter what information you should consume.

There are many reliable and not so reliable sources of information in the world of internet. It is only natural to feel lost. A trainer can help you get the exact information at the right time with the help of videos, e-books and mock tests.

8. You get to become part of a massive community

Imagine you have an obscure question, need an unbiased opinion, want access to limited content, where would you go? As soon as you make a decision to join an online course you, knowingly or unknowingly, become part of a community that has made the same decision as yours.
This can only serve you to your advantage as you find like-minded people going through the same process as you are. This is not just limited to your batchmates, you also get to talk to people who are living your dream right now.

9. You save on unaccounted costs

It could be the cost of a pen but a penny saved is a penny earned. From saving on your commute and energy, the online module distributes study material online which you can download and keep on any of the devices you use regularly.
Not having to carry heavy books like a teen studying for his boards should be incentive enough to switch to a module that only requires you to carry the weight of a laptop or a phone.

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