Students from all over the world are crazy about moving to Canada after completing their graduation. This is because of the nation’s popularity on a global level with respect to extraordinary academics and provisions for all students.

There exists a great opportunity for international students with a valid student visa to attain a Canadian Permanent Residency or PR right after their graduation. Moreover, individuals can also opt for PR jobs in Canada to achieve the needful.

It must be noted that every province in Canada has a platter of options for international learners and other candidates, and each comes with its pros and cons. In the following discussion, we will break down which is the best province to get PR in Canada?

Any Canadian province is super easy to migrate to as long as you have met the necessary criteria mentioned in the PNP, also known as the ‘Provincial Nominee Program’ that you are applying for.

How are PNPs the Best Way to Get PR in Canada?

Express Entry program is essentially a point-based program that handles the profiles of the skilled immigrants that have put forth their applications for Canada PR. The Express Entry and Canada’s PNP – Provincial Nominee Program have a significant say in Canada’s Immigration Level Plans.

Considering both the admissions with respect to Express Entry-managed programs as well as Canada’s PNP, they are likely to account for approximately half of Canadian newcomer intakes. Despite the travel restrictions in Canada due to the damage caused by the recent pandemic, these PNPs are continuing to conduct various invitation sets.

 Role of IELTS Exam In Canadian PR Application

Good command over language is one of the vital factors over which CRS points are allocated to any express profile. The main languages that Canada demands proficiency in are French or English. To test the candidate’s skills in these, a language test recognized by the Federal Government of Canada needs to be given. One of the popular tests for this purpose is the IELTS or the International English Language Test System.

Candidates must have scored a minimum Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) level 7 or score 6 in their IELTS exam per band to fit eligible for Canadian PR Visa application through FSWP. This is why आईईएलटीएस की तैयारी is considered one of the most important aspects of obtaining Canadian PR for international students.

Six Popular Provinces to Obtain Canada PR


Alberta is a province in Canada that does not demand any particular job or occupation specification. This means that skilled individuals, workers, learners as well as professionals from the younger generation and numerous backgrounds can easily send their application to the Alberta Nominee Program.

Moreover, if you are a person with more than a 300 CRS score in Express Entry Pool, then getting entry into this province is a piece of cake!


Usually, the provinces in Canada provide leverages to blood relatives and not far away cousins or family members. However, the province of Saskatchewan is one such place where additional CRS scores are allocated for those individuals who have cousins or family members located there.

Here, entry to candidates is given by both, the process of Express Entry System as well as the Occupation in Demand. Candidates having 10+ years of experience flaunt a better scope of attaining nominations through the SINP.


Ontario is the dream centre in Canada for the IT industry. Aspirants willing to migrate to Canada and having a knack for concepts related to machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, IoT, and other such aspects of modern advanced technology are more prone to get a great Canada job offer for PR. Note that nominations with IT background profiles are given high priority in Ontario.


Quebec is dominated by French-speaking citizens. Hence, candidates who wish to apply for immigration in this province will be biased, if they are skilled in the French language.

As a result, the immigration process becomes hassle-free for candidates who are well-versed in French. They even increase their chances of getting invited for application in the Quebec PNP Program.

Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island welcomes various immigration aspirants from all over the globe that belong to diverse occupations. It is recommended that if candidates belong to distinct domains, they must blindly opt for this province for an easier and secure PR in Canada.

Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia is one of the most happening places in Canada. It serves as a home for various finance enterprises and renowned firms on a global platform. Candidates from a finance background can look forward to applying in this province as they will experience an easier process in the Scotia province. Such candidates are bound to have a bright future with a progressive lifestyle.

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How to Get Canada PR without Job Offer? 

Is it even possible to get Canada PR without a job offer? Absolutely yes! Let us have a deeper look at the provinces that render the hope to move to Canada without attaining job offers from any employers.

Saskatchewan, Nova Scotia and Quebec are the prime provinces known for offering Canadian immigration to candidates without legitimate job offers.

Here are the main programs in these provinces that help you achieve the same.

1- SINP or Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program

Saskatchewan is a famous option for aspirants who wish to migrate to Canada without any job letters or mentions from Canadian employers. This program does not depend on the EPP or Express Entry Program for the sake of migration.

Criteria for selection with respect to immigration in Saskatchewan province without job offers are:

  •   Minimum of 4.5 IELTS language score.
  •   Basic educational qualification is needed in the candidate’s preferred field.
  •   A minimum of one-year full-time experience with a permanent job specified in the category National Occupation Classification (NOC) of skill Type A, B, or O.
  •   Legitimate proof of the professional occupational license in the province region.
  •   Must have sufficient funds to sustain on till the time the candidate finds a job.
  •   Candidates must earn at least 60 out of 100 points in the assessment grid.

2- NSPNP OR Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Program

This tiny yet progressive province of Canada is globally sought after in terms of primary & secondary job employment chances. They are in need of skilled individuals such as lawyers, doctors, marketing employees, nurses, and so on.

Here are some requirements you need to cater to base immigration in Nova Scotia:

  •   A minimum IELTS score of 4.5 bands.
  •   A job experience of a minimum of one year in the candidate’s preferred occupation. This needs to be done from the National Occupation Classification (NOC) category belonging to skills Type A, O, and B.
  •   Minimum education needs to be completed in the desired choice of occupation.
  •   Candidates must possess a positive and content intention of residing in the Nova Scotia province after moving into Canada.

3- QSWP OR Quebec Skilled Workers Program

Quebec follows a twisted path when it comes to the immigration process. It is renowned for its different yet simple processes. In 2021, the province declared that it plans to give 44,500 to 47,500 invitations for international applicants. If you are capable of going for jobs that are high in demand in Canada, then your selection process for immigration becomes easier and faster.

The main eligibility deciding factors for individuals without the job offer here are:

  •   Applications need to get filed through Mon Projet Quebec. Individuals are graded as per the point-based evaluation system.
  •   At least 5 CLB score is required for language proficiency.
  •   Minimum of one-year full time working experience in occupation selected from the National Occupations Classification category.
  •   Necessary points for immigration.
  •   Sufficient funds needed by the candidate in order to sustain in the province before getting a job.
  •   Basic educational qualification in the desired subject or occupation.

 4- OINP OR Ontario Immigration Nominee Program

This program possesses a Human Capital Priorities Stream. This provision allows individuals to move to Canada with no job offers. The stream has 3 Express Entry linked sectors.

Here are the specified criteria for bagging an easy selection for the immigration process in OINP:

  •   Even though a job affirmation is not necessary, it is mandatory for the applicant to possess a good Express Entry profile paired with a good work experience in the field.
  •   Minimum score required in the said category is CLB 7.
  •   The applicant must have active experience of working for at least one year in the last five years.

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 Final Words

Canada gets its highest ratio of immigrants from India. This paves the way for many Indians to dream and aspire to live a progressive personal as well as professional life in Canada. Moreover, Indians also get the advantage of numerous options to apply for Permanent Residence in Canada.

Even after the great pandemic hit the nation, Canada has flaunted significant progress and development in all sectors. Hence immigration here has become more vital than ever. Apply for a Canadian PR and carve a bright future in your desired occupation!

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